Thursday, July 30, 2015

Selectively Blaming One Group While Ignoring All The Other Facts........

This propaganda has been floating around on Facebook.
At first I was just going to ignore it but since I keep seeing it (and it bugs me) I will respond to it.
The first thing I notice when I review this list are some glaring omissions. I can’t help but wonder why that is…….
1) Where is the Oklahoma City Bombing on this list? Prior to 9/11 that was the biggest terrorist attack in US history. It killed 168 people. It was done by two white American Citizens. There was no Muslim involved. Perhaps that is why it is not on this propaganda list.
2) Where is the Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing on this list? A bomb set off in a crowded park at an international event. 2 people killed. 100 people injured. Again by a white American Citizen. Again no Muslim involved. Again not included on this list.
3) Where are the 2001 Anthrax attacks on this list? A biological weapon mailed to the United States Congress. 6 people murdered. 17 people sickened. Done by another white American citizen. No Muslim involved. Again not included on this list.
4) Where is the Unabomber on this list? Mailed explosive packages terrorizing many people for many years. He murdered 3 people and injured 23 others. A nice White American Citizen. No Muslims involved.
5) Why do I not see Ortega Hernandez on this list of terror attacks? You don’t know who I am talking about do you? Google him. He stood outside the white house, with an assault rifle, and fired 8 bullets towards the building. He caused $100,000.00 in damage and is sitting in jail for the next 20+ years. If he was Muslim he would be on the list. Since he is an American he gets left off.
6) Why is Francisco Martin Duran not on this list. He fired 29 shots through the White House Gate (with an assault rifle) in 1994 trying to assassinate President Clinton. He is serving 40 years in Jail. I do not see him on this list either.
It is funny because this list contains the underwear bomber who killed nobody. Yet it leaves off Adam Lanza who killed 26 people. If Adam did the exact same thing (but was Muslim) he would have made the list too.
This list contains the shoe bomber who also killed nobody…… but left off the movie theater massacre that killed 12 people and injured 70. I guess that event wasn’t terrorizing enough.
Was Ted Bundy a Muslim? Was Jeffrey Dahmer a Muslim? Was the Hillside Strangler a Muslim? Is Charles Manson a Muslim?
In the last 100 years who is responsible for killing more innocent people……The Germans or the Muslims? I will give you a hint…..It is not the Muslims.
In the last 100 years who is responsible for killing more innocent people…..The Japanese or the Muslims? I will give you a hint….It is not the Muslims.
If you added up all the people who were killed in the terrorist attacks listed here, and you compared that number to all the innocent people Joseph Stalin Murdered it wouldn’t even be a contest.
In 2001 the FBI named the ELF (Earth Liberations Front) the greatest terrorist threat to the United States. Oh and they are not Muslim either. This group has burned lots of buildings all because they are trying to protect the environment. 60 Minutes took notice and did a story on them in 2005. Obviously the person who created this propaganda was watching a different channel. I see no mention of the ELF (or any of their many attacks) on this list.
We can all see what we want to see…… and ignore what we want to ignore……But none of that selective vision changes reality. The reality is there are lots of people, creating lots of problems, and they are not all Muslim.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rick Santorum....Dumb as Ever....

“There are people who are alive today who identified themselves as gay and lesbian and who no longer are. That’s true. I do know, I’ve met people in that case.”
Of course you did….. It is just a choice. People make choices all the time. Some days I choose to wear a blue shirt. Some days I choose to wear a red shirt. It is just like that.
Making choices is perfectly natural. Sometimes I choose to eat a pizza. Other days I choose to eat Chinese food.
Choices…..Choices. Maybe you chose to find the same sex attractive…… but we all know you can choose not to if you really wanted. It is all your choice.
Sure thing Rick.
“So I guess maybe in that case, maybe they did,” he said, adding that he does “know people who have lived the gay lifestyle and no longer live it.”
What exactly is the “gay lifestyle” Is there like a certain type of furniture you buy at Ikea if you want to live the “Gay Lifestyle”. When you are done living the “Gay Lifestyle” you just replace the furniture to let people know your style has changed.
I am so glad we have so many qualified and inspiring Republicans candidates……It is endlessly entertaining. It is hard to keep up with who said the latest stupid thing. They all try so hard to grab the spotlight. They know by being more ignorant than the other guy (which is not an easy task) the media will come. It fills me with joy knowing the election is far away and we have lots more of this to come. I am lovin it.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creative Housing Arrangments....Coming to a City Near You....

