Friday, April 29, 2011

Dreamliner Still A Disaster‏

Well, we are quickly coming up on the 4th anniversary of the Dreamliner being rolled out (to great fanfare) in July 2007.

So how is the tribute to outsourcing coming alone?

Lets take a look.

While Boeing may meet its deadline to deliver the first 787 to All Nippon Airways of Japan before Sept. 30, the production pace projected for 2011 appears out of reach.

"It isn't going to happen," said one mechanic working on the airplanes. "There are too many jobs to be done." (Still too many jobs 4 years later....EMBARRASSING......)

One job taking weeks per airplane is the painstaking removal of sealant from the interior of fuel tanks in the wings, then resealing them.

because the computerized system that provides mechanics with data on parts isn't operating well, even simpler modifications take much longer than they should. (Is that the computer system that was programmed in India? I bet it was.)

Managers last week held all-hands meetings aimed at galvanizing the work force. (Trying to cheer up the American workforce who they sh*t all over for the past decade. They layed them off. They shipped their jobs overseas. They cut their benefits. Now they want to pat them on the back so they bail their azz out. Hip Hip Hooray for Boeing. Everyone show us those smiles. Who loves working at Boeing.......)

planes await thousands of incomplete assembly jobs and modifications necessary because of design changes since they were built. (Since they were f*cked up overseas)

"Nothing we've seen ... is raising red flags for us," (HAHAHAHA..... maybe they should open their eyes.)

"The assembly process is still a mess," an engineer said.

"They are building airplanes in the final-assembly process that then have to be rebuilt in the pickup process, which is many times longer." (My stomach hurts from laughing so hard while reading this. Cracks me up every time)

Parts that don't fit, including doors and control surfaces on the wings, still are arriving in Everett. (Still arriving wrong 4 years later HAHAHAHAHA f*cken outsourcing...... )

"The wings on the 787s aren't even close to being ready," the engineer said. (Aren't even close....HAHAHAHA Oh it hurts so much..... I can't breathe while reading this. HEE HEE HEE, I do love this sh*t. This story is funnier then most stand up comics I have seen)

The latest airplanes rolled out to the flight line from the factory with about 1,600 jobs incomplete. (Oh is that all.........)

"They are just digging the hole deeper every time they send one out with that many jobs on it,"
"Our mechanics are doing a great job," (He meant "Our AMERICAN Mechanics are doing a great job bailing out our offshore debacle)

At the root of the issue, she said, are "elements of both workmanship and design." (Outsourcing)

She added that this is "not a new discovery" and already was factored into the last schedule revision in December. (That is true it is not a new discovery. It was discovered 4 years ago that outsourcing the dreamliner was the biggest corporate f*ckup in the history of corporate America. That decision makes New Coke look like a brilliant idea).

Boeing has been hiring mechanics steadily to beef up its work force and by the summer plans to have 1,200 people working at the ATS hangar, (First they lay them off. Then it gets all f*cked up. Now they hire them back as fast as they can. So was it worth it?????? Dipsh*ts! )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NFL Owners Are Wrong

"The plain fact is that the owners are the ones who opened the Pandora’s box — and what popped out is a very big monster. Instead of concessions and pay cuts from players, what they may get from them is an Armageddon. Instead of controlled costs, the owners could be looking at the end of the salary cap, the draft, free agency and the union, with every player an independent contractor free to get the best deal for himself".

"The owners best hope to settle this dispute and maintain the current structure of the league is clear: make a fairly generous offer to the players that treats them as what they are, essential partners without whom there would be no game on the field. But first they will have to admit to themselves that they made a mistake and were wrong. Good luck with that one".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama pretending to investigate oil‏

U.S. attorney general was assembling a team to root out any fraud and manipulation in the oil markets that might be contributing to higher U.S. gasoline prices.

Might be contributing? It IS contributing!!!! The entire market is fraud and manipulation. Any price over $1.28 is fraud and manipulation. Gas in CT at $4.06 a gallon shows the Godzilla of Manipulation that is going on.

I can't wait to see oil executive and speculators being whisked off in handcuffs. I won't hold my breath as we all know this is just a dog and pony show.

This is a direct response to Obamas approval rating dropping like a stone.

