Monday, June 29, 2015

Supreme Court Throws The Republicans A Bone.......

After bludgening the Republicans for days the Supreme Court finally threw the Republicans a bone.
Everyone was begining to think the Supreme Court hated the Republicans. Now we can see it is not really true.
First the court kicked the Republicans in the nutz by granting gay people equal rights to marry. Ohhhhh that one hurt.....
Then they kicked the Republicans in the nutz a second time by saying Obama Care is not going away. Oh no they are turning black and blue......
Then they kicked them in the nutz a third time by saying Abortion Clinics in Texas can remain open. We might need to have a doctor look at these nutz...They are really in bad shape.
Finally feeling bad about all the Republican nut bashing the Court said Republicans (and their energy company buddies) can continue to pollute the environment at will.
See Republicans......The court isn't all bad. They still like you.
Now we can all look forward to happier Republicans and more polluted air.
The Supreme Court has ruled against federal regulators' attempt to limit power plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants.
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Say No To Sex....Just Like Bristol Palin...

Republicans love to tell you all about how YOU shouldn't have sex.
Sex is bad. Sex is terrible and you shouldn't ever have it.
Not having sex is much better and it is easy too. Just don't get naked and don't hang around other people who get naked and you will be all set.
If you need further leadership on not having sex just follow Bristol Palin. she is the expert. That girl never has sex. Seriously she doesnt.
Now if you will excuse her she has a secind baby room to prepare.
“I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” she wrote.

Republicans Always The Victims When Others Get Rights.....

Republicans love to always make everything about how your rights to be free are somehow infringing on their rights to be jerks.
Republicans are always the real victim in every situation.... all because you want to be free.
Your right to marry who you want now somehow infringes on their religious freedoms. They can't go to church and pray if you are in the loving relationship of your choice.
Your rights to treat everyone equally infringes on their right to fly a racist flag and be bigots.
Your rights to be safe and protect your family infringes on their rights to insure every crazy person has access to every gun and ammunition possible.
Your rights to live in a clean and healthy environment infringes on their rights to pollute it as quickly and completely as possible.
A woman's right to control their own bodies infringes on Republicans rights to tell her what to do.
Yes...yes.....The real victim in a free country are always the Republicans.
Instead of just being happy that a discriminated group now has equal rights we are supposed to feel bad that the republicans ability to be jerks is now being compromised.
Those poor poor Republicans.

Ted Cruz Crazier Than Ever......

The darkest 24 hours in our countries history......
Darker than the Civil War.
Darker than Lincoln being assasinated.
Darker than The Great Depression.
Darker than Pearl Harbor.
Darker than World War II
Darker than the Kennedy assasination.
Darker than 9/11.
Gay people being treated like everyone else is darkest 24 hours in our countries history.
There you have it folks.....
Ted Cruz for President. The leadership we need to fix our country.
Then to top it off he wants to be able to fire Supreme Court Justices if they make decisions he disagrees with.
Our system is deliberately set up to prevent just this kind of thing.
Justices are lifetime appoinments for the sole reason that there are crazy people like
Ted Cruz.
The fact that Ted Cruz would suggest such an idea tells you why he is not qualified to be President.
Even the crazy Republicans who vote in Republican primaries are not supporting Crazy Ted Cruz.
Donald Trump is higher on the leader board than Cruz. Oye.

Walmart Leading The Made In The USA Revolution......Finally....

Normally I would rather spend the day in a dentist chair than step foot in a Walmart store.
Because of a flaw in our survival skills (when camping) we ended up at Walmart to buy Ashley a new air mattress.
As I walked around the store I couldn't believe what I was seeing....everywhere I looked there it was over and over......Made in the USA.....Made in the USA.
At one point I thought I would have to go outside and look up at the sign to make sure I was at the right store.
Historically you had a better chance of being trampled by a galloping unicorn (in aisle 6) than you ever had of finding a made in the USA sign inside a walmart.
Last year Walmart announced they would be promoting the manufacture of many more products. I laughed at the announcement.
For years walmart insisted all products be made in Communist Red China. So this reversal seemed strange. Perhaps my years of endless walmart bashing was finally having an effect.
Regardless of why it is happening the change is extremely noticable. They really want you to see made in the USA everywhere...which I did.
While it is only a drop in the ocean I feel walmart deserves a small pat on the back. This is a nice start walmart. Please keep it up.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Confederate Flag Is Racist....This is shocking news....

