Friday, May 30, 2014

Dreamliner ...NTSB VS FAA......

May 22nd the NTSB Urges the FAA to better test the Dreamliner Lithium Ion Batteries. Lives are at stake and the initial testing was NOT good enough.

May 28th the FAA completely ignores the NTSB and approves the Dreamliner for long distance (over the ocean) flights.

Boeing is thrilled. The FAA is thrilled. The NTSB (who will have to clean up the wreckage after these planes crash) must be shaking their heads in disbelief.

More and better tests should be performed on the batteries aboard Boeing's 787 Dreamliners to avoid the smoky overheating aboard two planes that grounded the fleet last year.

The National Transportation Safety Board made five recommendations to the FAA for testing lithium-ion batteries and consulting more with experts about what could go wrong aboard planes with the new technology.

"The NTSB is vitally interested in these recommendations because they are designed to prevent accidents and save lives," said the 12-page letter from board members Christopher Hart, Robert Sumwalt, Mark Rosekind and Earl Weener.

The FAA issued a statement saying it will review (ignore) the NTSB recommendations, but that it is already working closely with battery experts and foreign aviation authorities to update standards for lithium-ion batteries on planes.

NTSB and the FAA each continue to investigate what the safety board described as "heavy smoke" and "small flames" in a lithium-ion battery aboard a Japan Airlines plane parked at Boston's Logan airport in January 2013. (They have no conclusion as to what caused the fires….. but hey that shouldn’t stop you from putting your family onboard and heading out over the ocean.)

Nine days later, a smoldering battery forced an All Nippon Airways flight to make an emergency landing in Japan. Nobody was injured in either incident, but the FAA grounded the fleet for more than three months while studying what went wrong.

In March, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta concluded a year-long review of the Dreamliner's overall certification by reiterating that "the aircraft is safe and that it meets its intended level of design and safety." (The FAA said the plane was safe before the fires too. Everything is safe and fine….Fly on.)

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner said the findings validated the company's confidence in the plane and the process of correcting problems when they arise. (Take a bow Boeing)

But the NTSB found that to get the plane certified, Boeing tested the batteries by driving a nail into the side of one rather than provoking an internal short-circuit through overheating or other abuse.

Investigators found electrical arcing about the Boston battery and excessive current flowing between the battery and charger before it overheated and went out of control in what is called a "thermal runaway." (You don’t need to worry about a Thermal Runaway though….. just remember the Boeing chief has confidence. That should be enough for you)

"However, Boeing underestimated the more serious effects of an internal short-circuit," the NTSB said. (of course they did)

The board said its findings were urgent enough to recommend that the FAA: (Urgent….Smurgent)

• Develop tests to short-circuit one of the eight cells in a battery aboard a plane to see whether a thermal runaway spreads.

• Require Boeing and other manufacturers to conduct the tests on any permanently installed lithium-ion batteries aboard planes. (Testing is for sissy’s)

• Work with experts to develop standards for testing batteries.

• Review the methods that certified batteries on planes and possibly require more testing.

• Create a panel of independent technical experts to advise the FAA on certifying new technology.

The NTSB asked the FAA to respond to the recommendations within 90 days.

The approval, known as ETOPS, will allow airlines to fly routes that are up to 330 minutes, or 5-1/2 hours, away from a landing field.

(So when the “Out of Control - thermal runaway” happens over the Pacific Ocean you will only have to keep your fingers crossed for 5 ½ hours before you can land (and get away from that flying death trap. Good luck with that!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ballmer Just at Stupid After Microsoft......

Steve Ballmer - What a jacka**

2 BILLION DOLLARS for the LA Clippers. A team that was valued at 575 million this year.

I only heard Ballmer was interested an hour ago and he already signed a deal for more then any NBA teams has ever sold for. Almost as much as the Dallas Cowboys are worth. Remember this is the clippers. Not the Lakers. The Clippers. A team steeped in the tradition of sucking.

I mean wow…I thought Ballmer was a baffoon running Microsoft. I didn’t realize he could step it up further. This is going to be entertaining to watch.

Electricity going up and up and up......

The price of electricity in the State Of Connecticut is going up. They are blaming the increase on the cost of Natural Gas going up. Why is the price of Natural Gas going up? I thought they were fracking every square inch of the country, and obtaining record amounts of Natural Gas.

How could the price still be going up?

