Friday, March 8, 2013

Dreamliner Circuit Board "Concerns"

Boeing wants everyone to think the only fire problem on the 787 is their sh*tty batteries. Those aren’t the only fire concerns going on though…..
Power-distribution-panel circuit boards were damaged onthree ANA 787s last year
Power panel faults, whileunrelated to the battery problems that have grounded the 787 since mid-January
On flights inMarch, April and June of last year, faults in power-panel circuit boards on Dreamliners operated by Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) resulted in error messages in the cockpit, said airline spokeswoman Nao Gunji.
Each time, the panels were inspected after landing. In the case of the fault on an April 7 flight, a circuit board was found to have shorted, causing “slight discoloration” fromburning.
the April 7 incident “was serious and caused damage to the surrounding area,”
He said the small spark inside the circuit boards producedno safety hazard, only a loss of function that was handled by the plane’s multiple, redundant power systems.
What Boeing hopes (Prays) nobody remembers is that Circuit board fire is NOT a new issue on the Dreamliner. They had a fire during a test flight in 2010.
Nobody mentions that event because nobody pays any attention (or remembers) EXCEPT ME!
In 2010 they said it was an isolated incident. They said it was not serious (even though they grounded the planes). Eventually the FAA shrugged their shoulders and said “Whatever” and certified the plane. Yet the fires keep happening over and over and over and over.
So far they have been lucky that all the different fires haven’t taken out the plane. It is like playing Russian Roulette though. At some point the luck is going to run out.
Enjoy your flight.

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