Friday, January 31, 2014

Stocks Drop 5% in One Month.......

Dow drops 5% in one month. Capitalism without Government Welfare is not a pretty sight. 

From 52 record high closes in 2013 with lots of government welfare. To a steady drop once the tap begins to close. You think this is bad wait until the tap is completely shut off.

NY Giants In Trouble.....

The Giants are making headlines for all the wrong reasons during this Super Bowl week. A Super Bowl they are hosting. 

Numerous headlines about The Giants participating in shady activities behind the scenes.

So how do they stem the tide? Well try and change the topic as quickly as possible. The fastest way is to send the Vice President of Communications out to pick a fight with Deion Sanders.

Hopefully that will distract people.

Prostitution Party Packs......

If you are going to order Cocaine and Prostitutes for your Super Bowl Party it only makes sense to order the “Party Pack”.

IBM Liquidating.....

Last week IBM sold off their server business to Lenovo in Communist Red China. This followed 10 years earlier when IBM sold off their PC business to the Chinese. With the PC business the Chinese have done very well. 

Today we learn Google is selling off Motorola (a historic American brand) to Lenovo as well. Google is losing Billions of dollars on the deal. They just bought Mororola last year. They wanted to steal all Motorolas cell phone patents. Now they have them so they can sell out to the Chinese.

This is all part of the economic recovery that Obama keeps tells us about. Nothing says economic prosperity like Communist China owning everything.

God Bless America!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stocks Heading a South......

Last month the Federal Reserve announced Welfare for Wall Street would be tapered off.

This month Wall Street only received $75,000,000,000.00, (instead of 85) and next month they will only receive $65,000,000,000.00. How are Billionaires supposed to feed their families? This news has been met with a month of steady selling. The Billionaires are panicking.

After all if investors can’t count on tax payers (to continue filling their bank accounts) that means investors will have to rely on the actual economy. Try not to laugh. You know the real economy which hires nobody….. and makes nothing. How is that going to provide growth?

Since everyone knows the actual economy is dead (they just haven’t put the toe tag on yet) the only logical thing for investors to do is head for the exits. And they are.

Today the biggest drag on the Dow was Boeing.

Boeing announced they would make less money in the future then they previously stated. Why would that be???? Such a mystery….. After all Boeing has the Dreamliner which was supposed to lead the way to greater prosperity.

That tribute to offshoring which is guaranteed to work flawlessly for exactly 4 ½ minutes. After that parts fall off or it starts on fire.

I can’t believe that would lead to less money coming in.

See when the Dreamliner stinks that brings down Boeing stock. When Boeing stock goes down the entire Dow Jones goes down. Isn’t offshoring great? This is actual trickle down.

If only someone could have seen this coming….If only someone could have warned people that Boeing was not the place to put their money. Someone with that kind of insight must be super smart. If only someone like that existed maybe they could post stuff about it on the web. Then others would know what was really going on too.

The real interesting part of all of this will be if the selling continues. What will the Fed do? Will she put the pacifier back in the babies mouth? Or will she let the baby cry a bit.

When Billionaires cry it is real loud and annoying. My guess is the Fed will start up the printing presses once again. What other choice is there? Hire people……LOL.

If the actual economy is dead…. and the make believe economy (stock market) is also dead…..Well that is just not going to go over well.

So make some popcorn and enjoy the show. Should get real interesting.

Yahoo Failing....

Yahoo…..Despite having a rock star CEO who continues to push for more and more foreign replacement workers. The results she is delivering are consistently not very good.

Sales down 6%

Quarterly profit down 8%

The COO was fired…… When the CEO’s strategy is a complete failure it is important to fire people (below you). Makes it look like you have a plan. Even though the results show otherwise.

Food Stamps No. Corporate Farms you bet ya.....

In November Congress cut food stamp by 5 Billion. To heck with the poor. 

Today Congress cut food stamps an additional 8.6 Billion……. while at the same time increasing the taxpayer provided welfare going to corporate farms.

Take the money from the poor…… and hand it to rich. Robin Hood would be appalled.

Corporate Farms can then take the free money and continue to feed us genetically modified foods….. and lots of High Fructose Corn Syrup. This will insure you and your family remain nice and obese.

Without tax payer provided welfare corn wouldn’t be so cheap. Food manufactures might choose to use all natural sugar. But with these free tax dollars that won’t be happening.

So when you get on the scale and realize you are a giant beast….well you can thank congress.

Meanwhile if you are unemployed (because congress clapped as all the jobs left the country) and you need extended unemployment insurance you can go to h*ll.