The price of Natural Gas keeps going up because President Obama (man of the people) keeps agreeing to allow Natural gas to be exported. This is done for the sole purpose of driving up the cost for American consumers. It also helps the US trade deficit appear better at your expense. Hey Look the economy is doing better because we are exporting more. Yippee.

Originally when energy costs were high we were told it was because they were not allowed to drill baby drill. We were told if they were allowed to drill baby drill there would be more energy and the price would come down. It was your fault the price was high….they said.

They clearly stated drill baby drill was an issue of National Security. The United States needed to become energy independent. If that was allowed we would all be the big winners.

So everyone stepped aside and the drill baby drilling proceeded. The environment got polluted. The energy appeared. But funny thing happened. The price is still going up and up and up and up.

No longer do we hear about energy independence…. because that will never be allowed to happen. The energy will continue to be manipulated to achieve their highest prices. The politicians will continue to pretend they don’t know why that is. The energy companies get rich. The politicians get rich. The consumer gets screwed 100% of the time. Screwed before Drill baby drill…….and Screwed after drill baby drill. The common denominator never changes. The consumer always gets screwed.

So enjoy your more expensive power bills Connecticut. You are paying more money, and receiving the same amount. That is always the goal. Take the money out of your bank account and put it in their bank account. At the same time give less in return.

You might want to send a thank you note to Obama. He is clearly looking out for you. Perhaps that is why his approval rating remains at record lows.

They will Never Find That Plane......

This is so embarrassing. Every time I think it can’t get more embarrassing it does.

The France Air crash took two years to find the wreckage and they knew where it went down. 

This Malaysian plane they don’t even know if they are looking in the correct ocean. It has been two months and they have zero wreckage. Nothing….Zilch. Not one piece of anything.

Every clue leads to another dead end. They have searched 329 square miles in an ocean that is 24.4 MILLION Square Miles.

They don’t even know for sure if it is in that ocean to begin with.

If they ever find this plane it won’t be for many, many, many years. I wouldn’t wait around your TV in anticipation.

Chinese Jerky Still Killing Dogs......

Chinese Jerky treats STILL killing dogs SEVEN years later……

The cause seems to be jerky treats made in China. Thousands of illnesses and more than 1,000 dog deaths have been linked to the treats since 2007, according to an ongoing investigation by the FDA.

the FDA reports that more than 5,500 dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds have been affected by gastrointestinal illness, as well as kidney and urinary issues, that are believed to originate from chicken jerky imported from China.

The FDA did not name the brands involved, (Why not?) and pet owners resolved to stop buying all treats made in China may have a hard time doing so. Pet treats do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient (Why not?)

"Packages that do not state on the label that they are made in another country may still contain ingredients sourced from China or other countries that export to the U.S.," said the FDA update.

While individual consumers may be left feeling somewhat powerless (you are), national pet retailer Petco has taken decisive action. (Decisive action is waiting 7 years to do something..... Nice work Petco)
Earlier this week, the company announced that it would stop carrying dog and cat treats from China in all 1,300 of its stores by the end of 2014. (The end of 2014 is 6 months away. How about stop selling them today)

"We know the FDA hasn’t yet identified a direct cause for the reported illnesses, but we decided the uncertainty of the situation outweighs the lack of actual proof," said Petco CEO Jim Myers in a statement.

Rival PetSmart told The Associated Press it also plans to stop selling treats from China by March 2015. (Another year of poisoning dogs.)

In the meantime, officials advise pet owners to monitor pets that are consuming jerky treats and to watch for signs of decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, or increased urination. (After you feed your dog tainted treats from China watch and see if they get sick…great idea)

The FDA has been working directly with the American Veterinary Medical Association to identify potential cases and is encouraging pet owners to submit complaints. (1000 dead dogs has not been enough. They need more)

Problems At Millstone...Again.

