Monday, April 1, 2013

Monsanto Protection Act...

 Last Tuesday when everyone was pre occupied with the Supreme Court considering Gay Marriage…….. President Obama was at the White House very quietly signing the new budget bill.  Republicans and Democrats slapped each other on the back because the government would not be shut down.  What Republicans and Democrats didn’t want you to know was in that spending bill was HR 933 (or the Monsanto Protection Bill as people like to call it).  
That bill provides legal protection to growers of GMO (Genetically Modified Food).  So when these giant agro farming corporations (They like to pretend it is mom and pop farming…..But it isn’t) go into their laboratories and start genetically modifying the food you are going to eat.  Not only do they not have to label the food (as they do in other countries) as genetically modified……but in 5 years when that Frankenfood gives you cancer (or you start growing a third arm) you won’t be able to sue anyone.  (Tort reform).  Not only that but a court won’t even be able to stop the food from being sold.  
The consumers hands have now been tied (by our government) just the way corporate America likes it.  So now you understand why it was so important for Obama to sign the bill quietly.  You concentrate on Gay Marriage and pay no attention to what is happening down the street.  The less you know the better.  Our system of government only works if you are completely stupid…..  Don’t disappoint them.  Oh and enjoy your food.  Even if you don’t there is nothing you can do about it.  Isn’t that great…….

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