Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Verizon Worlers Succeed....

Verizons workers succeed.
Exactly why corporations HATE unions so much. Why they are focused on killing them off as fast as possible.
More money, more jobs, ugh.....Makes them so mad. It is so hard to eliminate certain jobs if it means 40,000 workers refuse to come to work for two months.
It is infuriating.


Sunday, May 29, 2016



$200,000,000,000.00 SOLD SO FAR.  


an unnamed American weapons manufacturing executive told Reuters last year: "Everyone in the region is talking about building up supplies for 5 to 10 years. This is going to be a long fight. It's a huge growth area for us."  (YAY....WEAPONS MEANS $$$$$$....THANKS BARACK)

Obama's 2013 decision to relax arms export rules, a move supported with an estimated $170 million in lobbying by the defense industry.   (FOLLOW THE $$$$$..... BARACK IS ABOUT BIG BUSINESS......IF PEOPLE DIE.....OH WELL......HE ALREADY GOT THE AWARD.  CAN'T TAKE IT BACK NOW........SUCKERS....)

Migrants Dying On The Open Seas.....Obama says You're Welcome!

3 days = 700 deaths as people continue to crowd onto unsafe boats and head out into the open ocean in hopes of escaping the chaos of Libya.

Last year 3,700 people died in the Mediterranean sea trying to make it to Europe.

But who created this epic refugee crisis?

In 2009 (after only being president several months) Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize.  

He won it because he was not George W Bush.  Not being George W Bush was a great attribute.  George W Bush was a war monger.  He went into Iraq and destabilized their government.  He over threw their leader and then had no plan regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people died.  It was all George W's Bush's fault.  

Obama was not George W Bush and that was enough for the entire world to rejoice.  Obama's smile alone would bring peace and harmony to world as everyone would come together over him.

But in 2011 Obama launched the air war in Libya.  He destabilized their government.  He toppled their leader.  He had no plan of any kind regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people have died.

Today the country is so bad that it is a better option to get on a rickety boat (that will probably sink) than it is to stay in the country that Obama liberated.  Currently Obama is doing very little to help with the daily catastrophes on the open seas.  

Obama did announce last week he will begin selling Libya weapons though .....You know to obtain peace.  All the great peace leaders of the world begin with lots of weapon sales.  Any Nobel Peace Prize winner will want weapon sales on their resume.  

As for the desperate people getting on the rickety death boats.....Obama says.....You're Welcome!  Hope you are enjoying the better life he has created for you.  Oh And Good Luck on the boats.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hiroshima was a Necessary Evil....In Response to the Pure Evil That Japan had unleashed.

With Obama in Hiroshima today discussing the "Evil" that was done there I think it is important for everyone to remember why that bomb was dropped in the first place.
Japan had terrorized the Pacific region for years.
The countries they invaded and occupied were as follows....
Mainland China,
Hong Kong,
East Timor,
New Guinea,
Wake Island,
Kiska Islands,
South Sakhalin,
Ryukyu Islands,
Bonin Islands,
Kuril Islands,
Volcano Islands,
Minami Tori-Shima,
South Karafuto,
South Pacific Mandate,
Over 463,677,000 people were under Japanse control. They didn’t gain all of that control through peaceful means either.
It is estimated the Japanese military murdered over 10 million people (many civilians) through mass killings of the Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipinos, and IndoChinese.
The Japanese soldiers were instructed to “Kill All, Burn All, and Loot All”
The Japanese committed many war crimes and atrocities.
Some of the Massacres the Japanese carried out include the
Alexandra Hospital Massacre,
the Laha Massacre,
Banka Island Massacre,
Parit Sulong Massacre,
Palawan Massacre,
SS Behar Massacre,
SS Tjisalak Massacre,
Wake Island Massacre,
Bataan Death March,
Shin Yo Maru Incident,
Sulug Island Massacre,
Pontianak Incidents.
On top of this the Japanese did Human Experimentation and Used Biological weapons. They also used Chemical weapons. They also tortured and murdered prisoners of war.
So yes there is definitely a country that needs to be apologizing for killing lots and lots and lots of innocent people......BUT The United States is not that country.
On this memorial day as we remember the hundreds of thousands of dead American soldiers laying in graveyards around the world it is important to remember they would also agree no apology should ever be given from the United States.
The goal of the Atomic Bomb was to end the war and it was 100% successful. The war ended and nobody else died.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Going On In France....

