Monday, February 18, 2013

Oil Prices and the Real story‏ 
Gas prices are up 43 cents in the last 30days.  The industry will give you lots and lots of bullsh*t reasons why gas prices are going up.  There is no limit to the bullsh*t they will tell you.  As long as you keep nodding your head (with a glazed look in your eye) they will keep spouting off reasons.  
The important thing to know is none of the reasons they give you are true.  It is all lies and more lies. 
The reason gas is going up is because the industry wants President Obama to approve the keystone Pipeline.  Obama already said no to most of the pipeline when he was running for reelection (Wink wink). 
The pipeline takes Canadian oil sands oil and delivers it to refineries in Texas.  There it will be loaded on to tankers and floated to China.  
The pipeline helps Canada.  It helps Big oil.  It helps China.  America gets nothing except the risk that the pipeline will spill oil over environmentally sensitive land.  
They will tell you the pipeline will create lots of jobs.  How many jobs does it take to bolt together a pipe?  Not many.  They will tell you that it is safe….. but they always tell you  it is safe until there is oil everywhere.  
Obama needed to please his left wing supporters so he pretended to be against the pipeline……Now he is President for 4 more years and will never run again.  So he is all about saying yes to his campaign contributors in Big Oil.  
The best way to get the public behind the idea is to raise oil prices day after day after day after day for 30 days.  Then when people yell and scream about the cost of gas the industry can point to the pipeline and say “we need this to help with the problem”.  So people will say WHATEVER just do something.  The pipeline will be approved….. which is exactly what will happen in the coming weeks.  Enjoy the show.

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