Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homeless Kids up 33% in 3 years‏


While CEO’s are trying to count their 36.5% raises in the worst economy since the great depression. Homelessness among kids is up 33% in 3 years.

Yes Obama (and the Republicans) redistribution of wealth is going great. While Mr Hammergren is trying to find ways to not pay taxes on his $145,266,971 salary…..A salary he received thanks to taxpayer provided stimulus (which was suppose to help the economy) kids all over America are looking for a cardboard box to snuggle up to for the night. The American dream coming alive.

There are the rich people and there is everyone else.

Who wouldn’t look at this situation and not think Obama and all of Congress deserve 4 more years.

4 more years……4 more years……Everyone join in….4 more years….

F22 Killing Pilots...Nobody knows why.


the Air Force concluded that Haney, one of its top pilots, was to blame because he was too distracted by his inability to breathe and should have engaged the F-22's emergency oxygen system.

HAHAHAHA It is always the way. Blame the dead pilots. It the their fault…… and the best part is they never attempt to defend themselves. Works out great.

Last week's report generated much debate over whether the Air Force turned Haney, an experienced and award-winning aviator, into a scapegoat to escape more criticism of the F-22.

You think…..

To save himself and the plane, Haney should have leaned over and with a gloved hand pulled a silver-dollar-size green ring that was under his seat by his left thigh to engage the emergency system, the report said.It takes 40 pounds of pull to engage the emergency system. That's a tall order for a man who has gone nearly a minute without a breath of air, speeding faster than sound, while wearing bulky weather gear, said Michael Barr, a former Air Force fighter pilot and former accident investigation officer.

Barr said the Air Force blamed Haney because the brass doesn't want more criticism of the F-22 program, which will cost an estimated $77 billion and whose need was called into question even before its first test flight."They've taken all the heat they want to," Barr said. "They paid a lot of money for an aircraft that doesn't work."

Counting upgrades, research and development costs, the U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that each F-22 cost U.S. taxpayers $412 million.

The normal Washington shenanigans on display again....‏


Here we go again. How many times have we seen this movie.

Oh no…… the deadline is approaching……Nobody agrees on anything…….. what will happen…… Everyone bite your nails……Then at the last moment (Usually on Christmas Eve) when nobody is paying attention (Except Andrew) miraculously a bill will be passed with lots of corporate giveaways. Hopefully nobody will find out what is being given away now.

Republican and Democrats LOVE these charades.

Republican LOVE tax breaks. They are pledged to NEVER raise taxes EVER. When Democrats (pretended to) want to let the Bush tax breaks expire Republicans say that is raising taxes. Now these taxes are going to expire and Republicans are pretending they don’t want to extend them (wink wink).

Obama pretends he wants to protect Social Security. Yet this tax break takes money out of Social Security. Then later he will tell you Social Security is underfunded and there needs to be cuts. Even though the reason it is underfunded is because of him.
Republicans hate Social Security and yet when Obama wants to under fund it Republicans are suddenly the great protectors of the program. These taxes need to be paid for (they say). Bushes taxes DON’T need to be paid for. But these do.

Well everyone can rest easy knowing these tax cuts will continue. Despite all the dramatics and terrible acting. Taxes will be extended. Social Security will be underfunded. No jobs will be created. Corporations will benefit.

You watch.

Monday, December 19, 2011

CEO Pay up 36.5%

CEO pay was up 36.5% last year.
Didn’t everyone get a 36.5% raise last year? Raise your hand if you got that. Raise your hand if you got a 26% raise. Raise your hand if you got a 16% raise. Raise your hand if you got a 6% raise. Hey how come nobody is raising their hands?
Republicans say Obama is redistributing wealth and they are correct. It is all going to the top 1%.
The good news is the rich people are the “job creators”. The more money the rich people have the more jobs they create. (Clearly).
Three of the 10 highest paid CEOs work in the health-care industry. How can that be??? I thought Obama killed the Healthcare industry. How can healthcare companies still be doing so well?
The highest paid CEO is John Hammergren at McKesson. He made $145,266,971.00 in 2010. So I am thinking who is this guy? What did he do to earn such staggering money? Did he invent the Ipad or something?
Turns out this guy got Billions and Billions of Dollars from Obama’s Stimulus.
Mr. Hammergren had direct access to President Obama and advised him on healthcare issues. He was at Obama’s Healthcare summit in 2009. Wasn’t everyone invited to that? It is clear the advice he gave was for Taxpayers to pay lots of money to McKesson. McKesson in turn put millions of dollars in Mr Hammergrens bank account. Isn’t that the way Capitalism works. Doesn’t everyone have direct access to Obama. His stimulus was suppose to create jobs. In reality it just made rich people a richer. Fantastic!
At McKesson, CEO John H. Hammergren got $16,935 in financial-counseling fees, $100,560 in free personal trips on the company aircraft, $122,177 for “installation of home security devices and/or for security monitoring services” (nice of them to be specific) and $9,006 for a car and driver.
Making 145 Million is not enough to afford your own driver…You need a separate allowance for that.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Steven Van Zandt‏