Most of the US media has ignored what is going on in France.  

If it is not what bathroom you are going to use it is not deemed that important.

In France the Government is trying to hammer the workers.  They are trying to lengthen the work week, make it easier to fire workers and destroy the unions.  They pushed this through without going through Parliament.  The workers are PISSED.

The workers have taken to the streets in protest.  The entire economy is being brought to a stand still by the outraged workers.  

This contrasts the United States where workers are treated like sh*t and just sit there and take it.  

As long as Dancing With The Stars is on than we are all good.  Need to catch the next exciting episode of the Bachelor.  Wonder what Justin Bieber is up too.  

The fact the workers are getting bludgeoned to death right before your eyes creates little reaction.  

Well I won't take up any more of your time on this.  Get back to the Kardashians...... but you might want to spend a little time learning what is happening right now in France.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Millenials Living With Their Parents Longer and Longer and Longer......Yay Obama recovery.

While the CEO's make lots and lots and lots of money......The "Young adults" still live with their parents for a longer period of time than anytime in over 100 years.
That Obama recovery really is something special. He really looked after the little guy. "Yes we can"
For the first time on record, living with parents is now the most common arrangement for people ages 18 to 34, an analysis of census data by the Pew Research Center has found.
(A proud legacy for Obama)
Nearly one-third of millennials live with their parents, slightly more than the proportion who live with a spouse or partner. It's the first time that living at home has outpaced living with a spouse for this age group since such record-keeping began in 1880.
(WOW 1880...remember 1880....Yeah me neither)
The remaining young adults are living alone, with other relatives, in college dorms, as roommates or under other circumstances.
The sharp shift reflects a long-running decline in marriage, amplified by the economic upheavals (All the jobs are in China, and India, and Mexico) of the Great (self inflicted) Recession.
(If you are rich there was no recession of any kind. You were rich before the great recession and you are even richer today)
The pattern may be a contributing factor in the sluggish growth of the U.S. economy, which depends heavily on consumer spending.
(Unemployed people don't buy anything....The genius economists didn't think that far ahead)
With more young people living with their parents rather than on their own, fewer people need to buy appliances, furniture or cable subscriptions. The recovery from the 2008-09 recession has also been hobbled by historically low levels of home construction and home ownership.
As recently as 2000, nearly 43% of young adults ages 18 to 34 were married or living with a partner. By 2014, that proportion was just 31.6%.
(George W Bush and Barack Obama.....Setting the country on an awesome trajectory. Way to go.)
In 2000, only 23% of young adults were living with parents. In 2014, the figure reached 32.1%.
(Have you heard how much richer the rich got in that same time period?)
The proportion of young adults now living with their parents is similar to the proportions that prevailed from 1880 through 1940, when the figure peaked, Pew found. Yet in those decades, the most common arrangement for young adults was living with a spouse rather than with parents.
(Yup Warren Buffett was right....This is the luckiest generation ever.....Sounds pretty lucky to me.)


CEO's making some dollars....Lots of them. But seriously there is no money for $15.00 minimum wage. Sorry.

They insist the minimum wage cannot possibly go to $15.00 per hour. Where would that money come from? The money does not exist....
If you are a CEO the average raise last year was $468,449.00. That was NOT what they got paid.....That is ONLY the raise.

The average total compensation for a CEO in the standard and Poors 500 was $10,000,000.00. 10X what an average US worker makes......And that is when the stock market went nowhere. Doesn't matter because CEO's get suit cases full of money no matter what the results are.
I would bet at 95% of all companies if the CEO never showed up for work ever again nobody would even notice. Unless you are a "Steve Jobs" (which most CEO's are not) than whoever is occupying that office is completely irrelevant. They do nothing. I mean they decide how many people will be laid off. They decide what companies they might be sold off too. Past that they hold no relevant function of any kind. If they show up for work fine...... and if they don't who really gives a sh*t because the actual work will still get done. Yet their irrelevance doesn't stop the money from piling up in their bank accounts.
But again......Minimum wage can't possible go to $15.00. The money is simply not available for that.
Now if you excuse me I have a stack of cash that I need to count again. Good day.


60,000 Bridges in Need of Repair....18 Trillion dollars in Debt. Talk About Drunken benders....

