Saturday, December 15, 2012

The terrible acting continues‏

Washington is pretending they are upset about potentially having to work through the holidays (Wink wink).  The reality is they love working through the holidays.  They do some of their best work when everyone is home with families not paying any attention to what they are doing.  The banks were all deregulated Christmas Eve 1999 when nobody was looking.  The result of that action was the implosion of all the banks in 2007 (followed by the 700 Billion dollar federal bailout). Oops.  Luckily nobody remembers nothing about nothing and nobody is ever held accountable for anything.  They are counting on that still being the case in 2012.  So everyone just get with your families and enjoy some egg nog and cookies and pay no attention to what they are doing down there in Washington.  The less you know the better.  If you were ever let in on their closed door meetings it would surely ruin your holidays.  So look away and mind your business.  You will find out soon enough how they are about to stick it to you.

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