And If you need food stamps to feed your family because everything says Made in China…..Well you can go to H*ll again.

And If you think Democrats will come to the rescue of the poor……Well you would be wrong. Democrats agree with Republicans…….Welfare for corporations is a yes. Welfare for poor people is a No.

And people say Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on anything. They should really look again.

The Demise Of The Middle Class....

Outlining the many failures of Barack Obama. There are many.

The grade for Obamas handling of the economy - F

Saturday, January 25, 2014

JP Morgan Rewards Corruption......

JP Morgan……a company that was forced to pay BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS in fines for shady business practices……. is celebrating by giving their CEO a 74% Pay increase.

Isn’t everyone getting a 74% pay increase this year? Isn’t that common practice for all workers. Especially when you do a terrible job.

Regulations Solve The Gun Problem.....

See the government doesn’t need to ban guns. Guns can remain legal. Just pass a bunch of regulations that the gun manufactures will detest and the guns will go away on their own. It is a beautiful thing. 

Once again the proper regulations fix everything.

The 2nd amendment is not impacted and guns go away. It is a win win for everyone.

I hope this idea catches on everywhere.

Violence Against Woman In India.......

Violence against woman in India is out of control. 

This is the third story I have read in the last 7 days on Woman getting gang raped in India. The past two happened on public transportation and foreigners were the victims. 

Now there is this.

The episode began on Monday when Khaliq Sheikh, the man from a different village, asked the young woman to marry him, and she accepted his proposal, the police said. When Balai Mardi, the chief of the village, heard about it, he quickly sought to block the marriage.

According to local news media accounts, villagers went to the young woman’s house and detained Mr. Sheikh, and the next day, he and the young woman were taken to the village square, tied to separate trees and accused of breaking tribal rules.
Mr. Mardi ordered the couple to pay fines totaling 27,000 rupees, or about $442, Mr. Yadav said in a telephone interview. Mr. Sheikh paid his portion and was allowed to leave, but when the young woman’s family refused to pay, Mr. Mardi ordered villagers “to enjoy her,” said a police officer who spoke on condition that he not be named.

She was then raped repeatedly in Mr. Mardi’s mud-and-thatch hut, according to local media reports.

Mr. Mardi told the young woman and her family that if they reported the rapes to the police, the village elders would burn their house down, Mr. Yadav said. They went to the police anyway on Wednesday, and within hours Mr. Mardi and 12 other suspects were arrested, he said.

The chief of police in the area, Sidh Nath Gupta, said that the 13 suspects were charged with rape, wrongful confinement, verbal threats and assault. The victim has been admitted to a local hospital, where she is in stable condition, Mr. Gupta said.
Sunil Soren, a tribal leader from a nearby village, insisted in a telephone interview that people in the area “respect our women a lot.” But he said that Mr. Sheikh and the young woman were “in an objectionable situation,” and that such incidents “pollute the minds of youngsters.”

85 VS. 3.5 Billion. 85 is winning.......

The richest 85 people control the same wealth as half the planets population……


That is 85 people compared with 3.5 billion.

The top 1% control $110,000,000,000,000.00. 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world's population.

The top 85 people control $1,700,000,000,000.00

“the political response to the global financial crisis - including the actions of central banks and the austerity measures introduced by national governments - has made the rich fabulously richer.”

“In the US, the wealthiest 1 per cent of the population grabbed 95 per cent of post-financial crisis growth between 2009 and 2012, while the bottom 90 per cent became poorer.”

“an Oxfam survey of six countries - the United States, UK, Spain, Brazil, India and South Africa - has found that the majority of people believe laws and regulations are skewed in favour of the rich, so people are noticing.” (People are noticing but nothing is changind…..)

''Given the scale of rising wealth concentrations, opportunity capture and unequal political representation are a serious and worrying trend,'' the report says. (Ya think?)

''This massive concentration of economic resources in the hands of fewer people presents a significant threat to inclusive political and economic systems.'' (Ya think?)

Economists say the rise in global inequality is not surprising. (Why would it be surprising….It was planned.)

The US Federal Reserve's multibillion-dollar bond-buying program was singled out as a major driver of the increase in wealth inequality. (Welfare for the rich….. works perfectly every time, despite what the Republicans say. Take it from the regular people and hand it over to the rich people. Then you are done.)

"The distribution of wealth has been widening, both before and after the financial crisis,'' Bank of America chief economist Saul Eslake said.