Problems at Millstone…….again!

operators worked to complete cleanup and repairs of two pressurized tanks for cooling water that ruptured after the unexpected shutdown of both reactors Sunday due to a power failure.(That doesn’t sound good. Why did the tanks rupture?)

this is the first time both reactors have had to shut down simultaneously.

the problem originated in a relay switch on the Connecticut Light & Power transmission lines

"We want to understand why we lost offsite power," Holt said. "We called in people over the holiday weekend to come in. Our equipment and operators responded as they were trained to." (Lets get back to why the tanks ruptured?)

emergency diesel generators automatically supplied power to keep reactor safety systems operating. (This is what DID NOT happen at Fukushima)

Millstone crews will have to clean up contaminated water that leaked from the ruptured tanks, as well as repair the pressurized tanks. (No really.....Why did the tanks rupture?)

the water that leaked had low levels of radioactivity and is "not much (Not much) danger to workers or the public." Still, he said, the fact that two leaks occurred in two different buildings in Unit 3 during the shutdown is cause for concern. (I agree...I am concerned)

"A relatively uncomplicated event became relatively complicated," Lochbaum said. "There were things that occurred that shouldn't have happened." (Like tanks ruptured)

He said it is not yet clear whether the problems were the result of equipment failures, design flaws, gaps in operator training or from operators not following proper procedures. (You better find out quick.)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

HP....16,000 more layoffs.

16,000 MORE layoffs at HP. This is on top of the 34,000 layoffs already planned.
In the story they talk about how CEO Meg Whitman is having “success”.
Sure sales are down..... but the stock is up 13.6%,
As I have said in the past…. in business you have two choices. 1) You can sell something. 2) You can cut something. There is no other choice.
Since they can’t sell anything at HP the only option is to cut. Cut your way to prosperity.
Then all the “experts” line to praise what a great job you are doing.
I am not sure why they are stopping at 16,000. Why not make it an even 20,000. The more the better. Lay everybody off. It is the way you build a successful economy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

9/11 Outrage.......

The new 9/11 museum is upsetting people by charging $24.00 for admission.  People are also upset there is a gift shop to buy souvenirs. 
The people responsible say there is no government money so they have no choice but to do these things. 
First……. even if they are not receiving government money, why can’t corporate America step up with some funding? 
The tenants of the World Trade Center were a who’s who of corporate Titans.  Not to mention Wall Street is only blocks away.  These corporations have deep pockets. One would hope they would be thrilled to help pay for a tribute to their fallen employees.
Furth more when 9/11 occurred President Bush pledged 25 Billion Dollars.
Where did that money go?
It cost $650 million to clean up the rubble.

It cost $700 million to build the two waterfall monuments and the new museum.
Total spending $11,750,000,000.
So where is the remaining $13,250,000,000? 
Seems to me there should be no reason this museum should cost the public any money.  My math shows the tax payers have already funded everything.  They just need to locate where the lost money went.

Right Wing beaten down by Corporate Dollars.......

It is a battle between Right Wing Ideology vs. corporate $$$$$. 

The Tea Party is all about Right Wing ideology. The establishment is all about corporate $$$$$$$.

Right wing Ideology wants less government spending. Corporations want more government spending, and they want to be the recipients of all of it.

Right wing Ideology doesn’t want illegal aliens to become legal. Corporations want as many illegal Aliens as possible (to replace their US workers). The more the better……and hurry up.

Corporations realized Right Wing Ideology was getting in the way of their $$$$$$. That cannot stand.

The supreme court said corporations can spend any amount of money to make sure their candidates get elected. That is exactly what they are doing.

They are going to spend, and spend, and spend, and spend, until Right Wing ideology gets in the back seat. $$$$$$ need to be driving the car at all times. It is imperative.

Right Wing Ideology is fine for speeches. It is fine for propaganda. But when it becomes policy it needs to be stopped. And it will be.

The most important thing (for corporations and politicians) is getting rid of US Workers. It is what drives everything happening in US politics. There will be no price too high to make sure it is a reality.

The US Chamber of Commerce is ready to spend 50 million dollars to ensure more US Jobs go bye bye.

A US Economy with no US workers is the goal. So if you are receiving a paycheck today….. you should be grateful. There are people working very hard to make that a short term issue.

If you think that is terrible than you better have 51 million to make your point heard. If you don’t….Then you lose.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

China Bans Windows 8......

China BANS Microsofts Windows 8 from Government computers. Microsoft is shocked.
Lets remember how we got here.
In 2007 Bill Gates bragged about what a success his China strategy was. He was a rock star in China.
Bill sold out to the Communist Chinese every way he possibly could. He gave up intellectual property. He gave up trade secrets. He accepted Chinese pirating. He assisted in further Chinese research and training. He lowered the price of Windows in China to almost nothing. He put at risk every US companies and government agency that use Microsoft products.
Hundreds of companies have since been relentlessly hacked by the Chinese government.
That hacking resulted in 5 indictments handed down yesterday against the Chinese military. An unprecedented occurrence.
The reward for all of Bills generosity and loyalty to the Communist Chinese is they have now banned his signature product. Thanks Bill….Now go f*ck yourself.
Was it worth it Bill?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Class of 2014...Good Luck.