It is so ridiculous that it took 9 innocent people being murdered for everyone to wake up and figure out that the confederate Flag is a racist symbol and should not be celebrated.
Here is a news flash….The Confederate Flag has been a symbol of racism and treason for over 150 years. Politicians and companies lining up to distance themselves from that in 2015 (after a tragedy) is disingenuous.
Wal-Mart shouldn’t need to announce they will no longer sell the symbol…..They should have never been selling the symbol in the first place.
Way to go Wal-Mart….You are a leader for what is good and right. Once there is public outrage then (and only then) will you make the correct decision. When there was no outrage…. and someone was willing to pay $$$$$ for that symbol you had no problem selling it.

Fast Track Has Been Passed.....Dust Off Your Resumes..

Good news….After a small scare the Republicans and Democrats and The President have all come together to sell you out on trade.
Everyone agrees that your job would be better over in Asia. It is a big victory for American. The environment will be polluted. Your wages will be driven into the ground. Your benefits will disappear. It is good news all around. The best part is the fat cat CEO’s will see their earnings skyrocket. Brings a tear to my eye.
But don’t worry because we are Americans. That means we know how to compete. Forget $15.00 an hour minimum wage though. You will be looking at about $17.00 a day. But you can live on that. Don’t be negative. Just need a few simple cut backs and you will be fine. Maybe eat one day a week instead of 7.
Seriously don’t be negative. Nobody likes negativity. This is all for the good cause of making rich people even more richer. We all need to pull together as Americans to make this happen. Now stop reading this and go find a box for your desk at work. You will need to get that cleaned out soon so they can start boarding up the building. God Bless America……..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Pope Agrees Climate Change Is Real.....

When Scientists tell us there is man made climate change the Republicans all scoff. They deny it. They say it is not true. Republicans don’t believe in science.
Republicans believe in religion. When God tells them there is Climate Change then they will believe it. Well God isn’t saying much but the Pope is. The leader of the Catholic church is saying (in no uncertain terms) that climate change is happening. He also says the Science is correct and it is all our fault.
This is devastating news for the Republicans. What will they do? Where will they hide. If the Science says it is true. And Religion says it is true. What more is there?
If you see a Republican today (with a dazed look on their face) please be nice and give them a hug. Look them in the eye and tell them it is not their fault. Let them know being wrong (about everything) is hard work and they shouldn’t take the Popes tongue lashing personally.
I wonder if Rush Limbaugh is going to go on the radio today and make fun of the Pope, as he makes fun of everyone else who say Climate Change is real.
Make sure you tune in to hear his words of wisdom.
In a provocative and powerfully worded encyclical, Pope Francis declared that the planet was indeed growing warmer and that this dangerous trend was due largely to a culture of instant gratification.
“Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain,” Francis wrote in the 188-page document. “We may well be leaving to coming generations debris, desolation and filth. The pace of consumption, waste and environmental change has so stretched the planet’s capacity that our contemporary lifestyle, unsustainable as it is, can only precipitate catastrophes."

Pacific Ocean In Turmoil....Good News its Not Fukushima...