"Creative Housing Arrangements……"
All part of the race to the bottom.
The Americans leave….. and the foreign replacements all move in together. It is happening now.
See when wages never go up, but consumer prices do, you end up with an unsustainable situation.
This is not a problem though because foreign replacement workers don’t mind living 4 families to a house. That situation is still better than the situation they came from in their home countries.
You are not willing to do that though. You expect a certain standard of living and don’t want to compromise. Unfortunately your standards can no longer be obtained in many popular cities. So you will go and they will come.
At the bottom of the economy we are told replacement workers are needed because they do jobs Americans won’t do. You won’t go into a hotel room and change dirty bed sheets. You won’t empty trash or mop the floors either. So foreign replacement workers are needed to do those jobs. It is really all your fault. The reality is you just won't do those jobs for slave wages.
At the top end of the economy we are told there are not enough qualified American workers. You are too stupid to do the work. So foreign replacements are needed to do those jobs as well. Again it is all your fault.
Sure you owe student loans totaling the rest of your life’s earnings……. but you didn’t learn anything of value so you are not employable.
Luckily companies can bring in your replacement and they will work for a lot less too. Everyone wins. Everyone but you that is. As I said before…….You never win.
The top 1% already have all the money but they are still not satisfied. The way they will get even more money is by driving your wages into the ground. If you do not agree to this new reality it is not even a problem……It is going to happen whether you agree or not.
The difference (savings) between what corporations have to pay you, and what they have to pay your replacement is going right into their wallet.
So If you want to still compete you might have to get other people to live with you. Maybe two families can move in. Maybe it makes more sense with 5 families. Think it over. This is all part of the new American dream.
Bill Gates has been actively lobbying congress to plead for your replacements. This is the same Bill Gates who has a 66,000 square foot home with 8 kitchens. How many kitchens do you have? But Bill is still not satisfied. He wants even more kitchens and he is going to get them by reducing your paycheck.
Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg (and all the other 1%ers) agree your earnings in their wallet makes a lot more sense. They all agree the American economy of the future will be a lot brighter if you are not part of it.
Now you don’t need to worry about any of this stuff. I don’t mean to scare you. You just sit there and keep pondering the important news of the day like why did Blake and Miranda’s marriage did not succeed.
Or why Holly was so unhappy living at the Playboy mansion.
The economy will take care of itself. Nothing you need to worry about. It will all be fine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal.... We have seen this already with North Korea.....

Everyone is trying to figure out if President Obama is a genius or an idiot for making the nuclear deal with Iran.
Well only time will tell but history gives us a pretty good indication of how these things usually go.
Iran is one of the three members of George W Bushes Axis of Evil.
Another member is North Korea who has also been a Nuclear Problem.
North Korea has played the good guy / bad guy game with the international community for decades.
They are masters at the game and have shown they can pretty much do whatever they want with very few repercussions.
The international community has a loud bark with zero bite.
So lets review how North Korea has played this game.....
1991 North Korea signs treaty agreeing not to pursue Nuclear Weapons (Wink....Wink....).
1992 North Korea agrees to Nuclear Inspections.
2002...Guess What.....North Korea has a Nuclear Program. Who would have thunk it.
2005 North Korea says it will abandon its Nuclear Program (Chuckle....Chuckle)
2006 North Korea tests Nuclear Device. Oops how did the international community miss that...
2007 A new deal. Yayyyyy.......North Korea agrees to give up their Nuclear Program. Start the parade.
2008 The United States Rewards North Korea for being so well behaved.
2009 North Korea conducts 2nd Nuclear Test. ooops....How did the International community miss that.
2012 North Korea agrees to freeze Nuclear Program (Wink....Wink...).
2012 North Korea begins new construction on Nuclear Facility.…/north-korea-resumes-work-on-nuclea…
2013 North Korea performs 3rd Nuclear Test. Shocking I know......
What this teaches us is Iran is totally getting Nuclear Weapons..... and the international community is going to do absolutely nothing at all about it. Enjoy the show.

