Saturday, February 23, 2013

F-35 Grounded because of Pratt and Whitney screwed up‏

The Pentagon on Friday suspended the flights of all F-35 fighter planes after a routine inspection revealed a crack on a turbine blade in the jet engine of an F-35 test aircraft in California.
During a routine inspection at Edwards Air Force Base in California on February 19 inspectors found a crack on a low pressure turbine blade that is part of the F-35's F135 engine.
Engineering teams would remove the blade and ship it to Pratt's engine facility in Middletown, Connecticut, for more thorough evaluation and root cause analysis
In the old days when Pratt and Whitney hired tens or thousands of highly trained Connecticut employees they never had such issues. Now that they employ a fraction of that amount and outsource the rest of the work all over the planet. Now that they insist on employing every cheap incompetent person they can find who will work for slave wages this always seems to be the result. Just like Boeing.
They all do the same thing and they all get the same results. Interesting how that works.

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