There is a lot of strange things happening out in the Pacific Ocean.
Keep in mind none of these things are related to the unprecedented amounts of radioactive water that has been pouring in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.
Everyday since 2011 thousands of tons of radioactive water has been going into the Ocean.
Everyday of 2012 it poured in.
Everyday of 2013 it poured in.
Everyday of 2014 it poured in.
The same has been true for all of 2015. Yet all this radiation has had no effect on the ocean which is good news.
There are sections in the pacific Ocean which are heating up and nobody knows why.
whales are dying at an alarming rate. Nobody knows why.
The sea Lions are dying at an alarming rate. Nobody knows why.
Birds are dying at an alarming rate. Nobody knows why.…/dead-birds-pacific-coast-cassins-a…
Strange fish that people don’t usually see are washing up on shore. Nobody knows why.
Red Crabs are showing up by the thousands in parts of California they have not previously been found.
The good news is none of this has anything to do with Fukushima. So there you go.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Workers Pensions About to get slashed.....Yay Deregulation.

One more time Deregulation turned out to be an awful, terrible, horrible idea.
One more time when the little people got royally screwed as a result of deregulation.
Anytime you hear that word you should run and hide. That word means you are about to get screwed.
A pension was a promise to employees that some money would be invested for their retirement. But once deregulation happened employers no longer had to invest the money. And they didn’t.
Employers only do things the government forces them to do. If the government is not forcing it then it will not happen. That is the reality.
So the employers took the money and used it for other things. They said they would make up the shortfall at a later time. They never did. Now there is not enough money to cover all the promises and who is going to pay the price? The workers….. of course.
Since there are no rules saying anyone else needs to be accountable (thanks deregulation) that means one more time it will be the fleecing of the workers. They did their job. They held up their end of the deal. Now (as always) they will be beaten down.
Corporations making record profits are accountable for nothing. Corporations with record breaking stock prices are accountable for nothing. Corporations bailed out with our tax dollars are accountable for nothing.
When corporations need to be bailed out the government is there waiting with the check book. Both Republicans and Democrats can’t write the checks fast enough. When workers need to be bailed out there is nobody home. Sorry you are on your own. Good luck.
There is only one group who is ever made to pay the price (for what others have done) and that is the workers. Club them over the head with a mallet and then continue to clubbing them because it is so fun. Capitalism at its finest.
“Many have been hurt by factors such as deregulation and other economic shifts. The plans also have been lightly regulated, allowing them to build up large unfunded liabilities.”
“About one million retirees and workers are participants in plans that are projected to run out of money eventually.”
Under the new law, trustees of many troubled plans will propose benefit cuts to stave off insolvency. (old laws to protect the workers were thrown away. New laws to screw the workers were passed. See how that works?)
When the banks were bailed out in 08 we were told bailout money HAD to be used to pay corporate bonuses. Those bonuses were owed by law and there was no way they could not be paid. Executives who ran their bank into the ground must be paid. But workers who earned Pensions have no such protections. Fox news was irate night after night (in 08) at the thought of bonuses not being paid to idiot executives. But if you watch tonight you will hear nothing about workers currently being screwed.

Lebron James Failures Continue......

Another year that ends in failure for Lebron James. More reasons why he is not the greatest player of all time. Not even close.
Bill Russell played in 12 NBA Finals and he won 11. A winning record.

Magic Johnson played in 9 NBA Finals and he won 5. A winning record.

Larry Bird played in 5 NBA Finals and he won 3. A winning record.

Michael Jordan played in 6 NBA Finals and he won 6. A perfect record.

Tim Duncan played in 6 NBA Finals and he won 5. A winning record.

Kobe Bryant played in 6 NBA Finals and he won 5. A winning record.

Lebron James played in 6 NBA finals and he won 2. A losing record.

See the problem here? The real superstars don’t have losing records. The pretend one does.

Then you hear well Lebron can’t do it all. No excuses. If you are the greatest ever then you make your teammates better. Bill Wennington isn’t going to the Hall Of Fame but Michael Jordan won multiple championships with him anyway. Lebron picks his own teams. The situation he is in is of his own choosing. That has been true for years. If it isn’t good enough that is also his fault.
Lebron is a fraud. Always has been. Always will be.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Democrats Say No To Obama and No To Free Trade.... Good!

