Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal.... We have seen this already with North Korea.....

Everyone is trying to figure out if President Obama is a genius or an idiot for making the nuclear deal with Iran.
Well only time will tell but history gives us a pretty good indication of how these things usually go.
Iran is one of the three members of George W Bushes Axis of Evil.
Another member is North Korea who has also been a Nuclear Problem.
North Korea has played the good guy / bad guy game with the international community for decades.
They are masters at the game and have shown they can pretty much do whatever they want with very few repercussions.
The international community has a loud bark with zero bite.
So lets review how North Korea has played this game.....
1991 North Korea signs treaty agreeing not to pursue Nuclear Weapons (Wink....Wink....).
1992 North Korea agrees to Nuclear Inspections.
2002...Guess What.....North Korea has a Nuclear Program. Who would have thunk it.
2005 North Korea says it will abandon its Nuclear Program (Chuckle....Chuckle)
2006 North Korea tests Nuclear Device. Oops how did the international community miss that...
2007 A new deal. Yayyyyy.......North Korea agrees to give up their Nuclear Program. Start the parade.
2008 The United States Rewards North Korea for being so well behaved.
2009 North Korea conducts 2nd Nuclear Test. ooops....How did the International community miss that.
2012 North Korea agrees to freeze Nuclear Program (Wink....Wink...).
2012 North Korea begins new construction on Nuclear Facility.
2013 North Korea performs 3rd Nuclear Test. Shocking I know......
What this teaches us is Iran is totally getting Nuclear Weapons..... and the international community is going to do absolutely nothing at all about it. Enjoy the show.

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