Thursday, January 29, 2015

Earthquakes In Oklahoma.....Drill Baby Drill.....

Swarms Of Earthquakes…..Yay Fracking!
The earthquakes come nearly every day now, cracking drywall, popping floor tiles and rattling kitchen cabinets. (How exciting)
On Monday, three quakes hit this historic land-rush town in 24 hours, booming and rumbling like the end of the world. (Get that heart rate up….It is good for you)
“People are so frustrated and scared. They want to know the state is doing something.” (The state is not doing anything. Don’t be stupid)
What to do about the plague of earthquakes is, however, very much an open question in Oklahoma. (Plagues are fun)
Last year, 567 quakes of at least 3.0 magnitude rocked a swath of counties from the state capital to the Kansas line, alarming a populace long accustomed to fewer than two quakes a year. (567 quakes….WOW!)
Scientists implicated the oil and gas industry — in particular, the deep wastewater disposal wells that have been linked to a dramatic increase in seismic activity across the central United States. (You can’t trust scientists. Drill baby drill….)
in a state founded on oil wealth, officials have been reluctant to crack down on an industry that accounts for a third of the economy and one in five jobs.
With seismologists warning that the spreading earthquake swarms could trigger something far bigger and potentially deadly, pressure is building to follow the lead of other oil and gas-producing states and take more aggressive action.
“The question is: Is it all about profits, (Yes it is) or do the people have any rights at all?” (This is the United States….People have no rights. Oil companies have all the rights. Now go fix your dry wall and stop your whining.)
“I understand the oil and gas industry is the economic lifeblood of the state. I get some of my paycheck from the oil and gas industry,” added Lisa Griggs, 56, a Guthrie environmental consultant. “But they don’t get to destroy my house.” (Actually they do)
State officials insist they are doing all they can to develop new regulations. (No they are not)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

US Military Is In Tatters.....

Because the United States wastes so much money chasing their tails round and round the US Military is presently in tatters.
It is not that we don’t spend an enormous amount of money because we do. We just spend that money very poorly. As a result we are broke and the military can’t get the job done.
It is like wanting a really great dinner and going to Mcdonalds for a Big Mac. They tell you the Big Mac costs $4.50 and you hand them $100.00 anyway. You do this not because you have to but because you are stupid.
So you spent a lot of money and still got a crappy dinner. That is how our military industrial complex works.
For the first time since the end of World War II, the United States won’t have an aircraft carrier in East Asian waters. Defense funding shortfalls have dictated a four-month gap between the departure of the USS George Washington from its homeport of Yokosuka, Japan and the scheduled arrival of the USS Ronald Reagan.
Though the US Navy says their concerns are overblown, the foreign media in the region have given the story a considerable amount of attention. One reason for our allies’ concern is their profound unease about China’s intentions. A recent poll by the Pew Research Center found that 93% of Filipinos, 85% of Japanese, and 83% of South Koreans are worried that China’s territorial ambitions could lead to military conflict.
Retired Vice Admiral Peter Daly, CEO of the United States Naval Institute recently told a gathering in Washington that “given the current glide slope, in a year we will only be able to deploy two carrier groups” worldwide, even with 30 days notice. That is down from three currently, and five carrier groups just a year ago.
The Air Force’s top officers have noted that our air fleet is the smallest and oldest in the service’s history.
(The F-15 and F-16 are old. The F-22 is discontinued. The F-35 is garbage. The result is the United States is not prepared at all.)
General Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, even went so far as to say that he is not sure the United States can maintain air supremacy in a major conflict.
(We are not going to War with China no matter what they do because we might not win. We can’t even beat the Taliban. The Taliban has no air force, or NAVY, and we still can’t beat them. We will definitely not be taking on a real enemy anytime soon. Enjoy your Nuclear program Iran because we don’t care. If China wants to bully the Pacific rim countries that is good with us as well. We are powerless.)
Congressman Randy Forbes, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces, points out that air supremacy accounts for much of the difference in American lives lost between Vietnam and more recent conflicts.
General Ray Odierno, the Army’s Chief of Staff recently testified that not only have we moved away from the long-held strategic objective of being able to fight and win two wars simultaneously, he is not even sure—given our current manpower levels—that we could win one. (Confidence Building statements.)
These diminishing capabilities may seem shocking in light of the military spending agreed to in the recent omnibus $1.1 trillion spending bill just agreed to by Congress.
Shipbuilding offers a dramatic example. Cost-overruns have limited the number of ships we can afford to build because far too many people have the authority to make changes in design and requirements even after construction has begun.
Some 40 different offices in the Navy Department had the authority to dictate design changes to the Littoral Combat Ship program. This led costs to rise from $220 million per hull, to about $457 million per ship, since even simple changes in one area often result in cascades of other changes throughout the ships. Such lunacy must end. Program managers must stick to agreed-upon performance requirements and the resulting design, and not be tempted by the lure of new technologies or the threat du jour.
defense industry leaders must have the incentive to say, “Sorry Admiral, that is a really bad idea.” Currently, defense contractors have little reason to push back against ever-changing program modifications. Under the current procurement system, when unit costs go up, defense contractors typically see reduced orders. But their overall revenues and margins do not change. (So the ship builders get to build less ships and still make the same amount of money. Good deal for them. Bad deal with tax payers and our national defense) It may be time to impose a margin penalty tax on contractors who agree to post-construction design changes. They need to have more skin in the game.
(The other problem is the United States starts building a program such as the F-35 and then 75% of the way through the project China hacks in and steals all the top secret info causing a lot of redesign. The United States needs to stop all the never ending hacking which costs Hundreds Of Billions in losses.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Caves On 529 College Plan..... He Must Have Read My Post.

