Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CEO's doing GREAT!‏

Ford CEO Alan Mulally has amassed 317 MILLION DOLLARS.  Alan used to be CEO of Boeing.  He was CEO when the Dreamliner debacle was born.  
Eventually he realized he needed to “move on” and he is now at ford counting his stacks of money.  There are a lot of stacks.  Detroit is a shambles  thanks to companies like Ford getting rid of all the jobs…….But you wouldn’t know that sitting in Mulally’s office.  It is stacks of green as far as the eye can see. 
GE CEO received a 25% raise last year….Didn’t we all.  He is making 25 MILLION.  It pays to be BFF with the President of the United States.  How is that Jobs commission going?  By my count he has helped create ZERO jobs.  Nice work.  Enjoy your money. 
CEO of Boeing received a 20% raise….Didn’t we all.  He is making 27 MILLION.  Sure their flag ship airplane is grounded and completely unreliable.  That is no reason to punish the guy in charge.  Back up the armored truck and start unloading the money. 
Some people say this is the worst economy since the great Depression.  Funny how none of these article reflect that at all.  I think it is safe to say that Republicans were right.  Obama is redistributing the wealth.

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