Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creative Housing Arrangments....Coming to a City Near You....

"Creative Housing Arrangements……"
All part of the race to the bottom.
The Americans leave….. and the foreign replacements all move in together. It is happening now.
See when wages never go up, but consumer prices do, you end up with an unsustainable situation.
This is not a problem though because foreign replacement workers don’t mind living 4 families to a house. That situation is still better than the situation they came from in their home countries.
You are not willing to do that though. You expect a certain standard of living and don’t want to compromise. Unfortunately your standards can no longer be obtained in many popular cities. So you will go and they will come.
At the bottom of the economy we are told replacement workers are needed because they do jobs Americans won’t do. You won’t go into a hotel room and change dirty bed sheets. You won’t empty trash or mop the floors either. So foreign replacement workers are needed to do those jobs. It is really all your fault. The reality is you just won't do those jobs for slave wages.
At the top end of the economy we are told there are not enough qualified American workers. You are too stupid to do the work. So foreign replacements are needed to do those jobs as well. Again it is all your fault.
Sure you owe student loans totaling the rest of your life’s earnings……. but you didn’t learn anything of value so you are not employable.
Luckily companies can bring in your replacement and they will work for a lot less too. Everyone wins. Everyone but you that is. As I said before…….You never win.
The top 1% already have all the money but they are still not satisfied. The way they will get even more money is by driving your wages into the ground. If you do not agree to this new reality it is not even a problem……It is going to happen whether you agree or not.
The difference (savings) between what corporations have to pay you, and what they have to pay your replacement is going right into their wallet.
So If you want to still compete you might have to get other people to live with you. Maybe two families can move in. Maybe it makes more sense with 5 families. Think it over. This is all part of the new American dream.
Bill Gates has been actively lobbying congress to plead for your replacements. This is the same Bill Gates who has a 66,000 square foot home with 8 kitchens. How many kitchens do you have? But Bill is still not satisfied. He wants even more kitchens and he is going to get them by reducing your paycheck.
Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg (and all the other 1%ers) agree your earnings in their wallet makes a lot more sense. They all agree the American economy of the future will be a lot brighter if you are not part of it.
Now you don’t need to worry about any of this stuff. I don’t mean to scare you. You just sit there and keep pondering the important news of the day like why did Blake and Miranda’s marriage did not succeed.
Or why Holly was so unhappy living at the Playboy mansion.
The economy will take care of itself. Nothing you need to worry about. It will all be fine.

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