Last Thursday President Obama announced he was going after 529 College plans. His goal was one more attack on the Middle class.
On Saturday I posted a withering (no holds barred) attack on Obama’s misguided plan.
President Obama tried to fly off to India to avoid the pending firestorm my post created. Obviously my post still made it to his attention.
I am sure emergency meetings were held to strategize a plan to deal with Andrews outrage. There was probably yelling and screaming across a large conference room table as they scrambled to come with ideas. In the end there was no way to scuttle Andrews outrage.
They even tried distracting you by crashing a drone on the White House lawn....... But my post was still there. They tried distracting you with Michele Obama not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia. Oh the outrage……But my post was still there. In the end they had no choice but to cave.
Your 529 college plan will remain unchanged. You’re welcome!
A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the issue had become a distraction from the president’s broader plan to expand and simplify tax breaks for education

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Obama Killing 529 College Savings Plans...To Help The Middle Class.

On Tuesday President Obama stood in front of the country and said he was working hard to strengthen the Middle Class. He was going after the Rich to pay their fair share and his main concern was the middle class. (Wink Wink)
On Thursday President Obama showed once again he is dishonest as he began his latest attack on the Middle Class.
529 College Savings Plans are what the Middle Class use to save for college. President Obama wants to kill them. He would rather you just have your kids take on a life time of debt than be incentivized to save money.
A lifetime of Debt is a lot more helpful to Wall Street Bankers than you saving money. Wall Street Bankers are Obama’s main concern.
Since Obama hates the Middle Class, and Republicans also hate the middle class, this will be passed and everyone will claim victory.
Republicans will gloat about compromising with the President and everyone will proclaim success. When it comes to screwing the Middle Class there is no disagreement. Lets get it done.
President Obama is proposing a radical change to the 529 college savings plans held by millions of families, which would require those who use them to rethink their approach to college savings.
As part of his plan to simplify the tax code and help the middle class, one of the 529 plan’s most attractive benefits would be eliminated: Money could no longer be withdrawn tax-free. (The new rules would apply only to new contributions.)
The accounts, many of which are run by the states, allow people to make contributions that grow tax-free. The money can be withdrawn without the paying of capital gains taxes as long as the proceeds are used for education expenses. Many states provide state income tax deductions for contributions as well.
“I was very surprised by the Obama 529 proposal because in many ways it is anti-middle class for families trying to afford college,” said Joe Hurley, founder of the website. “And so much of the emphasis in the Obama administration has been pro-middle class.” (Wink Wink)
The proposed changes — which many experts say would be difficult to pass (Not really) in a Republican-controlled Congress — would discourage savers from using the accounts because the withdrawals would be taxed as ordinary income. Because that income will be recognized on families’ tax returns, it is also likely to reduce how much they may receive in federal financial aid,
Mr. Hurley of said he would expect 529 contributions to dry up immediately, which would hurt the plans’ financial positions. “States that are not able to retain sufficient assets in their 529 plans will have a difficult time keeping their plans open,” he added.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Apple Showing the Communist Chinese Everything.....They Never Learn.

If you use Apple products listen up. Tim Cook is about to hand over the Source code to apples operating system to Communist Red China. Once that happens all of your Apple products will be relentlessly hacked by the Chinese.
Everything you do will be between you and the Communist Government of China.
In 2003 Bill Gates opened up the source code to Windows to the Communist Chinese and the result has been unprecedented levels of hacking. If it exists in the United States it is hacked by the Chinese.
Google got so fed up with Microsoft’s Bullsh*t security they banned all Windows usage at their company.
Some people fled to Apple because it was considered more secure. Well those days over. Tim Cook is just as stupid as Bill Gates and the victim will be you. If you care about security it is time to find a new option because Apple is no longer it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

15 More Years and Bill Gates Will have the Poverty Problem Solved.......Really!

Don’t focus on Bill Gates sitting in Davos Switzerland (right this very minute) with all the other fat cat billionaires comparing their private jets and fancy money clips.
Instead focus on how much Bill Gates is solving the world’s poverty problem.
All he needs is 15 more years and everything will be peaches and cream. Please don’t raise his taxes.
If Bill has to give the government more money then he won’t have it to single handedly fight world poverty. Bill can solve that problem better than any government. Please… please let him keep all his Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions (keep going 77 more times) of Dollars.
Bill Gates having all the money isn’t about him….It is about poor people. Nobody loves poor people more then Bill and he knows just how to help them all.
So please write your congressman and tell them to leave Bill and the other billionaires alone.
Thank you!
OK now if you will excuse Bill he has to get back to his Billionaire conference. Please think happy thoughts because the Billionaires are going to fix everything. Trust them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Those Filthy Cheating Patriots......