Obama’s approval rating, meanwhile, has plummeted to 41 percent in a Gallup poll, the lowest number yet of his presidency, and a Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Tuesday showed him with a 47 percent approval rating, down seven percentage points since January.

Your smile is not fooling anyone anymore. If gas prices continue to go up you days in the White House are numbered.

Hamilton Sundstrand‏

Hamilton Sundstrand will lay off more than 200 machinists — more than 20 percent of its union workforce in Windsor Locks — and additional layoffs are likely, (Of course they are)

Dan Coulom, a spokesman for Hamilton Sundstrand, said it's inaccurate to say that the company is laying off 214 people, because the company is offering a buyout package to workers who are older than 55.

They say it is voluntary but when you don't accept their package they lay you off anyway and give you the exact same package. So do you want to jump off the bridge? Or do you want to be pushed? Either way the end result is the same. American Workers can go F*ck themselves.

"It's called an enhanced voluntary separation offer, but the voluntary part of it is not really true," he said. "We're not doing this voluntarily, believe me."
Lomba said the director of operations at Hamilton told workers in a meeting Monday morning that the machining jobs will be moved to Singapore and Poland. (The same place Pratt and Whitney Jobs are going) The company's official statement said the work was moving to U.S. and international locations.
"In Poland, they make $5.23 an hour," Lomba said. "I make $31.57 an hour. I am well paid. They make like a sixth of what we make." (Race to the bottom)
The choice to move the work and achieve those savings is likely to be greeted warmly by UTC stockholders.
Nobody hates American workers more then Wall Street. The more American Workers get kicked in the azz the happy Wall Street is. I am sure they are dancing all over lower Manhattan knowing 200 more scum bag American Worker will hit the unemployment lines.
The corporation, Connecticut's largest private employer, announced Wednesday that Hamilton's operating profit was up $23 million, more than 10 percent, in the first quarter. The division's profit margin was 16.9 percent, second highest of all UTC's divisions.
Profits are way up while employing high priced scumbag Americans. Who would have thought?
Wait till next year when the Space Shuttles are all retired and the US Government is taking in even less tax revenue. The deficit will continue (out of control) and the NASA's budget will be further decimated. When that trickles back to Hamilton Sundstrand maybe they won't think America's decline (which they contribute to) is such a great deal.

India Protectionism alive and well.

India won't allow foreign airlines to fly their giant Airbus A380 planes into India because it will take away from India's own airlines.

"ministry officials said on Monday it was difficult to take a call as the bigger aircraft would take away all passenger traffic from Indian carriers"

WHAT?????? That sound just like protectionism to me. You can't have protectionism. Free and open markets.........

American companies HAVE TO allow Indians to steal all our jobs Nothing can ever be protected. UNLESS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT INDIA.

Then there is a whole other set of rules the world is suppose to play by.

India protectionism is a good thing. American protectionism cannot stand.

Steve Jobs tracking our every move‏

Iphone is keeping a record of everywhere you go, all the time. Also keeping a record of every wifi connection you are on. Big brother isn't the government it is Corporate America. Steve Jobs is leading the way.

Pratt Outsourcing is failing the F-35‏

Even after four years of building Joint Strike Fighter prototypes, Pratt & Whitney is having problems managing the suppliers who provide 80 percent of the engine's parts, Government Accountability Office auditors say, creating a need for "substantial improvements in the global supply network."

Even more examples of Outsourcing resulting in failure after failure after failure.

Pratt and Whitney never had these issues when 100% of the Engines were built in East Hartford CT. Those were the good old days. Americans had jobs and these companies were successful.

The GAO noted that the planes are failing more frequently than expected in testing — managing just 1 hour, 50 minutes between failures in the Air Force version, and 25 minutes in the Marine Corps version, known as STOVL, for short take off and vertical landing.

That will work out great in Combat. Make sure you are back before 2 hours when the next failure is expected. F*cken joke!

Moreover, the planes, along with the engines Pratt makes to power them, keep getting more expensive than planned.

WHAT???? How is that possible. Outsourcing makes things cheaper. That is what all the experts have been saying for 30 years. US Companies HAVE TO outsource to save money.