The Democrats just gave the middle finger to President Obama (Champion of Republican causes).
I can’t believe they did the right thing…... I was sure they would cave the way they always do.
Obama wanted to get rid of US jobs. Republicans wanted to get rid of US jobs. The Democrats said we think that is a bad idea. This must be an unprecedented occurrence. Corporations will not be pleased.
I am sure in a week the whole thing will be revived and passed (when nobody is looking) but for today good for them.

Outsourced Organic Foods....Mmmmm Good.

You are willing to spend more money on Organic food because you want to eat healthier. You don’t want chemicals tainting the food you feed your family.
That is really nice and all but you should pay attention.
What the executives have figured out is they can take the extra money you pay and place it in their wallet. Then they buy tainted cheaper food from India and sell it to you and your family as organic. It is a really great system…….for them
The best part is you don’t have the slightest idea what you are buying because nobody is testing any of this food to see if it really is what it is supposed to be.
Unfortunately for the executives in Canada they have started running some tests and what they found is not good. They tested corn feed sold as organic and what they discovered is dangerously high levels of aflatoxin.
“A little background on aflatoxin.
It is one of the most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals known. It is the third highest cause of cancer death world wide.
Aflatoxin is a serious threat to health. So – highly toxic feed transported half way around the world seems seriously “off-brand” for organic.”
Many consumers willingly pay a price premium based on their belief that organic means safer/better*. That trust is being seriously violated by the phenomenon behind the recent Canadian incidents.
Some of this is related to the three-year transition required for a farm to qualify as organic, but much stems from the fact that farmers are not being offered a high enough price premium for organic to justify the logistical, yield and risk-based costs of growing under the organic rules.
It simply does not make economic sense for them to make that commitment when they know that the way they are normally farming is perfectly reasonable.
When buyers then choose to source their organic supplies from low-cost, off-shore sources, it only serves to entrench those inadequate premiums for the local producers.
The higher prices that consumers are willing to pay for organic are not being sufficiently passed along to the farmers in their own region.
This organic off-shoring phenomenon is much broader than some corn for chickens in Canada. Much of the recent growth in organic sales has been outside of its traditional niche of fresh fruits and vegetables. This growth has been in meat, dairy and packaged foods, all of which involve non-perishable ingredients which, like that Indian feed corn, can be cost-effectively shipped from around the world to Canada or other rich countries.
These importable ingredients include animal feeds, but also cereal grains/flours; dried milk, fruit and vegetable products; spices, nuts; fruit juice concentrates and frozen items.
There can be mycotoxin issues with many of these ingredients, but in the rich world we have systems that manage that risk quite well. If you go to the low cost market, there is no such guarantee. Andrew Porterfield has recently described enhanced pesticide risks associated with this same import trend.
The problem is that some of this organic-supply-driven-sourcing exposes us to crop production in regions that don’t have the basic environmental and food safety protections that we who live in the rich world normally have the privilege to assume.
Keeping fungal toxins out of the food supply requires careful attention to pest control, careful harvesting and proper storage. It requires monitoring and rejection protocols. These precautions are well integrated into developed world food systems. When companies go outside of the mainstream supply to cheaply fulfill organic or non-GMO demand, these safety features are often missing.
How often does that lead to dangerous contamination as in the Indian corn incident? No one knows because there had been no routine testing of imports until this recent Canadian decision to look at one category. Corn is certainly not the only ingredient with the potential for mycotoxin issues. There is nothing in the organic rules to address these risks. In fact the organic limitations on insecticide and biotech options increase the risk of the pest damage that initiates contamination.
The aflatoxin incident and policy change in Canada attracted very little attention in the North American press.
Perhaps it would be different if/when someone finds mycotoxin contamination in an organic human food ingredient. It is tragic that this danger is still prevalent in many parts of the world, but it is absurd to be importing it so that it becomes a “rich world problem.” If food companies are unwilling to pay farmers for the true cost of organic or non-GMO production, they should not be profiting from a consumer illusion of safety when in fact those customers are being put at greater risk.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jeb Bush wants More Public Shaming....What A Guy......