Monday, July 20, 2015

2014 Warmest Year Ever.....

2014 the Warmest year Ever…..Unfortunately there is still no proof Climate Change is real. We will keep looking for some though..........
The Earth sizzled at a record rate in 2014, the Weather Channel
reported Thursday (July 16), citing a new review by international scientists sponsored by NOAA and published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.
According to the report, four independent global data sets registered 2014 as the warmest year on record.
Europe experienced its warmest year on record, with more than 20 countries setting new record high temperatures.
Eastern North America was the only major region of the world to see below-average annual temperatures.
The report was compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Center for Weather and Climate and is based on contributions of 413 scientists from 58 countries.
The report also found that major greenhouse gas concentrations, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, continued their rise to new historic high values.
The gases, many human-created, are seen by scientists as helping to cause the higher temperatures.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased to a global average of 397.2 parts per million, a 1.9-ppm-increase in 2014, which compares to the global average of 354 ppm in 1990, the first year of the annual climate report.
Other records were set for global average sea surface temperatures, and global upper ocean heat content, according to the report. And because water expands when it is heated, it comes as no surprise that the study reported global average sea level rose to a record high in 2014, keeping up with an average 3.2 millimeter rise per year trend over the past 20 years.

The Gun Debate Rages on and the Bodies Keep Piling up.....

After all the kids were gunned down at Sandy hook, the gun crowd told everyone their solution was armed guards at every school. American schools are soft targets because there is nobody standing there with guns.
For the gun crowd more guns solve all problems. If you have a gun problem….. what you need is more guns.
Sure our country has more guns than every other country already. Sure our country has more gun violence than every other country too. But (according to them) If you want less gun violence you just need even more guns. Guns are the cure all for all gun problems…….. even though there is no evidence anywhere that that is even remotely true.
What is actually true does not matter to the gun crowd. What is logical also does not matter. What matters (to them) is that our society needs more and more guns.
President Obama wanted to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. That is an idea that actually does work. We know it works because from 1994 to 2004 assault weapons were banned. Gun violence did go down. That is an undisputable fact.
From 1994 to 2004 Democracy did not come to an end either (Despite the dire warnings). The American flag continued to fly and the country was not taken over by the Communists. The US Constitution did not burst into flames either. Everything was just fine.
After Sandy Hook 62% of Americans supported banning high capacity magazines. In a normal democracy that would mean something. In a normal democracy what the majority of people want is usually carried out.
In our warped democracy the minority gun crowd usually gets what they want. Why is that? Nobody really knows…….. But as a result of that silliness last week the US Marines came under attack. They didn’t fair much better than the 6 year olds. Turns out US schools aren’t the only soft target.
The gun crowd today is spewing the same answers they spewed then. More guns are needed. Chattanooga Tennessee should be regarded as hostile territory and everyone needs to be armed. So everyone grab a gun and stand outside your employment building just in case.
If after Sandy Hook the minority gun crowd was ignored (as they should have been) the attack last week could have looked very different. Two assault rifles were used last week. Both would have been banned. A high capacity magazine was used (holding 30 bullets). It also would have been banned. I haven’t seen the exact count but many many bullets were fired in a very short period of time. The only reason more people weren’t killed is because of luck……. not because the bullets weren’t fired. All those flying bullets were made possible thanks to the successful efforts of the minority gun crowd (after Sandy Hook). The US Marines thank you. They think you guys are awesome.
Everyone knew more “incidents” would be coming and coming they have. More will be on their way. Everyone can rest easy knowing the most powerful weapons will be easily accessible to every nut case who wants one.
When that happens you can be sure the gun crowd will tell you what they always tell you……Our society just needs more guns. Just a couple of more guns and everyone will be safe……

Monday, July 13, 2015

Country Of Origin on Beef and Poultry.......

