Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinas government hacking building exposed‏

The Chinese always make it sound like if there is hacking coming out of China it is just individual students doing it and has nothing to do with the government.  That of course is a lie.  Everyone knows it is coming from the government and assisted by Bill Gates.  (A man who belongs in an orange jump suit shackled with leg irons and handcuffs).

It may look like any other Shanghai office building, but experts believe this 12-floor tower is actually the nerve centre of one of the world’s most dangerous military cyber-hacking operations.

American computer analysts have traced over a hundred attacks on government departments, companies and journalists to this one site around 40 minutes outside Shanghai’s city centre, reportedly the headquarters of People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398.

In a 60-page report, Mandiant, (Mandiant is the company hired by the NY Times to research it’s hacking problem.  Sounds like they are real good at what they do.) a computer security company, said it believed that a hacking network named the “Comment Crew” or the “Shanghai Group” operated from the compound.

It said there were “hundreds, and perhaps thousands of people” working inside to breach the security not only of global corporations, but also of foreign power grids, gas lines and waterworks.
While the inner-sanctums of the Shanghai PLA base are off-limits to outsiders, the existence of the military compound is no secret in what is a bustling residential neighbourhood.

China made a strategic mistake going after US newspapers like the NY Times.  Now they have awaked a sleeping giant and the media is going to be laser focused on what China is up to.  Before it was just a few fringe stories and nobody (except me) really paid attention to the looming crisis.  Now the coverage is intensifying and everyone is paying attention.  That is a good thing.

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