These are the facts.
The United States has a $19,000,000,000,000.00 National Debt.
The most debt ever accumulated in Human history.
The rich have gotten richer than at any point in the history of planet Earth.
Many corporations pay no taxes of any kind at all ever.
Many rich people pay no taxes of any kind at all ever.
60,000 bridges in the United States are in need of desperate repair.
In 2009 President Obama spend $800,000,000,000.00 to stimulate the economy, and yet somehow all of the infrastructure of our country is still an abysmal joke.
The money disappeared and NOTHING got fixed. Nothing got accomplished. Nobody is held accountable for anything.
You owe a ton of money and have absolutely nothing to show for it. How does that feel?
$500,000,000,000.00 for the F-35 fighter that doesn't work, hasn't worked, and will never work.....Yes there is plenty of money for that. Endless money.
Money for the bridge that will one day fall to the ground killing people.....Yeah.....Sorry......No money.
Thank you Republicans and Democrats. Thank you Obama, and Bush, and Clinton, And Bush, And Reagan.
Awesome job!


Obama and Vietnam...

President Obama is in Communist Vietnam trying to make friends.
You might remember Communist Vietnam…….It was the country we fought a war against a few decades back.
We were specifically fighting against Communism.
Communism won and today the USA embraces Communism whole heartedly.
As long as Communism provides corporate America with cheap slave labor than it is all good.
Obama needs Communist Vietnam to be a counterweight to Communist Red China.
The problem is Communist Red China got too big…..Too Powerful….Too Rich.
Well let me rephrase that.
The United States of America made Communist Red China too powerful, and too rich.
Once corporate America started to salivate over cheap labor (and no environmental standards) there was no stopping the transfer of money and knowledge to Communist Red China. The Communists figured out the biggest weakness of capitalism is greed. Once the greed was unleashed the rest took care of itself.
Unfortunately now the Communist Chinese are so big, and so powerful, and so abusive, that they need to be reined in.
One of the larger problems regarding Communist Red China is their taking over of the entire South China Sea.
Communist Vietnam is hoping the United States stops Communist Red China.
The United States is hoping Communist Vietnam stops China.
But how can it be done?
First thing is to sell Communist Vietnam lots and lots and lots of weapons. This is always a great solution. It provides lots of money for US businesses that make weapons. Once the weapons are used they need to be replaced with more weapons. The revenue stream remains active which is great news.
Next Obama needs to find a replacement workers (for the US jobs) that went to Communist Red China.
There are two choices….
A)Bring the jobs back to the United States (stop laughing)
B) find a new location that Corporate America can treat people like sh*t and save a lot of money in the process. One of those replacement countries is going to be Communist Vietnam.
That is what the Trans Pacific Partnership is all about. An alternative for cheap labor that isn’t in Communist Red China.
The US Congress will jam through the TPP right after the election. You will be buying Christmas presents and they will be selling you out as fast as they possibly can. You won’t even notice.
When the new President comes in they can plead innocence because it was not passed on their watch. Everyone wins. Well everyone except you. You always end up with the sh*t end of the stick.
Just so it doesn’t look too terrible Obama is making a couple of speeches about Human rights. He won’t mean any of it though. If he meant it the Human rights part would have come first.
First treat your people better and then we will sell you lots of weapons to kill people.
But that didn’t happen.
First it is about the $$$$$$$ and then if you want you can treat your people better. If you don’t want that it is fine too. The speeches will be on the record and Obama can say he tried. Even though he didn’t really try at all.
It will be interesting to see if building up Communist Vietnam really works as a counter balance to Communist Red China. I don’t think it will be too effective.
The United States has come a long way in our war against Communism. The battles today look a lot different from the battles 40 years ago. Today the only losers are the people (in Communist countries) and the unemployed US workers.
Don’t forget…….Wave that American flag.


Self Important Tom Brady....

Tom Brady just never knows when to quit.
No matter how many times he is told he is a filthy cheater he just keeps coming back to hear it again.
He is appealing again and if this next panel confirms he is a cheater then he wants to take his case to the United States Supreme Court.
Like the United States Supreme court has nothing better to decide than if Tom is a cheater.
There are issues that have waited decades to get before the Supreme Court but self important Tom Brady thinks he can just cut to the front of the line and have his case be heard. The balls on that man are real impressive.
There is no way the Supreme Court can have a shred of dignity and hear that case. No way. Tom should just accept that nobody is buying is nonsense and serve his 4 game suspension like the cheater that everyone knows he is.
He is just embarrassing himself the more he drags this out.


Acapulco....The Best Vacation Ever....Assuming You Don't Get Murdered....