Right now your government is working on rules that no longer require Country of Origin labels on the meat and poultry sold in the United States.
Last month the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to get rid of the requirement. It is now working its way through the US Senate.
When it passes (and it will) that means the disgusting meat in this article could soon be on your dinner plate. The best part is you won't even know it.
Your government (and the corporations that own them) want you to be stupid. They depend on you being stupid.
Knowledge is power and they don't want you to have knowledge or power. All they want is the money in your wallet. You give them the money and then you go away. That is the goal.
Meat from places like China is cheaper because it could be tainted. It is always cheaper to sell tainted meat then to insure healthy meat.
The problem is you (the consumer) are a real pain in the a** when you find out the food on your plate came from dirty disgusting countries.
BUT if they don't tell you where it came from than everyone wins. Well everyone wins except you. You never win.
So you buy the tainted meat and you get a belly hoo... Take some Pepto and be quiet. The important thing is they made more money. Isn't that great?
See you go to the store and you see meat which is a bright red color and think that is healthy. Red meat should be red. But that is not really true. You have been conditioned to think this and you fell for it. You are a sucker.
The real reason the meat is red is because they blasted the meat with Carbon Monoxide gas. The gas gives meat the red color and that color remains whether the meat is really healthy or not. It could be completely spoiled but it will still look great.
That will be good news when the meat starts coming from places like China and was packaged 40 years ago. You throw that right in your oven and enjoy.
Now....Make sure you don't call your congressmen and complain about them removing the country of origin labeling. Complaining constituents really bring down corporate America. All they are trying to do is deceive you. Let them do their thing.
Besides I am sure all the meat you buy will be nice and healthy. That is why you don't need to know where it came from. Just trust them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Computer Glitch after Computer Glitch after Computer Glitch.....Yay outsourcing....

Yup….. outsource your companies IT work around the world….It is going to end up great.

American IT workers may know what they are doing but they are expensive.  Just lay them off and replace them with workers from around the world.  Your outsourced replacements don’t really know what they are doing but the good news is they are super cheap.  Cheap is the name of the game.

Sure sometimes your airline won’t be able to fly their planes. 
Sometimes your newspaper won’t have a working website. 
Sometimes your stock exchange won’t be able to trade any stocks….. but the good news is you saved money on the front end. 

While your computers are down head out to the bar and have some drinks to celebrate your super smart business moves.  No need to rush back as your computers will be down for awhile.  Cheers!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Donald Trump....The Mexico Border.....And The Circus.....

It is unfortunate that what Donald Trump said about Mexico has been so distorted.

Because people do not like Trump (which is fine) the message he was making has now been completely drowned out. 

Donald was so beaten down that no other candidate will dare talk about the problems in Mexico.

The problem is what Trump said is all very accurate.  Mexico is a disaster.  People coming across the border are bringing drugs and crime and women are being raped.  That is all true and all documented. 

None of what he said should be a surprise to anyone. But because people want to throw the “racism” word around now everyone is scared to discuss the topic.  Better to just shut up then be labeled a racist. 

But the facts are facts….. so lets look at the facts.

60,000 people murdered in Mexico from 2006 to 2012.  That is more (a lot more) people killed in Mexico then were killed in Afghanistan over the same period of time.  That is astonishing but true.

Israel fights Hamas and 1000 people die and everyone hyperventilates.  60,000 people die in Mexico and nobody is allowed to even discuss it.  That is sad.

90% of the Cocaine in the United States comes through Mexico.

