Thursday, November 15, 2012

Retailers Destroying Thanksgiving

I agree with the workers.  Thanksgiving is a Federal Holiday and every store should be closed.  That should be a law.  These money grubbing retailers should get lost.  There is no reason for stores to be open on Thanksgiving.  People have plenty of time to buy all the "Made in China" garbage that is on their shelves from Black Friday to Christmas eve.  They don’t need to ruin these workers lives even more just to try to be the first to open.  If people want to shop they can shop online.  Anyone who goes out shopping on Thanksgiving ought to be deported out of the country.  Any CEO who decides their workers need to work on Thanksgiving better get their butt into the store too.  Like retail workers aren’t abused enough.  They should be able to stay home with their undesirable family members just like everyone else.