''And although I don't criticise the policies on these grounds, I think it's fairly apparent that the policies that are being pursued, particularly by central banks, in an attempt to revive major advanced economies after the financial crisis, have probably contributed to widening the distribution of wealth.'' (Ya think?)

Snowden Right...Government Wrong....

So it is official. Edward Snowden right. US Government Wrong.

So when is Edward going to be welcomed back to the United States and treated to a ticker tape parade down the canyon of heros in NYC?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dreamliner gushing Fuel onto the runway......

Jet fuel pouring out of the wing of a Dreamliner…….Is anyone really surprised? Anyone at all? 

Raise your hand if you are surprised by a malfunctioning Dreamliner.

This is just a normal daily occurrence . 

The positive effects of outsourcing on display week after week. One embarrassment after the next for 6 + years.

All you have to do is buy a ticket. Get onboard and look out your window. Oh there it is…….Jet fuel gushing out of the wing.

Boeing outsourcing = quality.

Personally I just can’t get enough. I can’t wait to read about the next screwup. I am positive I won’t have to wait long.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Microsofts Downward Spiral.....

Microsoft running away from Windows 8.  Those super smart Offshore programmers again produced a product that nobody liked.

The timeline on Microsoft’s downward spiral.

1997 Bill Gates bragging about India being the future of software development.  No mention of not being able to find qualified people in American.  In 1997 the Internet Bubble was underway and it was happy times.

2005 Microsoft invested billions more in India.  They had 4000 employees alreaady and were looking to add 3000 more.

In 2007 Windows Vista came out and everyone hated it.  HATED IT!!!!!!!! That India investment was NOT paying off.

2008 Bill Gates goes to congress to plead for more H1B replacement workers.  Americans are all idiots and his company needed to replace them as fast as possible.

In 2009 Microsoft began laying off 5000 employees (mostly in America).  Even though Bill Gates said he couldn’t find enough (1 year earlier) he was now dumping American workers by the thousands.  No need for American programmers when they had new ones in India (who were cheaper).  The Americans could pack their desk and get out.

In 2009 realizing Microsofts best days were over…… Bill Gates started dumping his Microsoft stock wholesale.  He was determined to not go down with the sinking ship he created.

In the years following the big tilt towards India…… Microsoft unveiled many new products.  Most were complete failures–

With the exception of X Box and moderate success of Windows 7 (people still preferred XP)

Microsoft came out with Windows phone.  Nobody cared. 
Microsoft came out with the Zune.  Nobody cared.
Microsoft came out with the Surface.  Nobody cared.
Microsoft came out with Lumia.  Nobody cared.
Microsoft came out with Windows 8.  Everyone hated it.  Nobody cared.

Microsoft is now back peddling on Windows 8 as fast as they can (Just like they did with Vista).  They are trying to get away from it (and get to Windows 9) as fast as possible.

All this lack of success resulted in Steve Ballmer (The longtime CEO) being driven from the company.  His leadership was a colossal failure.  The shift to India had driven the company completely into the ground.  It was supposed to bring brighter days but it did just the opposite.

Everyone should note that nobody is running to become the new CEO of Microsoft either. It has been months and the position remains vacant.  They should look in India.

Before the India idea Microsoft was the biggest, wealthiest, most successful company on the planet.  Today they are not any of those things anymore.

Meanwhile Microsoft is looking for more H1B visas because they claim (lie) they can’t find anyone here.  Some people NEVER learn.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dreamliner problems.....They never end.

The solution of taking the raging inferno batteries and shoving them in a steel fire box with an exhaust pipe didn’t make the problem disappear…..Wow who could have seen that coming.  I thought for sure the cross your fingers engineering method was going to be the end of the problem.

I hope Boeing doesn’t spend too much time on the burning batteries because the wings are also falling apart after just18 months of use. 

And we are not done yet…..Also the windshields are cracking.

“These signs of "premature aging" have now led airlines using the Dreamliner, like AI, if Boeing has had serious quality issues with the plane. "The plane was delayed by years and Boeing was required to pay penalty to airlines for that. They have hurried up and outsourced a lot of jobs to China for cost control. The effect on quality is showing," said a pilot. “

Aviation minister Ajit Singh had last month said that AI's Dreamliner fleet had suffered 136 'minor' technical problems between their delivery since September, 2012, and November, 2013. 

136 problems in 14 months is called a lemon.


Ah Outsourcing.  It is just terrific.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Honeywell In trouble with the Feds Over Made In China Parts For The F-35

Even when there is a Federal Law prohibiting jobs from being sent to Communist Red China corporations still find a way to thumb their nose at the idea. 