Acapulco…..A vacation paradise where you might be murdered. Enjoy.
Death can strike anywhere in Acapulco these days: A sarong vendor was slain on the beach in January by a gunman who escaped on a Jet Ski.
Another man was gunned down while enjoying a beer at a seaside restaurant. In the hillside slums that ring the city, a 15-year-old girl's body was found chopped into pieces and wrapped in a blanket, her severed head in a bucket nearby with a hand-lettered sign from a drug gang.
The upsurge in killings has made Acapulco one of Mexico's most violent places, scaring away what international tourism remained and recently prompting the U.S. government to bar its employees from traveling here for any reason.
Mexico has lined the city's coastal boulevard with heavily armed police and soldiers, turning Acapulco into a high-profile test case for a security strategy that the government has used elsewhere: When homicides spike, flood the area with troops.
Today it's almost easier to find a truck full of soldiers, a federal policeman or a gaggle of local tourist cops than it is to find a taxi along the "costera," the seaside boulevard that runs through the hotel zone. Marines patrol the beach, while federal police watch over the breakwaters.
"This area has been made bulletproof," Guerrero state prosecutor Xavier Olea said.
Except it hasn't. A week after AP reporters visited, gunmen shot to death three young men in broad daylight two blocks away from a restaurant where they met with an underworld figure. Two of their bullet-ridden bodies lay on the concrete just off the beach, and one bled out on the sand. Two were waiters, and the third a roving coconut oil vendor.
"There are 300 paid killers on the costera," the underworld figure said, gesturing expansively over plates of fried fish and shrimp. At least one other bodyguard was nearby. "A decent killer makes about 5,000 pesos ($275) a week."
Last week two men were shot and wounded on the street a block from the popular Caleta beach. Police showed up, but when no ambulance arrived, relatives or friends simply bundled the men into private vehicles to take them to the hospital. Police marked spent shell casings with cut-off plastic soda bottles, but there was no sign of any in-depth investigation.
"It's the same problem in Guerrero, the same problem in Tamaulipas, in Michoacan," security analyst Alejandro Hope said, referring to three states where homicides have spiked. "Suddenly there's an emergency, they send troops to where the problem is and in the short term crime drops. But then there is an emergency somewhere else, and then the troops have to leave, and they have not developed local law-enforcement capacity."
Acapulco's latest wave of killings began April 24 with bursts of gunfire along the coastal boulevard. It was the first time such sustained shooting had been seen there since the darkest days of 2012, when the murder rate in this city of 800,000 hit 146 per 100,000 inhabitants. It has since fallen to about 112 per 100,000, but that remains far higher than nationwide levels and appears to be on the rise again.


Car Companies Lying and Cheating Every Chance They Get......

Dishonest Car Companies are all the rage these days.
Started with Volkswagen pretending their filthy diesel cars were clean. A little programming magic and nobody will know the difference……. except people figure it out. VW has been pummeled. Their reputation has been beaten. They have been fined billions. Sales have plummeted and the fallout is still unfolding.
Then there was Mitsubishi who lied about the gas mileage on their cars. Their reputation has been beaten. They have been fined billions. Sales have plummeted and the fallout is still unfolding.
Then there was Suzuki cars (In Japan) that also lied about their gas mileage. This just happened and the fallout has yet been established but it won’t be good.
Now GM admits they also lied about gas mileage……. but they are trying to get ahead of the tsunami of bad news. They are voluntarily recalling cars yet to be sold to fix the numbers on the sticker, and they are trying to compensate people who bought their fraudulent cars.
Meanwhile…..Germany is investigating GM cars (and Fiat cars) to see if they cheated emission’s also using software.
South Korea has accused Nissan of doing the same thing.
When it comes to being honest (and telling the truth) car companies are really struggling with the concept.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Morley Safer Will be missed.....One Of The Best.

The United States entered the Vietnam War because of an Attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that wasn't real.
That fabrication was exposed by Morley Safer on 60 minutes in 1971.
Morley was one of the best ever and he will be missed.
Today we still get into wars based on complete lies. By now that Morley is gone who is going to keep showing us the truth?

Fiscal Conservatives Spending Another 602 Billion Of Your Money.....

