Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Breaking News...It is Fructose......

In case you didn't believe it 3 years ago when I told you the entire country was fat because of High Fructose Corn Syrup. In case you didn't believe me 2 years ago when I told you again. Or the 700 times I have told you in between well now the American Medical Association is backing up what you should already know. The news is acting like this is somehow new news. They are acting like maybe people don't know this. Most people probably don't know. But everyone who reads my blog knows because I have said it over and over and over and over. Now the scientists have caught up to my vast knowledge and NBC News is reporting it as their important news of the day. So in case you didn't believe me maybe you will believe them and their science.
Next time you are walking in the mall and you realize that everyone walking towards you is a giagantic fat azz you will know why that is. When you are at work tomorrow and someone says "Hey did you see the news yesterday... Everyone is fat because of Fructose".....You can look them in the eye and say "Yeah I knew that like 3 years ago". Because you did.

You're welcome!

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