National security…They don’t care.  Wasting tax payers money….They don’t care.

The F-35 was supposed to save taxpayers money.  It went from saving money to being the most expensive weapons system on the books.  And it is still not ready yet. 

Years behind schedule and Billions over budget and now we find out parts are coming from China. 

China the country it is being build to defend against.

The idea behind the F-35 was to make one plane that all the branches of the defense department could use. 

Instead of the Air Force developing a plane, and the Navy developing a plane, and the Marines developing a plane, they would instead pool their resources and develop one plane that met all their needs.  The shared development costs, and the high production numbers would drive down costs.  That was the idea. 

The reality is making one plane that meets every ones needs is a lot more complicated. A plane that can take off and land on a carrier, and the same basic plane that can vertically take off like a Harrier is not an easy thing.  Add in all the outsourcing to 1300 different suppliers and it quickly deteriorated into a giant mess. 

They spread the manufacturing work into as many congressional districts as they could hoping more congressman would defend the project from the budget axe.  The reality is the more suppliers meant more companies looking to profit at the government trough.  This caused spiraling costs, missed deadlines, and failed deliveries. 

Today what you have is a giant boondoggle of wasted money.

The solution to Honeywell making parts in China is to send the FBI over to Honeywell Headquarters and storm the building.  March the CEO in handcuffs out of the building wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.  Make sure he is shackled from head to toe.  Invite the media to be there with cameras rolling.  Then toss him into Federal Prison.  Take the video tape of the raid and send it to the other 1299 suppliers of the F-35.  That should take care of the manufacturing in China problem.

Of course that won’t happen because the CEO of Honeywell is David Cote who is a great friend of President Obama.  If you look at the invitation list from any of Obamas state dinners (including the one he had for Communist Red China) David Cotes name is always present.

It is still a nice thought.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deregulate at your own risk......

Politicians and Corporations love to talk about getting rid of regulations. Regulations are the problem. Regulations slow down economic growth and cost people jobs. The way to grow the economy is to get rid of all the regulations. 

That all sounds fantastic right up until the millions of gallons of toxic chemicals are dumped into the local water supply. Then suddenly everyone wants to know why there aren’t more regulations.

300,000 homes in West Virginia now have toxic chemical laden water. They can’t drink it. They can’t shower with it. They can’t wash their clothes. They can’t wash their dishes.

Regulations might slow some economic activity but what does millions of gallons of chemicals do? How are property values now looking in West Virginia? Ever try to sell a home that has a toxic water supply? How about the local businesses. Ever try and run a restaurant with no useable water? How is their economic outlook looking in this deregulated world.

Giants Stadium holds 82,000 people. This disaster is Giants Stadium multiplied by 3+.

People can say all they want about how we have too many regulations. I have 300,000 examples why we could use a couple of more.

Oh and if this is what they were talking about when they said coal is now “Clean Coal”…….then never mind. I am still not interested.

Accenture To The Rescue......

C G I Federal the failed outsourcing company that bungled the Obama Care website has been fired by The Obama administration. 

CGI was paid 1 Billion for their complete failure. Outside technology experts who looked at their work have stated it should have only costed 10 million dollars. That is a pretty big overcharge. But hey it is only taxpayer money. 

Hired to replace CGI is Accenture. Accenture is one of the largest outsource firms in the world. They employ 80,000 people in India.

Accenture used to be Arthur Anderson. Arthur Anderson was the accounting Firm responsible for auditing Enron.

Enron was the 5th largest company in the United States build completely on fraud.

When the Enron fraud was discovered and company imploded Arthur Anderson was left with dog sh*t as a reputation.

To solve this problem Arthur Anderson spun off into Accenture.

This was done in hopes nobody would remember the Enron debacle.

It must have worked because now the Obama administration is counting on Accenture to clean up the CGI Federal mess.

Will they be successful? Luckily the bar is set really low. Any success at all will be cause for a ticker tape parade through the streets of DC.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Retailers doing poorly.....

Retailers opened on Thanksgiving (ruining the holiday for their workers) for the goal of making more money. 

They failed. 

Despite store shelves being full of merchandise made in China they were unable to convince unemployed Americans to spend on it. Wall Street is DISMAYED by the results. Funny because Wall Street was thrilled when all the jobs left.

Yay…. this will make companies more competitive.

Funny how that never actually translates into better sales numbers. These Wall Street investors should really get a clue.

No jobs = No sales. Basic math. My 6 year old could figure it out.