How is it possible that they outsourcing and prices are our still of control. Oh wait..... Maybe when you outsource to people who don't know what the f*ck they are doing it takes longer and costs more. How come the experts didn't think of that?

because the cost increase was more than 20 percent, the Pentagon was required to explain why and say "why the program shouldn't be canceled," Cancel it. At this point who cares. You are not employing Americans. These weapons can't win any of the 3 wars we are currently in. The US government is broke paying for all this useless crap. So f*ck it. Cancel it all. We can all learn Chinese and our futures will be bright.

And there are problems with the STOVL engine's performance, primarily in the lift fan and associated systems, that are critical to the short take-offs the Marines demand. The lift fan is made by Rolls Royce for Pratt. Warren Boley Jr., president of Pratt's military engines division, said the clutch plates used to engage the lift fan are rubbing when they shouldn't be, which is causing them to overheat.

Is Pratt not smart enough to make their own lift fan? They need to count on the geniuses from Rolls Royce, who in turn count on the genius engineers in India.

Everyone can see how well that is working out.

Yay Outsourcing.

Alan Greenspan Wrong On Every Issue‏

In 2001 Alan Greenspan said Bushes tax cuts for the rich are a good thing. In 2001 the economy was complete sh*t. The Internet bubble deflated. Enron, Worldcom (and many other behemoths) imploded. The economy was spiraling downwards.

Tax cuts were suppose to make everything all better.

2001 to 2011 nothing has gotten better and most things have gotten a lot worse. The tax cuts (all three sets of them) have been an complete failure.

It has been 11 consecutive years of economic disaster. The Tax cuts didn't fix anything. The Bailouts didn't fix anything. The Stimulus plans didn't fix anything. The jobs are still overseas and nobody acknowledges the real problem.

So in 2011 Alan Greenspan now promotes the end of The Bush Tax cuts. Today he says they need to end. He now knows what I knew back in 2001. How come I can see this sh*t clearly but the Fed Chairman of the United States has no f*cken idea what he is talking about. How is that possible?

Remember in 2003 when Alan Greenspan said there was no housing bubble.

I knew there was a housing bubble. I said there was a housing bubble. Guess who was right? Yet people worshiped Greenspans every word (back in the day) and everything he said was dead wrong.

Issue after issue ..... wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

Here Greenspan is in 2004 supporting the offshoring of US Jobs. Not doing it may be "destabilizing"

What a jackazz!

Saudi Arabia cuts oil production‏

Not only is there no supply problem whatsoever. There is so much crude on the market (which nobody is buying) that Saudi Arabia is cutting production. Cutting production to ensure supply and demand continues having no bearing on the price.

They are artificially keeping the price in the stratosphere.

If Obama outraged? Nope!

Is Congress investigating? Nope!

Is anyone (other then me) paying any attention to what is really going on? Nope!

We are all witnessing the greatest robbery in human history. People don't even realize what they are looking at.

Every time you pump gas the police should rush in and wrap the pumps in crime scene tape. They should gather witnesses and question who saw what just happened

Make no mistake you are getting robbed.

If someone jammed a gun in your ribs (and demanded 50 bucks) the cops would show up. But when the oil cartel does the equivalent (without the gun) nobody cares.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

BP Pleads for Alaska Tax Breaks‏

BP pleads for tax breaks to start new oil fields in Prudoe Bay Alaska. Oil is selling at 107 per barrel. Oil companies are swimming is cash. They always plead for more domestic production. But then tell Alaska they will only start new projects if they get huge tax breaks. Tax breaks at 107.00 a barrel? FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK YYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! Some how taxes make oil less profitable. Am I missing something. Alaska has a 10 Billion dollar debt Prudo Bay has 25 BILLION barrels of oil. At $107.00 per barrel that is $2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of oil. And BP doesn't think that is enough to also pay some taxes. F*ck You is not strong enough. Whatever is stronger then F*ck you is what Alaska should be telling BP.