Dear Class of 2014: We regret to inform you that the nation's job market continues to force college graduates to take jobs they're overqualified for, jobs outside their major, and generally delay their career to the detriment of at least a decade's worth of unearned wages. Good luck on your job search.

A job rejection letter to this year's graduates, who are supposed to be starting their first truly independent adult years, might as well go something like that.

Seniors who graduate over the next several weeks are poised to be yet another product of a depressing economic cycle that isn't their fault but that they may never fully recover from.

They and other recent graduating classes entered college and subsequently the labor market amid a panoply of converging circumstances that will inevitably set them back: rising tuition, their parents' decreasing ability to pay that tuition, fewer jobs after graduation and lower wages for the jobs that are available.

"the Class of 2014 will be the sixth consecutive graduating class to enter the labor market during a period of profound weakness."

High unemployment for young adults during and after recessions is not a new phenomenon. Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by the EPI show that the unemployment rate for those under 25 is typically at least twice the national average, because they are so new to the job market, lack experience and may be the first let go when a company has to downsize in hard economic times. Previous generations didn't experience the fallout as harshly or for nearly as long as the current one, 

"It's never been this bad," she says. "How long we've had elevated unemployment is unprecedented."

In the two years since Rebecca Mersiowsky graduated from Radford University in Radford, Va., she's worked at a beach club on Martha's Vineyard, as a substitute teacher in Fredericksburg, Va., and as a sales associate at a boutique in Boston, where she lives now.
The 24 year-old, who graduated with a degree in communication, has had no luck finding a job in public relations.
She convinced her employer at the boutique in Beacon Hill to let her take on the shop's blog and social media. She works up to 35 hours a week as a sales associate and blogger, but the shop can't afford to hire her full-time.
"I don't think frustrated even begins to describe it," Mersiowsky says of her plight. "It's really scary when I think about my graduating class and how now, two more of those classes have come out and have entered the workforce and that puts me behind them. I feel like I am being set back with every passing day."
As so many students approach graduation without a job, moving back home has become a given, as opposed to a last resort.
Remember in 2008 when Obama said he was going to fix all this nonsense……Remember that?  Everyone cheered….Yay the new guy is going to fix everything.  Well it is now 2014 and NOTHING has been fixed.  Nothing is going to be fixed either.  He isn’t even trying.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tent Cities The New American Dream.......

The result of Corporate America getting rid of all their US workers is American’s can’t pay their mortgages.  Or their rent. 

The result of this solid policy is Americans are forced to go buy a tent.  Then they climb down the side of the highway (with all the other unemployed American)s and set up tent cities.  These are popping up everywhere.  Not in some far away land either…..but right here in New Jersey, or Hawaii, or Alaska, or California, or Connecticut.  Tent cities are fashionable anywhere.

Cities and towns are not happy and are doing their best to drive them all out.  First the politicians take away the jobs.  Then they take away the tents.  It is all part of the American Dream I guess. 

God Bless America.

1 H1B Visa = 2 lost US Jobs....Yay!!!!!!

The way the H1B Visa program has worked thus far is one H1B visa holder replaces 1 US worker.

It is a good deal. Get rid of those scum bag American workers as fast as you can.

Corporations save thousands per employee. Companies more profitable. US Economy falls to sh*t.

But now Obama wants to speed up the process. Under his new plan an H1B visa holder will be able to bring their spouse, who can also steal US jobs. Isn’t that great?

So (if it passes….which of course it will) one H1B visa holder will eliminate 2 US Workers. Get more bang for your buck.

Corporations love the idea. Democrats love the idea. Republicans love the idea.

Anytime you can send US workers to the unemployment line it is a good day for America.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hamas is the terrorist organization in control of the Gaza Strip. Fatah is the political party in control of the West Bank. 

Hamas and Fatah do not like each other.

Fatah pretends a peace agreement with Israel is possible. They are willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist…… if only Israel would stop building new settlements in the West Bank.

Israel is not willing to stop building them.

Hamas (on the other hand) has no intention of ever recognizing Israel’s right to exist. They want Israel erased from the map, and the Jews driven out.

The problem with Hamas is they have no friends.