Mexico earns 19 to 29 BILLION dollars a year selling drugs in the United States.

When Donald Trump says crime in the United States is coming from Mexico he is ridiculed. 

How about when the FBI says the same thing.  

“Drug trafficking. Human smuggling. Extortion. Murder. Corrupt public officials. All these crimes represent a multi-billion dollar industry and they pose a threat not only to communities on both sides of the border, but to our national security as well.”

As far as I know nobody at the FBI was fired for making these statements. I have not heard the media call the FBI racist.

In 2013 Chicago named their public enemy #1.  Chicago has not named a public enemy #1 since Al Copone.  Their new public enemy #1 was a Mexican Drug lord.  Nobody said Chicago is racist when they did that.

80% of all women going through Mexico (to get into the United States) are raped. 

80%….Let that number sink in. 

Women take birth control to prevent pregnancy not “if” they get raped…… but when.

It is not the right wing media reporting this either.  It is the left leaning Huffington Post.  Nobody said the Huffington Post is racist after they reported this.

There are real problems in Mexico and at the Mexican Border.  These problems need to be discussed in a grown up fashion. 

There is now 0% chance that will happen because of the silly response to Donald Trump.  That is a real shame and a real disservice.  The Media should be ashamed for getting dragged into this nonsense, and everyone else should be ashamed for following along. 

None of this circus is going to help the raping, or the kidnapping, or the killing, or the drugs.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

F-35 Can't Dogfight......

F-35 Update….

Recap –The F-35 is the future of US Air power.  It will be used to replace every fighter  in the US military. 
The US Air Force will depend on it. 
The US NAVY will depend on it. 
The US Marines will depend on it. 

It is the most expensive weapons program in history.  It is currently 8 years behind schedule and hundreds of billions of dollars over budget.  All the military eggs are in the F-35 basket and there is no plan B.  The Chinese have already hacked in and stolen most of the designs.  The good news is most of the plane doesn’t work so the joke is really on them.  Suckers.

The military conducted a dog fight with the F-35 vs the F-16.  The F-16 is 40 year old technology.  The F-35 is the future of air superiority.  They put no weapons on the f-35.  Bombs add extra weight and might inhibit the F-35’s ability to impress.  They added two extra fuel tanks to the F-16 to try and inhibit it from embarrassing the shiny new F-35. 

The end result is the F-35 got completely smoked by the F-16’s.  It was a total embarrassment.  The futuristic helmet (that was designed to give the F-35 pilot the ability to see all around the plane) is so big and cumbersome the pilot could not turn his head and see behind him.  The test pilots were completely unimpressed.

After the embarrassment they defended the F-35 by saying it is not designed for close in combat.  A fighter plane that cannot dog fight.  That is a new one on me……

Why have a helmet to see around the plane if the plane is not designed to to be in a dogfight?  The military might as well just buy a bunch of 737’s and fly those around.  Those aren’t meant to dog fight either.

The future of US Air superiority is now in officially in doubt.  That is good news for Putin taking over the Ukraine.  It is good news for China building new islands in the South China Sea.  It is good news for Syria using Chemical Weapons, and ISIS taking over Iraq, and Iran building Nuclear Weapons, and North Korea saber rattling. 

You don’t need to worry about any of that though.  You should be more concerned with how you and your kids and your grandkids will be paying for the F-35. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bernie Sanders Is Heating Up.....

Bernie Sanders attracting "Monster" crowds.  

10,000 people showing up to hear him speak.  The largest crowds of any candidate in either party.
10,000 people have not shown up to hear Hillary or Jeb.  

If you want the candidate that is going to take care of the top 1% and the corporations you have 
about 20 candidates to choose from.  Pick anyone of them because they are all exactly the same.  None of them is stirring any excitement though.  

The only one who is creating excitement is the one without a super pac..... who is raising money from real people...... in small donations (which are adding up.)  

Right now Bernie is gaining momentum and people are starting to take notice.