Monday, January 7, 2013

Ray Lewis....Not The Greatest Ever.

Ray Lewis has announced he is retiring at the end of this year and the historical white washing has begun.

Just like a few months ago a bunch of idiots said Lebron James is better then Michael Jordan..... now we have more idiots proclaiming Ray Lewis is the greatest Defensive player ever. Let me set the record straight. He is not!

Ray Lewis is a great defensive player, that is true. He is one of the greatest to ever play, that is also true. He is NOT the greatest defensive player ever. He did NOT change the game.

The greatest defensive player ever was Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence changed the game. Rules changed. Game plans changed. If you don't believe me go rent the Oscar Award winning movie the Blind Side. The opening of that movie explains Taylors impact very well.

The entire idea of protecting the blind side was made relevant because of Lawrence Taylor ending Joe Theismans career. He ended his career when he came around his blind side and snapped his leg like a twig. That one play changed the NFL by itself.

Lawrence Taylors first year in the NFL sacks were not even a counted statistic. His second year they were. He made the sack a glamorous statistic which today is one of the most important.

Lawrence is the ONLY defensive player in the last 41 years to win a league MVP. Every year except 1986 an offensive player has won that award. There have been only two defensives players ever to win it and Lawrence was one of them. Ray Lewis is not the other.

When Lawrence stepped on the field all 11 offensive players had to know where he was. They had one concern and that was pay attention to #56. Most of the time it still didn't matter. Coaches had to come up with new Offensive schemes because of #56. The idea of using a two tight end set to help block came about as an effort to stop Taylor. The idea of tomahawk chopping the quarterback to dislodge the ball came from Taylor.

Opposing players literally feared the man and rightly so. He was a one man wrecking crew who nobody could stop. He was an important part of two Super Bowl winning teams. If he didn't recover Roger Craig's fumble in the 1990 NFC Championship game there would never have been a wide right super bowl win.

Ray lewis has no such resume. He was a great player (for a lot of years) but no where close to the impact of Taylor. Nice try!

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