Meat contaminated with resistant bacteria‏,0,7997782.story Nearly half of all meat and poultry sampled in a new study contained drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus the findings are less about direct threats to humans than they are about the risks of using antibiotics in agriculture. "The fact that drug-resistant S. aureus was so prevalent, and likely came from the food animals themselves, is troubling, and demands attention to how antibiotics are used in food-animal production today, Antibiotics are routinely given to livestock to promote growth and prevent disease in crowded pens. About 11,000 people die every year from S. aureus infections The direct risk to meat consumers – a staph infection from the meat — can be reduced by cooking meat thoroughly and washing all foods or surfaces that come in contact with raw meat. But the wider danger is to public health—that antibiotics will become increasingly ineffective in humans.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama talking out both sides of his mouth.‏ In 2008 Obama ran for President saying tax cuts for the wealthy needed to end. Everyone cheered. In 2010 Obama renewed the tax cuts for the wealthy saying they were "needed" to keep the economy strong. Everyone booed. In 2011 Obama is getting ready to run for reelection so he is once again calling for the tax cuts for the rich to expire. The same ones he just renewed 3 1/2 months ago. Say A and do B. Obama is the freakin master. And people just keep believing him. Say you are going to close Gitmo. Then don't close Gitmo. Say terror suspects will be tried in Civilian court and then try them in military court. Say you are against oil companies and then promote offshore drilling. Say we need to remove the money from politics and then accept record amounts of money. Say the government needs to be transparent and then hide your secret dealings at every turn. Say you are for wind mills and solar panels and then promote "clean coal" and nuclear. Say you are against wall street fat cats and then support bailing out the same wall street fat cats. Say you are for cutting the deficit and then spend more money then any president in history. Say you are against companies sending jobs overseas, and then support all the company's sending the jobs overseas. Say you support a public option for health care and then don't support a public option for health care. Say you are going to control health care spending and then don't control health care spending. Say we need to fix the trade deficit and then have State Dinners for India and China who are responsible for most of the trade deficit. Say you support NASA and then kill the program that was suppose to be the future of NASA. Say A and do B. As long as he has a nice smile nobody even notices.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise, surprise: rich get richer - AGAIN!‏ the biggest stickup in American history....... House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican, wants $6 trillion in cuts over the next decade, plus $4 trillion in tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy............ The only people being saved are the wealthy......... the average salaries for CEOs at 200 of America’s largest companies rose 20 percent, to $11.7 million............. CEO bonuses at 50 major corporations rose 30.5 percent........... The rich have recovered so fast that their share of America’s income is on track to break the all-time record .............the US Census last year said the rich-poor income gap reached record levels, nearly doubling gaps of the late 1960s........... The United States is the richest nation on earth, yet we rank 97th in family-income equality Our government is for the rich, by the rich, serving the needs of the rich. Everyone else can f*ck off. The names can change (Clinton, Bush, Obama). The parties can change (Democrats, republicans, back to Democrats). The end result stays the same. The rich get richer and richer and richer as the rest of the country falls to sh*t.

Goldman Controls Gold too‏ Goldman's influence doesn't end with Oil. They also control the price of Gold. That is right. If it is happening in the economy it is controlled by Goldman Sachs. They are the real leader of the free world. Obama can pretend he is running things but in reality everything is run right out of Goldman Sachs Corporate Offices.

Goldman Sachs speaks and oil plummets‏ Goldman Sachs speaks and oil markets move. Not Supply and Demand......... No sir. Goldman Sachs! If they decide oil is too cheap then the price goes up. No questions asked. If they decide the price is too high then it drops. That is how Capitalism works in 2011. It is whatever Goldman Sachs decides. Goldman Sachs..... Masters of The Universe. If you are wondering why you have to pay $3.92 for a gallon of gas it is because Goldman Sachs says you do. Now take out your wallet. Swipe your card and shut the F*ck up!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Obama Administration - The Constitution doesn't apply to us‏ Everyone made fun of Bush when he did whatever he wanted with a total disregard for the constitution. With the Patriot Act Bush said law enforcement can do anything they want and people can just be quiet about it. Now here come Mr. Change himself (Barack Obama) and he is saying the same thing. Obama will do whatever he likes and constitutional protections don't apply in his administration. If Obama wants to look at your emails then he is going to look at your emails. He doesn't need a warrant. Warrants are for people who have rights and protections. That is clearly not the American people. Change you can believe in.