Republicans are fiscal conservatives.
Republicans HATE government spending.
They want to cut spending at all costs.
Republicans shut down the government so they could cut spending.
Spending = bad
Unless they want to spend $602,000,000,000.00 on military waste.
When it comes to wasting money on the military no amount of money is too much. There is always more to spend. Republicans love it.
Spend 600 billion on poor people? Hell no!
Spend 600 billion on schools.....Republicans are always saying we need better education......so should we do it? Hell no!
Spend 600 billion on more weapons for Neverending wars? You bet your sweet ass.
Obama thinks the Republican plan is stupid and says he will veto it.
The defense secretary also thinks the Republican plan is stupid. He didn't ask for any of what the crazy Republicans are trying to push through.


Democratic Party Upheaval......

Last week it was going to be the Republican National Convention that was going to be the national spectacle. With the outsider Donald Trump clashing with party insiders in front of the entire country.
This week it is the Democratic National Convention that could also be a National spectacle. With outsider Bernie Sanders (supporters) clashing with party insiders in what could be a spectacle in front of the entire country.
President Obama insists he fixed everything and everyone is thrilled in America today, but yet when you look at the political landscape that is not at all what you see.
It is the rigged political establishment VS the people. The establishment is not used to the people creating such a ruckus. They much prefer the people snoozing away while the parties pocket millions of dollars to sell them down the river.
I hope the ruckus continues.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Saudi Arabia One Step Closer To Being Held Accountable......

One step closer to holding the Saudis accountable for their role in 9/11.

Once the House of Representatives passes this bill the only thing standing in the way of justice for all the 9/11 families will be Barack Obama.

Despite all the grandiose statements (about holding those responsible) President Obama is dead set against it.    He has said he will veto the bill.  What would happen if Saudi Arabia was held accountable?  Maybe they wouldn't finance terrorism in the future.  Then maybe the War on Terror could end.  But who would buy all the weapons?  Think of the lost revenue.  Obama will not allow it.  Standing up and giving speeches is one thing.  That is all just make believe.  This taking action business cannot happen.  Not as long as Obama is President.

“If the Saudis did not participate in this terrorism, they have nothing to fear about going to court,” “If they did, they should be held accountable.” -Chuck Schumer.

Delta Airlines Raising Rates....

Delta Airlines just reported their profit for the 1st quarter was up 27%.
$1,000,000,000.00 in profit for 3 months of work. Not too shabby.
When gas prices went up they raised your fares…..Well because somebody had to pay the oil companies……. and that somebody was going to be you. You are so nice.
Then when gas prices went down they never bothered lowering your fares. You were already conditioned to pay the extra money anyway so it made a lot of sense to just keep the money for themselves.
All that extra money really helped their profits soar.
To celebrate their good fortune they are now going to raise your fares even more. Isn’t that exciting. High fives all around……..
They are doing that because they like you so much……and they especially like your money. They would like even more of it for themselves. Just hand it over.....Don't make a big scene.
See if they made one billion in the first quarter well the only way to ensure they beat that next quarter is to take even more of your money. You don’t mind do you? Taking more of your money is super fun. Corporations love doing it.
Aren’t deregulated airlines the best. Love it.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Communist Red China Is A Pain In The A**.......

Communist Red China is a pain in the a**.
They are always a pain in the a**.
There is never a moment when Communist Red China is not a total pain in the a**. They excel at it.
They say it is "culture clashes" but it is not culture as in they are Asian. It is culture is in they are a bunch of Communists. Literally.
That means they lie, steal, and cheat every chance they get. We are idiots for putting up with it.
We deal with Taiwan and we don't have these issues. We deal with South Korea and we don't have these issues. We deal with Japan and we don't have these issues. We deal with the Philippians and we don't have these issues. We only have them with the Communist dictatorship of Red China.
See we didn't have all these issues with the Communist Soviet Union, because we didn't try and trade with them. We didn't send them all our jobs, and all our money and then waited to see if we would win the cold war.
For some reason now we have taken a different approach with Communist Red China and from what I can tell the results are not real encouraging.
U.S. companies have found it can be tough to do business in China. (Communist Red)
Now, as more Chinese firms invest in the United States, U.S. companies are finding it can be hard to contend with the Chinese on American turf, too.
(They are a pain in the a** here just like they are a pain in the a** over there)
Chinese companies can hide behind complex corporate structures. (In the USA we call it Fraud)
They can keep assets back home. (Protectionism)
And they can use connections to Beijing to assert immunity from America's legal system.(Hide their fraud behind the Communist military Government)
China's investment in the United States reached a record $15.7 billion in 2015,
"Chinese companies are flush with cash," (YOUR CASH....THE COMMUNISTS THANK YOU.)
Disputes with Chinese companies are complicated by China's blurry lines between public and private. (THEY MEANT PUBLIC AND COMMUNIST)
Many Chinese companies with the clout to export and invest overseas are owned by the state or enjoy powerful ties. (POWERFUL COMMUNIST TIES TO THEIR MILITARY DICTATORSHIP.......THAT YOUR MONEY PROPS UP.)
The Chinese government backed two companies that were accused of rigging the price of Vitamin C in the U.S. market. The Chinese Commerce Ministry said the companies were following Chinese (CORRUPT) law when they set prices. (WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? NOTHING!)
for now at least, Harris says the Chinese can't always fathom how U.S. courts operate, aren't used to judges who are mostly immune to bribes and don't understand the consequences of defying court orders. (YEAH LETS DO BUSINESS WITH THAT COUNTRY. THAT WILL TURN OUT WELL.)

