Monday, December 3, 2012

CEO's being heard loud and clear.‏

Nov 14 Obama met a crowd of CEO’s to talk about the fiscal cliff.

Yesterday Obama met with a new group of CEO’s to talk about the fiscal cliff.

Republicans also met with the CEO’s

All those millions and millions and millions (of dollars) in campaign contributions have paid off.  Corporate America always has a seat at the table.  You can be sure when the new policies are rolled out corporate America will be well taken care of.  They pretend corporate America doesn’t like Obama (Wink, wink).

I didn’t see where Obama met with Homeless people, or unemployed people.  Or Unions.  Just the crème de la crème of corporate America always gets through the white house door.  Obama is always all ears.

So when they announce they are going to RAISE revenue by CUTTING corporate taxes and you scratch your head and wonder how taking in LESS money is going to fix the problem. It isn’t going to fix anything but it will help payback for all those campaign contributions.  It will help reward the CEO’s who sent the jobs overseas and helped create the fiscal problem in the first place.  Then it will encourage them to keep right on doing it.  No jobs will be created (Despite what they tell you).  The debt will continue to get worse at an accelerated rate.  Entitlements will be hacked to pieces as part of the “shared sacrifice”.

Enjoy the show.

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