Jobs numbers are dismal.

Targets Dishonesty Continues......

When Target originally announced their sub par offshored programming allowed 40 million credit cards to be stolen it was a jaw dropping number. 

Of course it was a dishonest number because then it was revealed that is was actually 70 million. 

But of course that was dishonest number too because now it is up to 110 Million. 

Corporations being dishonest….Hard to believe I know.

Now we learn -

“Not only did Target’s announcement on Friday disclose a vastly expanded universe of credit and debit theft victims, but it revealed that the hackers stole a broader trove of data than originally reported. The company now says that other kinds of information were taken, including mailing and email addresses, phone numbers and names.”

“Target still has not explained how hackers accessed the data, saying it remains under investigation.”

I can explain it. The NY Times should call me. I can explain the whole thing. Target wanted to save money so they outsourced their programming. The result was the programming was sub par and hackers easily went in and took whatever they liked. It is the same story I have read 1 billion times before. Target isn’t anxious to come forward and reveal this info because it is real embarrassing. I have no problem revealing it though. I can tell you all about it.

Immigration Reform.....Set and ready to go.

On December 16th  I posted about Technology CEO’s meeting with Obama and pretending to discuss ObamaCare Sign ups.  I told you that was complete nonsense and they were really talking about Immigration reform.  Specifically more guest workers to replace American workers.  

I predicted in the coming weeks Immigration reform would be back in the headlines.
Well here we are…… exactly as I predicted….. Immigration reform all over the headlines.  I told you what was coming.   I told you when it was coming.   I was right on both counts.  

So the US Chamber of Commerce is ALL IN on replacing American workers.  They will spare no expense to make “immigration reform” a reality. 

Let’s think about that for a moment…..Why would the US Chamber Of Commerce (The largest, most powerful corporate lobbying firm in Washington) care about the plight of illegal immigrants? 

Is it because they are concerned for their well-being?  They feel bad illegal immigrants risked their lives crossing the Arizona Dessert and hope they can stay?  Let’s put a percentage on that possibility……  I would say 0% the Chamber cares. 

Could it be because companies (that are represented by the Chamber) want to exploit illegal aliens as low cost replacement workers?  Could it be companies don’t want to have to worry about federal agents hauling their illegal workers away? 

More importantly could it be companies don’t want to be held responsible for hiring illegals.  Since that is still a crime.  Let’s put a percentage on that possibility……  I would say 100%.

“But some advocates of reform are beginning to rally around an idea to grant immigrants legal status in the U.S. and leave the question of citizenship out of the legislation. In other words, they can work, but not vote.”

Let me explain this to you.  

Republicans CANNOT back illegal aliens becoming US Citizens.  The Tea Party won’t allow it….. nor would Republican common sense.  

The problem Republicans have is Latino voters usually don’t vote for Republicans.  Latino voters vote for Democrats…… so if Republicans agree to make 15 Million illegal Aliens into US Citizens they will then get to vote.  That is 15 million potential votes against Republicans.  Republicans will never agree to that. 

But Republicans have another problem.  Corporate American REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wants to replace their American Workers.  Corporations pay for elections.  So Corporations get whatever they want 100% of the time.  Republicans have to please these rich campaign donors.

The solution is they won’t make illegal aliens Citizens…… but they will allow them to stay in the country and work legally.  That way everyone wins (except American workers……American workers never win).  Republicans get to please their corporate Masters.  They also get to please the tea party (by announcing they did not allow citizenship.)  Democrats get to announce victory because  illegals get to stay and work legally (for less).  Corporations win because all their illegal employees are not going to be deported….. and they get to pay lower wages and benefits. 

Plus more guest workers will flood in from places like India.   India is watching all of this very closely.  Their economy depends on stealing millions of US jobs.

Plus more illegals will be encouraged to run across the US border because they will know they won’t be sent home…..and they will get a job.  Meanwhile American workers get to clean out their desks and head to the unemployment line.  

Isn’t that great?   Let the confetti drop.

So in the coming months you can sit back and watch this all unfold.  Republicans will pretend they won’t support the efforts……. but then will.  Democrats will pretend it is all a very difficult negotiation.  Even though it is already decided.  Enjoy the charade.  Remember who told you what was coming.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Republicans Will Solve Poverty.......Hold Your Breath....

Republicans are going to solve the poverty problem in America…..Oh thank God. I was worried the poor were going to continue their decline……. but now that the Republicans are on the case we can all rejoice. 

