Friday, January 11, 2013

US Government opening full investigation into the Dreamliner‏

Welcome to the party US Government…Where the h*ll have you been for the last 6 years? I have only been talking about this plane non stop month after month, year after year. Not like any of what is going on today is surprising. I told everyone what was going to happen. I told everyone why it was going to happen. Then I documented it all as it happened. Now the government is FINALLY waking up from their hibernation and saying “what…huh…what is going on…maybe there is an issue over there with Boeing. Well NO SH*T Sherlock.
I am not sure what more I could have done. I bolded the text. I highlighted the texted. I made the font 17 points. I sent out the same info over and over and over,,, my lord people…… WAKE UP! Outsourcing to incompetent people around the world to save money is dangerous…… and Unamerican. Here are the results exactly as I told you they would be.
Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliner is to face a full review of its design and manufacture by the US government after two more safety glitches were reported – makingfive incidents in five days for the model that promised to revolutionise flying.
The US transportation secretary Ray LaHood will shortly announce acomprehensive review Just read my emails….I outlined everything. of the 787's critical systems by the Federal Aviation Administration, including the design, manufacture and assembly.
Earlier, pilots on an All Nippon Airways domestic flight inJapan reported a crack developing in the cockpit windscreen before landing safely, while oil was found leaking from the engine of another of the airline's Dreamliners.
A string of problems this week has threatened toerode confidence HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH in the mould-breaking aircraft, a carbon-composite plane that is at the forefront of the aviation industry's claims for a greener, quieter future.
Boeing insists there is no cause for concern. But this week at Boston airport alone,a battery started a fire on one empty Japan Airlines 787, whileanother leaked 40 gallons of fuel on to the taxiway, delaying its takeoff. Another ANA internal Dreamliner flight was cancelled on Wednesday due to abrake-control computer glitch.
The 787 Dreamliner made its first commercial flight in late 2011, after aseries of production delays put deliveries more than three years  4 years behind schedule. By the end of last year, Boeing had sold 848 Dreamliners, and delivered 49. The 49 they delivered were late and still f*cked up.
A Boeing spokesman said: "We actively work with the FAA daily, across all of our product lines. We do not publicly comment on the nature and content of those communications. I comment on them though. Your plane sucks.
"We areabsolutely confident in the reliability and performance of the 787. Sure you are. We are working with the FAA and our customers to ensure we thoroughly understand any introductory issues I understand them….Ask me….Ask me.. that arise. While we take each issue seriously, nothing we've seen in service causes us to doubt the capabilities of the airplane."
British Airways will be operating Dreamliners later in 2013, with Virgin and Thomson also awaiting deliveries, while Qatar Airways last month became the first airline to operate regular services to and from Heathrow with the 787. The aircraft, with a list price of $217m (£134m), has attracted airlines mainly because of its leap in fuel economy, as well as a range that makes emerging destinations possible with fewer passengers. But the model's promise of 40% reduction in noise is also a key factor in winning over the opposition to expansion of airports around London.
I told you years ago if you go to the airport and see a 787 sitting outside the window run for your life. I wasn’t kidding.

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