I agree with EVERY word of this. Bruce Springsteen should be proud his guy gets it.

China Hacking EVERYTHING‏


How Bill Gates is not in handcuffs I will never understand. That man has done more damage to the United States then all the terrorist networks combined. He should be hanged from the highest tree.

iBahn provides broadband business and entertainment access to guests of Marriott International Inc. and other hotel chains, including multinational companies that hold meetings on site. Breaking into iBahn’s networks, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official familiar with the matter, may have let hackers see millions of confidential e-mails, even encrypted ones, as executives from Dubai to New York reported back on everything from new product development to merger negotiations.

More worrisome, hackers might have used iBahn’s system as a launching pad into corporate networks that are connected to it, using traveling employees to create a backdoor to company secrets

The networks of at least 760 companies, research universities, Internet service providers and government agencies were hit over the last decade by the same elite group of China-based cyber spies. The companies, including firms such as Research in Motion Ltd. and Boston Scientific Corp., range from some of the largest corporations to niche innovators in sectors like aerospace, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology,

“They are stealing everything that isn’t bolted down, and it’s getting exponentially worse,”

For now, the administration is concentrating on raising awareness among company executives and seeking a commitment to improve security against such attacks. Raising awareness…That is what the administration is doing….H*ll I have been doing that for YEARS. Anyone who reads my emails knows about this issue and knows why it is happening. I told everyone it was going to happen. Now I am showing everyone it is happening. Exactly as I said it would. I did expect the President to do more about it than I am. I guess (once again) I expect too much.

the value of the blueprints, chemical formulas and other material stolen from U.S. corporate computers in the last year reached almost $500 billion, said Rogers, a former agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We’re talking about stealing entire industries,” he said. “This may be the biggest transfer of wealth in a short period of time that the world has ever seen.” THANKS TO BILL GATES…..

Google vastly underestimated the scope of the spying. Google should have talked to me. I could have told them how bad it was going to be. No surprise around here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iran threatening the Straight Of Hormuz‏


This is one way to start a war. If Iran wants to push the buttons of the world this is one way to do it. If they want to get a closer look at the US military hardware just close the straight and they will get a good close look at our military capabilities.

They are playing with fire.

Downed Stealth Drone - There is a lot more going on here.....‏


The most troubling prospect is that the Iranians’ second claim about how they brought it down -- by hacking into its controls and landing it themselves -- might be true, said one of the intelligence officials .

The official said the possibility that the Iranians, perhaps with help from China or Russia, hacked into the drone’s satellite communications is doubly alarming because it would mean that Iranian or other cyber-warfare officers were able to disable the Sentinel’s automatic self-destruct, holding pattern and return-to-base mechanisms.

Those are intended to prevent the plane’s secret flight control, optical, radar, surveillance and communications technology from falling into the wrong hands if its controllers at Creech Lake Air Force Base or the Tonopah Test Range, both in Nevada, lose contact with it.
Targeting Computer Networks

In recent years, one of the officials said, computer hackers thought to be part of extensive Chinese or Russian cyber espionage efforts have attacked the computer networks of numerous defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin; broken into two satellite ground stations and planted keystroke logging software in some military computers -- including some that are used to control some U.S. drones.

Two U.S. intelligence officials said that while the drones’ and other military and intelligence computer networks are kept separate from the public Internet, investigators have uncovered what they said are numerous instances when thumb drives containing Chinese and other malware have infected classified networks. Often, they said, such infections have spread quickly and proved very difficult to eradicate.


