Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pratts cracked blade answers........

Why do Pratt Engines have cracked blades?
 "Pratt & Whitney has determined that some material originating from Western Titanium that may not meet all of the raw material specification requirements has been delivered in P&W products,"   That didn’t take long to figure out……It is almost like Pratt already knew about the problem.
 "As a result," it said, "Pratt & Whitney is conducting the appropriate quality and engineering reviews in accordance with our standard procedures to ensure the safety and integrity of our products for our customers. Although this material may not meet all of the requirements, (It is not a requirement that the engine blades not be cracked?) we believe the parts that may be impacted (Cracked fan blades) meetthe necessary performance requirements for our customers." (I am speechless)
 The titanium was used in the PW4000, PW2000/F117, F100, F119 and F135 engines, the company said. It did not release the number of individual engines that might be affected.  You can bet it is a long long list.
 The sh*tty Titanium that caused the cracked blade is from a company called Western Titanium.
Western Titium is found in what country………..Come on you know the answer……What country is synonymous with sh*tty tainted products which can’t ever be trusted……. 
 Lets say it together.  CHINA! 
 Yay China!
 If there is a tainted product you don’t have to search long to come up with the China as the reason why.
 Since the F-35 will one day be used in combat most likely against China is it really any wonder China is delivering tainted Titanium…..

 Western Titanium Technologies Co., Ltd. is based in Shaanxi, China. As per the transaction announced on June 26, 2008, Western Titanium Technologies Co. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
 The most important thing to corporate America is to save money on the front end.  No matter what it means.  No matter how much risk it involves.  No matter what the long term consequences maybe.  If you can save a $1.00 up front (but lose $300.00 on the back end) that is all completely fine.  If lives are put in jeopardy that is fine.  If reputations are put in jeopardy that is fine.  If thousands of people need to lose their jobs that is fine.  Just save a buck.  That is the most important thing.

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