When I think about fighting poverty the first thing that comes to mind are those caring Republicans.

“Mindful of polls that show many Americans see them as detached from or indifferent to the hardships” (Exactly right….. except people don’t just think they are detached…..They actually are detached)

“Representative Paul D. Ryan says the government safety net has “failed miserably.” (What is he talking about? The government safety net works perfectly. The stock market broke its ALL TIME record 52 times last year. FIFTY TWO TIMES!!!!!!! How can he look at that and not conclude government welfare (85 Billion Dollars a month to Wall Street) is a raging success?)

Mr. Rubio, for example, will give a speech hosted by the American Enterprise Institute on overhauling antipoverty programs and improving income mobility. (Can’t wait to hear that…. I am sure it will be chalk full of innovative new ideas like cutting taxes on the rich, and getting rid of all the government regulations. Real ground breaking stuff. )

(The American Enterprise Institute is paid for by rich corporations who are going to eat up every word Mr. Rubio speaks. I would be more impressed if Rubio gave his meaningless speech at a homeless shelter where real poverty exists. Then explain to the residents why giving rich people more tax breaks is going to be beneficial to their plight. The look on the homeless faces would be priceless. Better yet head to bankrupt Detroit and set up a podium in front of a closed GM plant. Then speak with conviction on how you have the solution.)

“Republicans are offering a series of proposals to help more Americans rise out of poverty: attaching or reinstating work requirements to safety-net programs” (So you need welfare because you have no job…….. But if you want to get welfare you need to have a job…… Sure makes sense to me. Some people have a job but still need welfare. Earning more money through a raised minimum wage might help…… but Republicans oppose that too. Aren’t Republicans helpful?) , streamlining federal offices (useless), improving training and education initiatives (Once you are trained you can head to Shanghai where the jobs are) , and offering tax breaks to the needy (Take the $0.00 you are currently making and reduce the tax burden. Real Helpful right?).

“Mr. Rubio wants to make it easier for adults to go back to school and learn vocational skills.” (Going to school is easy. Get a loan for $100,000.00 and go. The problem is when you are done you owe the 100 grand back plus interest…….. and the jobs are still in Bangalore. The bank won’t tolerate you not paying the loan back either.)

Republicans……As useful as a rubber crutch.

Chris Christie......

Chris Christie......Republican Presidential hopeful in 2016. You better vote for him too or you will be stuck on the New Jersey Turnpike for days.

China Protectionism......

“the new rule REQUIRES units sold domestically in China to be built in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The requirement could force manufacturers to shift supply chains and open new facilities in order to sell in China.”

In America we are told we CANNOT do this. This is PROTECTIONISM and protectionism doesn’t work. You have to have open markets and free trade (we are told).

If America did this exact same thing the Communist Chinese would complain to the World Trade Organization. Yet China does this stuff ALL THE TIME. Protectionism helps grow Chinas economy 7.5% a year.

That is considered slow. A few years ago it was growing 11% a year. America couldn’t dream of that kind of growth. That is because America doesn’t use protectionism because we are stupid. Protectionism helps China maintain a large trade deficit with the USA. Protectionism is why after America gave China millions of jobs it then has to borrow money to help pay all the extended unemployment compensation. The borrowed money is owed back to the Communists with interest.

The only word that can be used to explain all this is STUPID!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boeing Workers Cave......

Oh well…..The Boeing workers caved.  They agree to be kicked in the teeth one more time.  In 2014 Unions are nothing more then paper tigers.  They have zero ability to protect what they had.  Meanwhile Corporations remain undefeated.  More money for the executives.  Less money for the workers.  Capitalism working exactly how it is supposed to.  Bye bye pensions.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Deregulating Genetically Modified Seeds......

Deregulation – The dirtiest word in American politics. 

Republicans love it...... and admit it. Democrats pretend to hate it....but really they love it too. 

They deregulated the power market and Enron was born.
They deregulated the oil markets and gas prices Skyrocketed.
They deregulated the Banks and the entire banking system imploded.

Anytime you hear the word deregulation you should tremble with fear. It is always a bad word and there are no exceptions to that rule.

Now they want to deregulate genetically modified seeds. Frankenseeds. Take all the rules and throw them out the window. Everything is legal. Everything is approved. Nobody is checking and nobody cares. Corporations LOVE it. Consumers should worry.

Announce it late in the day on a Friday and hope nobody is paying attention. Hopefully everyone saw the Cheerios headline today and is feeling good.

It is called misdirection. Point to what is over on the right and hope nobody notices what is happening over on the left.