The Gaza Strip shares a border with Israel (who hates them). It also shares a border with Egypt (who also hates them).

When Egypt was controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas is an offshoot of The Muslim Brotherhood) Hamas was sitting pretty. They received lots of money and weapons through the Egyptian border.

Once the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim brotherhood, they also cracked down on the Gaza border. They closed all the smuggling tunnels, and tightly controlled the crossings. They also rounded up hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members and are threatening executions.

These Egyptian acts have strengthened the Egyptian Israeli relationship (at the expense of Hamas).

The Egyptian crackdown has basically brought Hamas to their knees. Hamas cannot currently make their payroll. Hamas officials are receiving half the pay they are supposed to receive.

At one time Hamas was supported by Iran. Iran would smuggle suitcases of cash through Egypt. But Hamas (who never miss an opportunity to pick the wrong side) decided to support the uprising in Syria (against Assad). This angered Iran (who supports Assad) and the Iranian money dried up. Oops!

Hamas also sent fighters into Syria to help overthrow Assad. Those fighters ended up fighting against Hezbollah Fighters (from Lebanon) funded by Iran. It was one Palestinian terror organization, fighting against another Palestinian terror organization. This also did not please Iran.

One of the reasons the USA is hesitant about arming the Syrian opposition is because they don’t want the weapons to end up with Hamas.

In the end Hamas was the big loser. Israel hates them. Egypt hates them. Syria hates them. Iran hates them. Hezbollah hates them. Oh and Fatah also hates them.

Realizing they have no friends (anywhere) they decided (to survive) they needed to find a friend quick.

Hence why we now see Hamas trying to reconcile with Fatah. They have no other choice.

Fatah figures this is their chance to unify the West Bank and The Gaza Strip. They figure with Hamas weakened they can unify and remain in power.

One of the knocks on Fatah has been they do not represent all Palestinians. This reconciliation effort is hoped to fix that perception. But it is also a tightrope because getting too cozy with Hamas could dry up money flowing to Fatah.

Western countries do not want to be seen supporting terrorist organizations. So Fatah needs to be careful.

If the reconciliation is successful the Palestinians hope more recognition from the United Nations would follow. Then they could bypass Israel altogether on the way to their state. At least that is their hope.

Israel (who wouldn’t stop building settlements when Fatah and Hamas didn’t get along) now blames this attempted reconciliation for why the peace process will be put on hold.

See Israel has no real incentive to change the status quo. The security wall around the West Bank (and Gaza) has prevented terrorists from entering Israel. The Iron Dome missile defense has diminished the effectiveness of Hamas rockets.

Now that the terrorist threat has been diminished there is no real urgency. Unless Iran shows up with a nuclear bomb (which they might) the current situation will not change anytime soon.

Netanyahu has no interest in seeing a Palestinian state. He just wants the current situation to drag on.

The Palestinians are afraid of settling on a bad deal, so this causes them to accept no deal.

The deals that the Palestinians have been offered (over the years) and turned down are much better than anything they will get going forward. The ship keeps sailing and they keep missing it.

The more they have held out for a better deal, the worse their deal has gotten. Their problem is they don’t know when to call it a day. It is like the gambler who stays at the roulette table trying to win back the money they lost. It never works.

But since many Palestinians don’t want a deal (at all) anyway…..they just want Israel to go away….nobody should expect much to change.

A peace deal could easily be reached if all the parties were serious. The problem is none of the parties are serious. The Israelis are not serious. The Palestinians (in Fatah) are not serious. The Palestinians (in Hamas) are not serious.

So it should be no surprise when three parties (who are all not serious) can’t reach their stated goal of peace.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

General Shinseki......

General Eric Shinseki is a retired 4 star General who is currently the head of the VA (Veterans Administration).

Eric is currently under withering attack from Republicans because of major issues within the VA. The main problem is long wait times to see a doctor. Some have even died waiting.

So what is REALLY going on here…….

Republicans HATE Eric Shinseki because (in 2003) he testified before congress regarding the pending Iraq war.

He stated The Bush war plan did not have enough troops to successfully execute the war.

Shinseki said Hundreds of thousands more troops would be needed, and the current plan would fail.

Rumsfeld, Bush and the rest of the Republicans mocked the assessment.

Shinseki became Republican enemy #1.

In the end Shinseki was correct, and the Bush plan failed miserably. More troops were needed.