Poultry Workers In The United States Denied Bathroom Breaks.....

Poultry workers in the United States being treated horribly. All part of the American dream.
You want to go to the bathroom? Forget about it......Get back to work and shut your mouth. If you really have to go then wear a diaper.
This is why the illegal Alien issue will never be resolved.......Because corporations LOVE illegal aliens. They work for cheap and get NO rights. You step out of line and you will be deported. It is a beautiful thing. Republicans will never fix it and neither will Democrats. Both parties wouldn't want to disappoint their corporate contributors who enjoy taking advantage of all the human suffering.
"It's just basic human dignity, the right to be able to use the bathroom when you need to, as opposed to having to hold it for two hours until the next break, or worse, having to wear diapers or urinating or defecating on yourself
The inability to use the bathroom when needed comes in a high-injury industry, where the repetitive motion involved in the work can leave workers with wrist pain and worse.
"We've seen women that can't hold babies because their hands are so deformed from processing a chicken every two seconds, it's the same motion once every two seconds for eight to 10 hours a day," Ogletree said. "When they can't move their hands anymore, they find a way to dispose of the workers.
Allowing for bathroom breaks is a logistical challenge at a poultry plant, an industrial operation where the whole line slows if one part stops, Workers who need to use the bathroom must ask a supervisor, who then has to find someone to fill the spot to keep the line running.
in the course of hundreds of interviews only a handful of workers described their bathroom needs as respected, with those exceptions occurring primarily in plants with unions.
Workers represented by unions reported feeling comfortable leaving or stopping the line when their requests were denied too long. About two-thirds of the poultry workforce is not unionized.
One survey of 266 workers in Alabama conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center found almost 80 percent were not allowed to take bathroom breaks when needed. A recent survey in Minnesota found 86 percent of workers interviewed said they get fewer than two bathroom breaks a week.
Workers interviewed by Oxfam and partner organizations reported being yelled at or made fun of by supervisors, who also threatened firing or deportation.
The harassment is "exacerbated when the worker needs to ask permission to go to the bathroom, and the supervisor is feeling the heat to keep the line moving,
a worker at a Pilgrim's plant in Alabama said supervisors regularly threatened people: "Go to the bathroom, and from there, go to Human Resources." An employee at a Tyson plant in Arkansas said: "Our supervisor always makes fun of us. He says we eat too much so we go to the bathroom a lot." Another Tyson worker in Arkansas noted: "One of the ladies who works with me was pregnant, and she was crying and walking out because our line lead didn't let her go to the bathroom." A woman worker at a Perdue plant in the Delmarva region cited in the report said she once waited so long that she defecated in her pants before she got a break.
"Women have to tell male supervisors why they have to go to the bathroom and only have a few minutes to go and return. The supervisors are not considering the time it takes to walk to the restroom, remove your gear, put your gear back on and return to the line in those few minutes."

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Communist Red China Missiles Threaten Guam........Thanks to Bill Clinton.

Last week the Pentagon reported that one of the big threats from Communist Red China is their "GUAM KILLER" Missiles. Long range missiles that are now so accurate they threaten US bases in Guam.
This threat never existed before.
In the 1990s the Communist Chinese couldn't figure out how to launch long range missiles. They kept screwing it up. It was frustrating for them. But the Communists had Bill Clinton in their corner and Bill got all their troubles situated. Bill handed over all the sensitive missile technology the Communists could consume.
This Guam Killer threat is directly related to Bill Clinton providing aide and comfort to our enemy's.
Normally you get in big trouble (and go to jail) for selling out the United States. Bill just got really rich instead.
Don't forget....Vote for Hillary. The Chinese will thank you!

