Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreamliner to contain the uncontrollable inferno's.‏

In an attempt to get their 787 Dreamliner aircraft back in the air, Boeing Co. will propose a short-term fix for the battery problems that forced regulators to ground the company's most modern airplane. 
The Seattle Times reported that fix would give Boeing (NYSE: BAC) time to work on a comprehensive redesign of the lithium-ion battery system.  Boeing needs more time…The plane is already 5 years late.  How much more time do they need? 
The short-term solution would include a heavy-duty titanium or steel containment box around the lithium-ion battery cells and high-pressure evacuation tubes that would vent gases outside of the plane in case of a fire.  
So they can’t prevent the fire under the current flawed outsourced design.  You remember the design which came from incredibly cheap workers (from all over the world) who know absolutely nothing about building a plane.  Turns out their piss poor design is a high risk for fires.  Lots of fires….. Since the planes design can’t be modified quickly (It took years and years and years to get the 20 planes currently flying in the air) but maybe they can contain the raging inferno until the plane lands (crashes).  Isn’t that a great solution…..Isn’t everyone going to enjoy their flight knowing under them could be uncontrollable fire happening.  The fire can’t be prevented but maybe containment is ok for you and your family…..   
What a great idea Boeing…..Who wouldn’t want to fly a Dreamliner.  Enjoy your flight.

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