Years later Bush took bows for coming up with the “ The Surge”……

more troops……. What a novel idea. Bush was hailed (by the Republicans) as a strategic thinker.

In November 2013 the Republicans shut down the government. Shinseki told congress that action would create a worse back log for the VA……. Republicans didn’t care.

“If the shutdown doesn't end soon, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department won't be able to ensure that checks go out on Nov. 1 for 5.18 million beneficiaries, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki told House Veterans' Affairs Committee. That amounts to $6.25 billion in payments that VA beneficiaries are expecting.”

“Already the VA has furloughed more than 7,800 employees, Shinseki, half of whom are veterans. While the VA has in the last six months made progress on reducing its disability claims backlog, the shutdown has reversed that progress, with the number of backlogged claims increasing by 2,000 since Oct. 1.”

"We've lost ground we fought hard to take," said Shinseki, who at multiple points in his testimony to Congress used military analogies to explain the challenges his department is facing.”

In Feb 2014 Republicans voted down more funding for the VA. Funding that would have built 22 new hospitals (and help the growing back log. Republicans didn’t care.

“U.S. Senate Republicans blocked legislation on Thursday that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans, saying the $24 billion bill would bust the budget.”

“the measure would have brought the most significant changes in decades to U.S. veterans' programs. For example, it called for 27 new medical facilities to help a healthcare system that is strained by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.”

Here we are in May with Republicans appalled that there is a back log and people are dying….Really?

Now they want Shinseki’s head on a platter. Really?

Republicans didn’t care about the troops in 2003 (when they didn’t send enough).

Republicans didn’t care about the troops when they shut down the government.

Republicans didn’t care about the troops when they denied additional funding…..

But when there is a political vendetta…..Republicans will tell you all about how they care.

All these soldiers need medical attention (today) because Republicans started a war that wasn’t necessary,(and was poorly executed) in 2003.

None of it would be the case if they listened to Shinseki in the first place.

Yet somehow now it is his fault.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Antibiotics Problem.....

All over the news there are stories about the antibiotics crisis. Quickly antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, as bacteria are becoming immune.

The problem is bigger then just doctors prescribing (and patients requesting) antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle.

The real problem is Pharmaceutical companies are not putting a lot of money into researching new antibiotics.

Antibiotics do not make pharmaceutical companies a lot of money. They are sold cheap and are only taken 5,7, 10 days. That is useless to a pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical companies want to research medicine you take every day for the rest of your life. It is all about Maintenance drugs. The last thing a pharmaceutical company wants to do is cure a disease. That would be a terrible business plan.

The goal is to treat (and continue treating) endlessly. Every month you (or your insurance company) send big pharma a big check. That is the plan that makes Wall Street sing and dance.

Curing diseases might make for a feel good story on the evening news but controlling Cholesterol with one pill a day (forever) is what drives capitalism.

So curing Super bugs will have to come from somewhere else.

Fukushima And The Radioactive Tuna....

When Fukushima first happened they banned fishing within 12 miles of the power plant. Said everything else would be fine. 

Later they announced radioactive water was leaking into the Pacific Ocean BUT the Pacific Ocean is really, really big. So don’t even worry about it. It is nothing.

Now it is 2014 and they are announcing fish they caught off Oregon in 2008 – 2012 had detectable levels of Radiation. But it was very small. Nothing you need to worry about. Feed it to your kids. It is fine.

They also mention the fish caught in 2012 had TRIPLE the levels of radiation compared to the fish caught a year earlier. Again it is all completely fine. You just mind your business.

Well if the level of radiation tripled in 2012…… what does that mean for the fish being caught today in 2014? The radioactive water has been pouring into the ocean every day for 3 years now. So it is reasonable to think that if it tripled in 2012… 2014 it will be a lot higher still.

But they are always quick to say it is nothing. You really don’t need to worry. You would have to eat 700,000 pounds for it to have any effect. Really…..

Then they throw in…..

"You can’t say there is absolutely zero risk because any radiation is assumed to carry at least some small risk," Why can’t they? If I need to eat 700,000 pounds..... and I don’t eat 700,000 pounds then I should be completely safe. Yet they won’t say that. Wonder why?

Microsoft Still Putting Country at Risk

More victims of Microsoft’s crummy outsourced programming which is putting our country at risk.

