Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Invent A Job‏

This entire article is a bunch of blah blah blah…..Until someone finds a solution to corporate American sending all the jobs to slave laborers in Communist Red China nothing else is going to solve anything.  It is all just a bunch of noise. 
Who is doing it right?
“Finland is one of the most innovative economies in the world,” he said, “and it is the only country where students leave high school ‘innovation-ready.’  They learn concepts and creativity more than facts, and have a choice of many electives — all with a shorter school day, little homework, and almost no testing. In the U.S., 500 K-12 schools affiliated with Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning Initiative and a consortium of 100 school districts called EdLeader21 are developing new approaches to teaching 21st-century skills.
So Finland is the shining example for the world.  So lets see how well their economy is doing……
Oh look 8.7% unemployment.  Yeah that is pretty impressive!

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