China hacking Lockheed last spring.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Air France Crash...Still Makes No Sense.


The official explanation still makes no sense.

They say -

The outside temperature is much warmer than forecast, The two copilots discuss the unusually elevated external temperature.

If the temperature is “Elevated” how do the pitot tubes ice over?? Ice doesn’t form in hot weather. It forms in cold.

Bonin reacts irrationally. He pulls back on the side stick to put the airplane into a steep climb, despite having recently discussed the fact that the plane could not safely ascend due to the unusually high external temperature.

First they say - Then the stall warning sounds. This is a synthesized human voice that repeatedly calls out, "Stall!" in English, followed by a loud and intentionally annoying sound called a "cricket." A stall is a potentially dangerous situation that can result from flying too slowly. At a critical speed, a wing suddenly becomes much less effective at generating lift, and a plane can plunge precipitously

Then they say - The plane is soon climbing at a blistering rate of 7000 feet per minute. While it is gaining altitude, it is losing speed, until it is crawling along at only 93 knots,

So the plane is in a stall and the pilot pulls up on the stick (which is wrong) yet the plane is gaining altitude at a blistering rate. Well if the plane is in a stall how is it gaining altitude?????? That makes no sense.

Again, the stall alarm begins to sound. Still, the pilots continue to ignore it and the reason may be that they believe it is impossible for them to stall the airplane. It's not an entirely unreasonable idea: The Airbus is a fly-by-wire plane; the control inputs are not fed directly to the control surfaces, but to a computer, which then in turn commands actuators that move the ailerons, rudder, elevator, and flaps. The vast majority of the time, the computer operates within what's known as normal law, which means that the computer will not enact any control movements that would cause the plane to leave its flight envelope. "You can't stall the airplane in normal law," says Godfrey Camilleri, a flight instructor who teaches Airbus 330 systems to US Airways pilots.

But once the computer lost its airspeed data, it disconnected the autopilot and switched from normal law to "alternate law," a regime with far fewer restrictions on what a pilot can do. "Once you're in alternate law, you can stall the airplane," Camilleri says.

So the pilots are trained that the computer will not let them do anything to crash the plane but in reality that is not really true. So they wonder why they were ignoring the stall warning when really they were trained that the plane won’t stall so why listen to it.

Bonin may have assumed that the stall warning was spurious because he didn't realize that the plane could remove its own restrictions against stalling and, indeed, had done so

Stupid design by Airbus…. Either the pilot is in charge or the computer is in charge. You can’t have it both ways. Decide who is flying the plane.

Unlike the control yokes of a Boeing jetliner, the side sticks on an Airbus are "asynchronous"—that is, they move independently. "If the person in the right seat is pulling back on the joystick, the person in the left seat doesn't feel it," says Dr. David Esser, a professor of aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. "Their stick doesn't move just because the other one does, unlike the old-fashioned mechanical systems like you find in small planes, where if you turn one, the [other] one turns the same way." Robert has no idea that, despite their conversation about descending, Bonin has continued to pull back on the side stick.

As the plane approaches 10,000 feet, Robert tries to take back the controls, and pushes forward on the stick, but the plane is in "dual input" mode, and so the system averages his inputs with those of Bonin, who continues to pull back. The nose remains high.

More stupid designs by airbus. The pilot and the co pilot can be doing opposite instructions (with the same controls) and won’t even know it??? Then the plane averages the two inputs…..Are you kidding me…. Did these engineers think at all before they designed this plane? Dumbest sh*t I ever heard. None of this still explains how the tail of the plane ended up miles away from the rest of the wreckage. It the plane was falling out of the sky flat (at an angle with its nose up) why would the tail be ripped off. I am still waiting for that to be explained.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fracking...The lies...And the Truth‏


Here we have Exxon Mobile telling everyone how completely safe Natural Gas Fracking is. There are lots and lots of safeguards (they say)and no possible way the ground water would ever get contaminated. No way..... Who would even think that pumping tons of top secret chemicals into the ground (at tremendous pressure) could ever possibly contaminate drinking water. It is preposterous. After all if you can't trust Exxon to care for the environment who can you trust.


Here we have the EPA pointing to fracking as the source of contaminated ground water. Who would have figured that...

