Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is funny watching Don Rumsfeld make the media rounds trying to sell his new book.

Every interview they ask what he thinks about Obama…… 

He goes on to talk about how he hopes the truth comes out about Benghazi…Really? The truth Don????? That is what you are concerned about? 

Don is upset 4 patriotic Americans were killed at Benghazi. Really? I remember when Don WASN’T concerned (at all) about the truth coming out in Iraq? 4000 patriotic Americans lost their lives there, and Don didn’t seem concerned at all.

If people want to criticize Obama that is completely fine. But the one guy who shouldn’t be allowed to criticize anyone it is Rumsfeld, (or Cheney).

When we look at his score card it is pretty clear Rumsfeld was wrong about everything. That guy couldn’t have been more wrong if he tried.

Lets review the Rumsfeld record……..

Rumsfeld said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…… there weren’t.

Rumsfeld said he knew exactly where they were….He didn’t.

Rumsfeld said Saddam had connections to Al Qaeda…..He didn’t

Rumsfeld said The Iraq war would be quick…….It wasn’t. Rumsfeld thought it would be quick because he would implement “Shock and Awe”, and the Iraqis would be so impressed they would just give up. So he used shock and Awe ……But the Iraqis didn’t care at all.

Rumsfeld said the Iraq war would cost about 60 Billion Dollars. He was only off by over a trillion dollars.

Rumsfeld said the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil. It wasn’t.

Rumsfeld said they didn’t need a lot of troops (as they had in the 1991 Gulf War). He was wrong. Then he needed “the surge” to add more troops.

Rumsfeld said US troops would be greeted as liberators…… They weren’t.

Rumsfeld said the insurgency was just a handful of "Saddam Loyalists" and “dead enders” ….. It wasn’t.

Rumsfeld said it would all get better once Saddam was captured…. It didn’t.

Rumsfeld sent US troops to Iraq who didn’t have body armor. Soldier’s parents had to send (their own kids) body armor to keep them safe. Rumsfeld shrugged his shoulders and said “you go to war with the army you have….not the army you would like”….Good answer!

Rumsfeld thought Humvees would work fine in Iraq……They didn’t……..They needed armor…….Rumsfeld figured that out after they kept getting blown up.

Rumsfeld thought the Iraqi army needed to be broken up ….. so he did it……. That resulted in even more chaos.

The Abu Ghraib prison scandal happened under Rumsfeld……. That embarrassed the United States. Rummy kept smiling though. Nothing embarrassed that guy.

In August 2001 Rumsfeld said the US Military no longer needed to be prepared to fight two wars at the same time…….He was wrong….It did.

Yes when it comes to being wrong (about everything) old Rummy was the best.

Everyone should definitely buy that guys book and take all his advice.

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