Saturday, February 23, 2013

Japan figured out 787 fuel leak.

The ministry's air-safety regulators concluded that on a Japan Airlines Co Dreamliner, foreign matter had stuck to fuel valves, and coating material had beenimproperly applied, likely causing the valves to remain partly open and allow fuel to leak. 
How is it possible that a coating could be “improperly applied” on a state of the art airplane?  After all Boeing hires the most competent (experienced) engineers in the world…..I don’t understand.  
Oh wait….Boeing laid off all their competent (experienced) engineers because they cost too much money.  Then they hired completely incompetent (wet behind the ears) engineers in countries all over the world.  It saved them a bundle.  Smart business move. 
If only someone could have predicted such foolish behavior would lead to endless problem…..When I say endless I mean it very literally.  If only someone would have had that foresight perhaps there wouldn’t be such a debacle today.  
Oh wait…… there was one guy who predicted it.  Can’t remember what his name is…..but people should really listen to what that guy has to say.

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