The EPA's found that compounds likely associated with fracking chemicals had been detected in the groundwater beneath Pavillion, a small community in central Wyoming where residents say their well water reeks of chemicals. Health officials last year advised them not to drink their water after the EPA found low levels hydrocarbons in their wells.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First 787 Decommissioned already....


That didn’t take long. The first 787 was so completely phucked up that they are already decommissioning it. To most people that maybe suprising. To anyone reading this message it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Boeing reclassified the first three 787s to a research and development expense in August 2009, taking a charge of $2.5 billion, because the reworking destroyed the airplanes' commercial value. The first 787 ended up costing Boeing more than $4 billion, company sources told Flightblogger.

The Obama Charade Part 2


The election is coming so it is time to try and hide what Obama has been doing for the last 3 years. Time to pretend he is “man of the people” instead of what he really is “man of corporate interests and the super rich”.

Hopefully nobody has been paying attention.

Obama says he loves the Middle Class and is against the Corporations and the super rich. OK….. so what has he done to help the middle class…….Crickets……..
OK….What has he done to help the super rich…..

Oh right he extended to hated Bush Tax Cuts…You know to help the middle class.

He had a State Dinner for Communist Red China which included a who’s who of US corporate elite…..You know to help the middle class.

Then he had a State dinner for India, with another who’s who of US corporate elite….You know to help the middle class.

Then he bailed out the Wall Street Banks with Billions and (now we find out) Trillions of dollars…..You know to help the middle class.

Then he spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prevent unemployment from going above 6%. The result was it went over 9%.

Then he passed the free trade agreement with Korea…..You know to help the middle class.

And when Unions were under attack in Wisconcin remember when Obama flew out to show his support for the workers…..Oh wait he didn’t do that at all. In fact he did nothing. He said nothing. All as the unions got demolished.

Remember when he supported off shore drilling….You know to help the middle class.

Then he supported “Clean Coal” because he is all about helping the environment.

Yes time and time again Obama has shown he could give a F*ck about the middle class. But hey election time is coming so it is time to start changing the reality. Nothing alters reality like a fiery well spoken speech.

Hopefully nobody will notice the truth.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Arsenic in Apple Juice - Enjoy!‏


When Dr Oz said Apple Juice was laced with Arsenic everybody shrugged their shoulders and didn't believe it. Now Consumer Reports is saying the same thing and everyone is taking notice. The important part of this story is that most of these tainted Apples are coming from our friends in Communist Red China. You know the people that brought our kids lead covered toys. The people that brought our animals Melamine Tainted Dog food. Brought our homes Formaldehyde tainted Sheet Rock. Now they are bringing our kids arsenic flavored Apple Juice. YUM! What parent doesn't want that for their kids. In the old days Apples were grown in the United States. Those days are over. Now they comes from the polluted groves of filthy China where there are no environmental standards. Drink up. Make sure your pour your kids an extra large glass, they will thank you for it later.

The government has no standard for arsenic or lead in apple juice or grape juice, and the new findings have prompted Consumers Union, CR's advocacy arm, to call on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the toxins in juice.

Who needs government standards????? Let the private market regulate themselves......See how well that works out? Isn't everyone impressed with how the private industry makes sure our kids are safe? If the government doesn't ram the cattle prod up the azz of corporate American then you get arsenic in your kids apple juice. So the next time you hear anyone say we need to deregulate industry just punch them right in the face. Deregulation = arsenic in your kids apple juice. Believe me you won't find that on the ingredients label either. Everyone is comparing Apple juice to the standard of drinking water.

What nobody remembers is Bush increased the allowable arsenic in water when he was president.

China taking over our Apple insustry.

Iran Shooting Down our Drones‏


Drones are all the rage in the back country of Afganistan. As long as the country has no air defenses whatsoever then drones are awesome. But any modern country with technology created after 1637 and Drones are completely useless. In the old days we had the SR71 which flew at 80,000 feet and mach 3. By the time the country figured out it was there the pilot was home in bed. But the geniuses in Washington decided those weren't needed anymore and the planes were all retired. Now you can still see them collecting dust at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Meanwhile our super fancy (but completely useless) drones are in the Iranian hands. Which means soon they will be in Chinese hands. Good planning......