Hillary Wants Bill To Do It All Over Again......Oh Good.....

Under Hillary, Bill Clinton is going to be in charge of fixing the US economy......That is great news........And A little Ironic since Bill is the one (among others) who broke the economy in the first place.
You remember when he signed NAFTA sending US jobs to Mexico.
You remember when he invited Communist Red China to join the World Trade Organization.
You remember when he handed Communist Red China Most Favored Nation Status.
You remember when he deregulated all the banks.........Which made you pay too much for your house........Which is why you are upside down and trapped.......Which caused all the banks to come crashing to the ground. Which caused your tax dollars to be used to bail them out.
You remember when he deregulated all the power companies sending your power bill North and introducing us to exciting new companies like ENRON.
That was all Bill Clinton.........Now Hillary wants him to do it all again. Sure why not.
Yes vote for Hillary so Bill can do it all over again.

Verizon Strike Month 2.......

The Verizon Strike is heading into month #2 and neither side is backing down.

Verizon wants to lay off and outsource as many of their US workers as possible.  It is super important to them.

Verizon workers don't want that to happen.

Neither side is willing to change their mind.

What's behind the Verizon strike -- and why should Americans care? The strike has a deeper structural level, pointing to the remaking of Verizon as a corporation and workers' prospects for a "middle-class" life, as well as the fate of communications' future in the United States.

The corporate media have identified some of the key issues in the strike -- wages, medical and retirement benefits, and outsourcing. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In 2011, 43,000 Verizon workers struck; in 2016, 36,000 are on strike. What happened to the missing 7,000 workers, 16 percent of the workforce? Their disappearance is part of the big squeeze, the outsourcing of labor costs to maximize profit.

The shift from wired to wireless service has been underway for nearly a decade and has had the gravest consequences for customers in rural areas where service is terrible. The consequences of this transition are profound because it shifts the user to inferior and unregulated service (wires remain regulated), cuts the number of unionized employees (wireless workers are mostly non-unionized), charges higher rates and increases corporate profits. It is also part of the company's "broken promises" strategy.

Under a 2008 agreement with the city, Verizon committed to extend the Fios network to every household across the five boroughs by June 30, 2014.
"Through a thorough and comprehensive audit, we have determined that Verizon substantially failed to meet its commitment to the people of New York City," 
Verizon is playing a shell game of overpromising and underdelivering in New York and throughout the East Coast strike region.

In New Jersey, it promised in 1993 that by 2010, it would replace its aging copper network with fiber capable of 4.5 Mbps in both directions; in Pennsylvania, in 1995, it promised to have the state completely upgraded by 2015; in Massachusetts, it promised to start its conversion in 1996. For each state, by 2015, Verizon had passed somewhere around 40 to 50 percent of state homes, regardless of previous commitments. In Pennsylvania, in 2009, it promised to delivery 4G LTE downstream at speeds of 100 Mbps, but in 2015, it provided services at about 10-12 Mbps.

Verizon is a very profitable company -- and its customers are paying for it. It reported 2015 revenues of $131.6 billion and $17.9 billion in profits. In 2015, Verizonsold off $15 billion of its assets and bought back $5 billion of its stock -- all to goose the stock price and increase the bonuses of top management.

Its solid performance was based on a series of clever financial and business practices:
  • It shifted more customers from regulated wireline services to unregulated wireless services;
  • It periodically secured rate increases for the delivery of inferior wireless services;
  • It successfully failed to fulfill ostensible "promises" to upgrade its networks;
  • It successfully underpaid its taxes; and
  • It underpaid and outsourced its workforce.
"From 2008 to 2013, while Verizon made over $42.4 billion in U.S. profits, it received a total tax refund of $732 million from the IRS." 

"Verizon's effective U.S. corporate income tax rate over this six-year period was -2 percent. In 2012, Verizon stashed $1.8 billion in offshore tax havens to avoid paying U.S. income taxes."

since 2003, Verizon has used clever dodges to avoid paying its fair share of New York State taxes. "Based on the Verizon NY annual reports, the losses are staggering, and there has been no public outcry, even though these losses were used to raise rates multiple times,"

Verizon is a large company and its [New York State] revenues were $659 billion for these years, as told by the annual reports. Verizon, therefore, paid an effective tax rate of 1/2 of 1%.