Saturday, April 6, 2013

FAA Closing Towers....‏

 Republicans love talking about cutting government spending….Cut, Cut, Cut….The more you cut the better.  
That is until they actually cut something and it affects them.  Then suddenly they are not such big fans.  
As part of the Sequester the FAA is closing lots of regional air traffic control towers.  That means rich republicans with their fancy private planes are now on their own.  
They must fly using VFR – Visual Flight Rules.  Instead of having an FAA controller (manage the traffic) now everyone is on their own.  It is up to each pilot to look out the window and not crash.  
You would think that would be a Republican dream come true.  After all Republicans want government out of their lives.  Having everybody take “personal responsibility…..  and have personal “liberty” to live however they like. 
That sounds great (in speeches) but in real life suddenly they are no longer interested.  They want the government sitting in that tower feeding them information. They want the government keeping them safe.  They demand it.  
Cutting Social Security is fine but please don’t cut our control towers.  We need to fly our private planes and it is up to the government to keep us safe.  
Why don’t these plane owners pool their money and hire private controllers.  Republicans LOVE the private sector.  The government is bad, awful, and terrible.  It is all about the free market.  So go hire private controllers and stop complaining.  
They wanted budget cuts and now they got them.  Congrats…and have a safe flight.

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