Sometimes I get so busy I forget just how stupid Republicans are. I mean deep down I do know it……but thank goodness election season rolls around to really remind me.

Oh yeah….Republicans are really really stupid. Now I remember

When I think about all the problems our country faces at the top of that list is the need for more public shaming of young woman.

If only we could all pull together as a society and shame some young girls for making choices the Republicans find objectionable.

Yes…..There is only one way to have a kid in this world and that is by being married. If you don’t choose their path there will be consequences. And you should care about what everone else thinks too and conform.

That is what the perfect Republican Utopia looks like. Life…. Liberty…. and the pursuit of pleasing those righteous Republicans.
Don’t forget Jeb Bush….2016. Make it happen.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Warren Buffetts Pretend Charity.....

More pretend charity from rich people.
Warren Buffett has $70,000,000,000.00 and here he is pretending to raise money for charity. The whole thing is laughable.
How does a man with 70 billion dollars raise money? Well he goes to a fancy NYC restaurant and orders a fancy steak dinner and then he eats it. It is real hard work but he is willing to make the sacrifice.
He does this while sharing a table with another really rich guy. When the dinner is over he takes 2.3 million bucks from the other guy and gives that money to charity. Not his money. His money stays in his bank account. The other guys money goes to help people in poverty. Wow what a sacrifice. Warren should be commended.
Warren Buffett owns Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway owns many, many, many, many, many companies.
If Warren really wanted to help people in poverty he could just go give people jobs. He could give people training and advice.
Instead of having dinner with another already rich guy why doesn’t he have dinner with some actual poor people. Poor people who could truely use his advise.
If Warren really wanted this to be fair he shouldn’t have an auction, where only rich people can win. If you can afford 2.3 million bucks for a 2 hour lunch you really don’t need any of Warrens advise. You are already doing just fine.
Yes if Warren really wanted to make this fair he would have a raffle. He would sell 2.3 million tickets at $1.00 each and give everyone a chance to eat fancy steak in NYC.
Of course he doesn’t do that because he doesn’t want to spend 2 hours with real poor people. Real poor people are gross. Better to eat fancy steak with other rich people and pretend there is some real charity going on there.
Way to go Warren.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

GE Threatening To Leave State Of CT Over Taxes.....Boo Hoo.......

Connecticut is trying to raise taxes on corporations (and everyone else) and GE is having a hissy fit. They are pouting. They are screaming. They are flailing their arms. They are stomping their feet.
This is the same company that is famous for paying $0.00 in taxes
Just the thought of GE having to pay any additional tax (above $0.00) is hateful.
When the money goes from the government to GE….GE is thrilled.
When the money goes from GE to the government……Well that is not going to happen.
So GE is threatening to move thousands of jobs out of the state of Connecticut which is their final outburst in this temper tantrum.
GE's CEO is Jeffrey Immelt.
Jeffrey Immelt was Barack Obamas jobs guy. Obama charged Immelt with figuring out why Americans have no jobs (try not to laugh). All Jeff had to do was look in the mirror and point at the guy he saw.
The reason Jeff agreed to play Obamas jobs guy is because GE depends on Billions and Billions of dollars in government contracts. GE can’t get enough of all that free government money.
Specifically GE wanted a piece of the F-35 Engine business. The F-35 is the biggest US military program (boondoggle) in history.
The engine for the F-35 was won by Pratt and Whitney. GE wanted to make a second engine and have your tax dollars pay for it.
Why have just one engine (that totally sucks) when you can have two.
Immelt pushed Obama hard to approve the GE engine. In the end (for reasons nobody understands) Obama said no to immelt.
There are members of congress still today trying to revive this second GE engine.
Right after Obama said no to the GE F-35...... Immelt stopped being Obamas jobs guy. These days you don’t see the two together much. Before Obama said no the two were together all the time.
So now Immelt is threatening all of Connecticuts GE employees with unemployment if GE has to pay any taxes.
Meanwhile the CT politicians are calling GE’s bullsh*t because GE really just wants to lay off all their CT employees anyway. Now they can blame the government though. Good deal for them.
General Electric told employees it has assembled an exploratory team to look for "another state with a more pro-business environment."
GE's statement followed a press conference by the Senate's top Democratic leader, Martin M. Looney of New Haven, who suggested Thursday that General Electric's harsh criticism of new business tax increases in the state budget may be a cover for Connecticut layoffs already planned by GE.
GE employs more than 5,700 employees in the state, including 800 at its corporate headquarters in Fairfield
Looney said business taxes in Connecticut are "moderate" compared to other states, and that business tax revenue for the state is now less than half of what it was a couple of decades ago. He said Connecticut was the only state in New England that didn't have a unitary tax on multi-state corporations.
"If people were only looking for low taxes and low costs, everybody would be moving to Mississippi," said Looney, "but that's not the case."
Rep. Peter Tercyak, D-New Britain, said he received a call Monday from a GE worker in Connecticut telling him that GE had already decided to move some of its Connecticut workers to New York. He said other Democratic legislators were getting similar calls, including a legislator's sister.
Tercyak said the callers were saying the new leases had been signed months ago, making the threat misleading.
Sharkey accused GE of "fear-mongering," and accused the company of blaming Connecticut's tax policy for its own corporate decisions that had been in the works for years.
"Let's take GE as an example. A company that pays zero taxes to the state of Connecticut by the way," Sharkey said. "If they're making decisions about what to move and when to move, it's not based on our tax policy."
Sharkey also said that the company's decision to sell off GE Capital had been discussed for six years "in a corporate boardroom without any regard to what the tax environment in the state of Connecticut is."