Hackers have attacked the government agencies, defense contractors, energy companies and banks by exploiting the software flaw in Internet Explorer
The cyber offensive has been dubbed "Operation Clandestine Fox," and affects all versions of Microsoft's Web browser.

hackers are now specifically targeting older computers running on the outdated Windows XP operating system and those using the Internet Explorer 8 version of the browser.

Among those still using Windows XP are the Defense Department, the IRS, and bank ATMs.

That's a problem, because Microsoft has taken its 12-year-old operating system off life-support, ceasing security updates (although it did, in this case, apply an update to Windows XP).

An attack like Clandestine Fox is of the more serious variety -- a cyber reconnaissance mission by a foreign government that reveals weaknesses in industries crucial to the United States' economy, defenses and power.

It targeted power plants, banks, government agencies and military technology, which is essentially a precursor for war, said David Kennedy, CEO of security consulting firm TrustedSec.

"They're going after the core critical infrastructure of the United States, so in the event of a war, they can take it down," Kennedy said. "The scary part is that the financial sector and energy are extremely vulnerable."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

US Economy Will No Longer Be #1.....

For the first time in 142 years the United States Economy will soon no longer be #1 in the world.
ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY TWO consecutive years.
The “experts” predicted it would take (corporate America) until 2019 to send the US economy to second place.
Corporate America is much more efficient at killing US jobs, and sending all the work to Communist Red China, then the experts realized. They are going to get it done 5 years earlier then predicted.
Corporations must be so proud. It is not easy to destroy the #1 economy….. but they did it. YAY!
In boardrooms across America the Champaign glasses must be clinking together in celebration.
Yes we are all truly living through historic times.
Your grand parents had only known a world where the US economy was #1.
Your great, great, grandparents had only known a world where the US economy was #1.
Your great, great, great grandparents had only known a world where the US economy was #1.
Well you will have no such issue.
Unless you remember the administration of Ulysses S Grant, then you have no idea what the world is like with the USA not being #1. But you will soon.
The last time it happened people got around on horses. If you wanted to go to England, you got on a boat, and it took weeks. The Titanic was a futuristic boat that would not be built for many decades.
It was a long time ago.
In future years, when you bounce your grand child (on your knee) you can tell them you remember the year the US economy officially went over the cliff. Your grand kids will stare up at you with amazement. “You remember that grandpa?”
Remember the first Star Wars movie when Luke Skywalker meets Old Ben and he calls him Obi Wan for the first time. Old Ben is stunned, and he sits back and says “That is a name I have not heard in a long long time”
That is going to be your response when your grand kid asks what the “middle class” was? You will have the same shocked response. “The Middle Class…That is something I have not seen in a long, long time.”
Yes the last 4 years have been truly amazing.
We have seen the first down grade in the US Credit rating ever.
We have seen the first major US city file for bankruptcy ever.
We have seen the end of the US manned space program. (There is nothing more impressive then a space program that can’t get to space.)
We have seen the American Middle Class no longer be the worlds richest. Now Canada’s is.
Now we will see a large communist dictatorship take over the #1 spot as the worlds economic super power.
The Barack Obama Presidential Library is going to be a historic treasure. One room after the next will highlight the decline of our country.
Anyway…….Thanks corporate America. Thanks Republicans and Democrats. You guys have been doing a tremendous job. You should all be very proud.

Highways Tolls Are On Their Way.....Get Ready.

It is a free country…
Unless you get on the highway. Then you better bring your wallet because Obama wants more of your money.
He is concerned the highways are falling apart and the government isn’t collecting enough money to fix them. Even though his 800 billion dollar stimulus was supposed to repair crumbling infrastructure (and create jobs) it actually did neither.
What is the problem?
Well A decade ago when oil companies decided to move the price from $1.28 to $3.70, this caused everyone to trade in their gas guzzling SUV.
The result is the country is using less gas and the .18 Federal gas tax is no longer covering all the road work .
The oil companies still made out fine though. Please don't lose sleep over them. If they sell 20 gallons @ $1.28 =$25.60. Or they sell 10 gallons at $3.70 =$37.00. Great deal for them. They sell less product and get more money. Awesome!
Instead of Obama closing the tax loophole on oil company's (and retrieving the lost revenue that way) he would prefer you pay the difference.
So every time you get on the highway get ready.
And......When the 18 wheeler carrying your groceries (to the super market) has to pass through a toll booth 17 times on it’s way across the country........ guess where that cost is going to be passed along to too.