Saturday, May 11, 2013

Misguided Outrage

So let me just make sure I understand this…..

The President of Syria has been waging war against his people for two years.  70,000 people have been killed in civil war.

To put that in perspective 52,000 Americans died in the Vietnam war (which raged for 9 years).

President Assad is accused of using chemical weapon against his own people.  Not only an outrage but also a war crime. 

Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood (In charge of Egypt)  has not said one word about any of this.

Israel flies air strikes into Syria to blow up high tech missiles (destined for terrorists in Lebanon) and now the Muslim brotherhood takes to the streets in protest. 

70,000 dead is fine.  Chemical weapons is fine.  But blowing up terrorist weapons is an outrage. 

Nice to see they have their priorities properly placed.

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