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Microbeads = Bad Idea.....

Microbeads = Bad Idea
Microbeads, those tiny plastic beads included in personal care products for exfoliating power, have been popular for a number of years, with a growing number of companies sneaking them into toothpaste, body scrubs, soap and more. That’s despite evidence that they cause significant environmental problems, an issue that’s led a number of states to ban them or seriously consider such bans in order to protect the environment. But there’s more: There’s evidence that microbeads are also harmful for human health.
One of the problems with microbeads is that their size allows them to pass through filtration systems intended to trap debris and pollutants we don’t want being released into the environment. Whether people are taking showers or brushing their teeth over the sink, the wastewater passes through processing facilities and the microbeads are flushed out right along with the clean water when it’s released into waterways. From there, they wind their way into the bodies of small aquatic animals, and a process known as biomagnification begins. As bigger and bigger animals eat animals contaminated with microbeads, the plastic chunks become more concentrated, and they leap to land as larger mammals consume animals like big fish.
For the environment, microbeads pose a problem because many contain harmful chemicals like PCBs along with other fat-soluble compounds known to cling to polyethylene, the plastic used to make them. That’s in addition to estrogen, a hormone that’s perfectly safe at normal levels in many animals, but one that can cause health problems if it builds up in the body. Estrogen-induced health problems can include behavioral changes in male fish along with damage to fish eggs that causes impairments and nonviability. Their size makes the problem even worse, as they look at a glance like fish eggs, a tasty snack enjoyed by many aquatic animals: It’s like setting out a chocolate cake laced with poison.
Humans face some challenges from microbeads as well. Some dental professionals claim that they can contribute to buildups of plaque, tartar and gingivitis by getting stuck under the gums, though the industry at large stresses that no studies have confirmed these claims and it hasn’t ruled definitively on the microbead problem. The more critical problem is one of biomagnification, as people eat fish contaminated with microbeads and consume PCBs, estrogen, and other compounds absorbed by the tiny beads.
Products like microbeads often make their way onto the market before we fully understand their environmental and health effects, and it can take years to regulate them. While they and the pollutants they contain will eventually break down, that’s taking place on a scale of hundreds of thousands of years, which is far too late for people and the environment. The growing use of the ingredient without providing notice to consumers is a problem — while they were once advertised as a selling point, now they’re often slipped in as a routine additive.
For those who want to avoid microbeads, look for polyethylene on the label of a product before purchase. If you need some exfoliating power on your face or body, try a more environmentally-friendly alternative like ground walnut shells, coffee grounds, sugar or ground cacao husks. There are lots of different options, including those for sensitive skin and people with rougher skin (or those who need a little extra exfoliation on their hands and feet after long days in the garden).