The Red Sox and Lebron James‏ The Red Sox and Lebron James are teaming up. That makes complete sense since Lebron has nothing to do with Boston and has never held it a secret that he is a Yankees fan.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calhoun's Value to CT is Priceless‏ NCAA mens tournament ratings are the highest in 7 years. When Uconn is playing people sit up and take notice. "Connecticut’s victory over Kentucky was seen by 16.7 million viewers". For the People who had the audacity to question Jim Calhoun salary they should consider this. "Advertisements will reportedly cost $1.2 million for each spot during the game, more than any other sporting event outside of the National Football League playoffs. \ How much is it worth to advertise Uconn (free of charge) to 16,000,000 people in Prime time? All thanks to Jim Calhoun. Next year when the enrollment for Uconn skyrockets (as it did in 99 and 04) everyone can thank Jim. Jim's success translating into direct cash for the University.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Japan Dumping Radioactive water into the Ocean‏,0,2631891.story The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant began releasing about 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the sea Monday evening so that it could make room in storage tanks for even more severely contaminated water. This sounds like a fantastic idea. Why don't they put it in barrels and bury it underground? They are so dumb. the water being released had levels of radioactive iodine 131 more than 100 times the legal limit allowed for sea discharge, the government approved the release as an "emergency" measure so that water with 100,000 times more radiation than the water found in a normally functioning reactor can be removed from the basement of the turbine building at reactor No. 2 and stored somewhere on the site. They couldn't just do that with all the water? the government asserted that the release of the radioactive water into the sea would not pose an immediate threat to humans. Wait a week..... You are really going to enjoy your fish dinner. Nuclear experts have assumed that radioactive iodine, which has a brief half-life, would become diluted in the ocean and decay too quickly to be detected in fish, but Monday's finding has raised doubts about that, said Ohara. It took them until Monday? I had doubts last week I don't believe anything they are saying. Just wait for the 3 headed fish to start swimming by. I am sure they will be discounted at the local supermarket. Currently there are no standards for radioactivity in meat, eggs, fish and grains. Eh who needs standards. I am sure industry will do the right thing as they always do. Eat up. the government are now considering options including putting it into a "floating island" offshore. Also being discussed is the installation of an undersea barrier, usually used to contain old spills, that might slow the radioactive water's move offshore. That sounds safe. Put it in a floating island and hope there is no hurricane or tropical storm. Sounds like a fine idea.

Obama Reelection His 2012 campaign total is expected to hit $1 billion Obama made his message clear on Tuesday at a $30,800-plate fund-raiser at a popular New York restaurant. Just a regular guy eating dinner for 30 grand. Man of the people. How many unemployed people got to rub shoulders with Obama at his fancy dinner. You think there were more CEO's or average citizens? Yup Obama takes care of the top 1% because the top 1% takes care of Obama. And that is why nothing changes.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

NY Hates CT For TWO YEARS this story has been investigated. A decision was made. Punishment was handed down. THE END!!!! The day before the Final 4 and the New York Times needs to stir the pot some more. The State of Conecticut is front and center and nobody is talking about New York. God forbid..... Nobody gives a shit about St Johns. What do we do???? This cannot stand....... Quick call up that kid who was thrown out of Uconn and see if he has anything new to say. Whether he does or doens't we need to make a negative story about Uconn the day before the final four. It is imperative. Nate Miles had two years to talk and has said nothing. Now the day before the big weekend suddenly he is ready (After the NY Times asked, and asked and asked) How nice. Talk all you want. Nobody cares. The story is done and we are moving on to the big weekend.Nice try NY times. Maybe next time you will have more substance to stain CT with.Go Uconn!

Southwest Airlines April 2008 Southwest Airlines is in trouble for cutting corners on inspections and repairs. March 2009 Southwest Airlines is fined 7.2 million dollars for cutting corners on maintenance. “The airline was fined for flying 46 airplanes on 59,791 flights without performing mandatory inspections for fuselage cracks. The planes, Boeing 737s, carried an estimated 145,000 passengers”. Today Southwest grounds 81 planes because a 3 foot hole blew open in mid flight forcing an emergency landing. "Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the "depressurization event" Why don’t they just read my first two links and they will know why todays event happened.

Oil Betting Crude-oil futures hit fresh 2½-year highs, as traders bet that an acceleration in China's manufacturing sector will tighten the global oil market at a time when supply from Libya is disrupted. This is the line needs to be made illegal. They should hold an emergency session of congress over the weekend and remove all speculation from the oil market. Next week anyone "betting" on oil goes to jail. Handcuffs and and orange jumpsuit. No betting, speculating, or otherwise manipulating the oil market. Period! Oil should be selling at $24.00 a barrel. Anything higher should spark a federal investigation.