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


See….More evidence that Obama fixed the healthcare industry.
Before ObamaCare prices were skyrocketing and nobody could afford anything.
But now after ObamaCare prices are still skyrocketing and nobody can afford anything...... and also the ridiculously high priced insurance covers practically nothing.
You get to pay for everything. You pay at the front end. You pay at the back end. You pay everything in the middle too.
All fixed. Thanks Obama…..You are the best.
"Hold onto your wallets ... many insurers want to substantially hike rates on Obamacare policies for 2016."
(Of course they do…..Obama leaves that part out of his victory speeches though.)
"In Florida, for instance, United Healthcare (UNH) wants to raise the rates of plans sold on the Obamacare exchange by an average of 18%. "
"Individual policies available outside the exchange through United Healthcare or through a broker would go up by 31%, on average, with hikes as high as 60% for certain plans in certain locations."
(31% WOW WEE……UP AS HIGH AS 60%.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Air Ambulance....Don't do it.

Just like Obama told you…..The Healthcare industry has been fixed.
In the old system insurance companies might have covered air ambulances.
In the new (fixed) system health insurance probably won’t cover air ambulance service.
But that is OK….. because if the insurance company doesn’t cover it they will just send you the bill. It is all good.
So you get into a car accident. The helicopter shows up and flies you to the hospital. The hospitals fixes you up and you go home feeling great. Then the mail man shows up with a bill for $47,182.
You response (to the mail man) is F*ck this bullsh*t…….. I am not paying this sh*t. But don’t worry because when you don’t pay they will just sue you.
Then they will put a lien on your home and try to take that from you. It is all part of the new fixed healthcare system. Isn’t it great?
"Air ambulance companies, which indisputably save lives, often in dramatic circumstances, have consistently raised their rates and aggressively expanded their networks, adding scores of expensive new helicopters."
"The model has worked because health insurance has covered a large share of the bills."
"Now changes in the air ambulance industry may leave patients even more financially vulnerable. Private insurance companies that offer ambulance coverage may not cover the full cost of air ambulances, leaving more patients to pay the difference. And in recent months, those insurers, under pressure to cut health care costs, have been reducing reimbursements for air ambulances."
"Using numbers in the company’s financial filings, Jonathan Hanlon, founder of Research 360, a firm that analyzes companies, calculated that Air Methods’ average bill in 2014 was $40,766, compared with roughly $17,262 five years earlier."
"A law that deregulated (YAY DEREGULATION…..THAT WORD MEANS YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET TOTALLY SCREWED..... ENJOY!) the airline industry in the 1970s has prevented states from capping the amount air ambulances can charge."
"Mr. Hildenbrand calculated that each flight cost his operation $7,400 last year, counting all costs involved. Two other operators said their costs were close to that figure."
OK so lets do the math…….. One flight cost 7 grand. I find that hard to believe..... but OK.
I can go down to NYC and take a 30 minute sight seeing helicopter flight which will cost $600.00. But I am supposed to believe an EMT with a blood Pressure cuff adds 6 grand to the cost. Sure…...
Anyway.....At 100% profit the bill would be $14K. At 200% profit the price would be 21K. At 300% profit the price would be 28K. See where I am going here……Keep going until you get to 47K and then please defend how this is appropriate. This is just taking advantage of people in their time of need. It is ridiculous.
If you are in a car accident my advise would be to not lose conciseness. Stay awake and when you see the helicopter fly over just roll off the gurney and army crawl into the woods.
Whatever you do don’t let them put you in that helicopter. That 8 minute flight will not be worth it. Trust me.