All these Patriot fans trying to down play the significance of Deflating footballs. It was obviously significant enough for them to do it so it must be pretty important.
People trying to say Bill Belichek didn’t know. The man who runs that organization with an iron fist didn’t know the balls were being deflated. Sure…….. That is believable. It was just some ball boy who took it upon himself to deflate the ball Tom Brady would be throwing (in the rain) in a championship game. Sure…why not. Hey look out the window pigs are flying.
If it happened on the Pats then Belicheck knew all about it. You can be sure.
There is nothing more detestable then cheating in sports. And there are no degrees of cheating. You either did it or you didn’t. It is like saying yeah I robbed the bank but I didn’t get a lot of money so it isn’t a big deal. If you did it then it is a big deal.
Lance Armstrong was the most popular athlete on the planet and then he got caught cheating. Now everyone universally hates him and he never actually won the Tour De France. You can check the books. He didn’t win.
Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa were household names in 1998 and today they are outcasts all because of cheating. It is a stain. Doesn’t matter if the corked bat helped. Doesn’t matter if the pine tar worked. If you cheat and are caught then you are done.
Pete Rose has been punished for 25 years because he broke the rules. It is serious business and the Pats have been caught multiple times. If Shaun Payton was suspended a year for breaking the rules with bounty gate then Belicheck (on his second offense) should receive at least that. If it were me I would disqualify him from the super bowl. He would be banned from the event entirely. My guess is that won’t happen but something significant should happen because everyone (except Pats fans) hate a cheater.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Rich Heading Off To Davos Again....Wish Them Luck.

This week the rich and powerful are heading off to Davos Switzerland to discuss how much money they all have….. and how little money you have.
It is a yearly ritual and everyone who is anyone will be there. You can go check your mailbox and see if you received an invite. Please don’t be upset when there is nothing there but your electric bill.
It is not your fault that you are an irrelevant nobody. You should rest assured that the super-rich will be dining on the finest food all while laughing at how incredibly poor you are. That subject cracks them up each and every year.
During the day they will be hard at work solving the worlds problems. The #1 problem they need to solve is why they have all the money…..and you have none. It is a real brain tease but I am confident they will be able to solve it.
“International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development have repeatedly warned that inequality threatens not just the poor, but social cohesion (Social Cohesion = People lighting torches and grabbing pitch folks….The thought really scares the hell out of the rich people.)
“The scale of global inequality is quite simply staggering,” (Good word) Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, said in a statement. “Despite the issue shooting up the global agenda, the gap between the richest and the rest is widening fast.” (Thanks to Obama)
The chorus of concern over disparities may be growing, but there’s little consensus on just what to do about it. (Invite me…..I will tell them exactly what to do about it. Won’t take me more then 10 minutes either. Then I am off to the shrimp bar.)
Oxfam, an anti-poverty charity, is calling for greater disclosure of lobbying activities (Yes) , minimum wage hikes (Irrelevant), the end of tax havens (Yes) and more taxes on the wealthy (good deal).
(Also how about No more closed door meetings in Congress. Democracy is supposed to be open for all to see. There should be no closed door meetings of any kind in the US Capital. If you are too embarrassed to say what you have to say in front of everyone then you probably shouldn’t be saying it at all.
Everything our Congress does should be open for all to see. Period!)
Look at the graphs in this article……Notice the year the rich really got richer (and everyone else got poorer). Notice it was the year after Obama became president. Yeah I notice that too. Mr. Hope and Change doing a bang up job.
In 2010, it took 388 billionaires to equal the wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population; now it’s just 80 billionaires. (What an accomplishment. That fact is going to really stand out in Obamas presidential library.)
There are 1,645 Billionaires. There are 7,000,000,000 people on the planet. That is 1 billionaire for every 4.2 million people. The billionaires tell us that becoming one of them is possible. They insist you can achieve it too if only you tried harder. Your laziness is your problem. Don’t let those long odds discourage you because you are almost there.
Who are these 1,645 billionaires?
The world’s billionaires tend to be “male and greying,” (of course) with about nine in 10 of them male and over the age of 50. (Zuckerberg snuck in under 50. That could have been you…..Not really.)
A third have inherited some or all of their fortunes (Inherited means they didn’t work for it at all….. it was just handed to them. Nice deal if you can get it. So while they tell you to work harder the fact is 33% of them don’t even know what that means. It does crack them up to say it though)
Almost 30 per cent are citizens of the United States. (God Bless America….Best government Billionaires can buy.)
Many have gotten rich from interests in either the financial (You remember the financial industry…..That was the industry your tax dollars bailed out. They screwed it up. You bailed them out. They took the money and put it in their pockets. It was a great deal for them.) and insurance sector or the pharmaceutical and health-care industry.
(You remember the insurance and Heathcare industries…..Those are the industries that Obama promised to fix but didn’t. A lot of people got rich on that whole con job. Thanks Obama.)

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Rich The Poor and Obamas empty talk.....

Tomorrow night you are going to watch President Obama talk about raising taxes on the rich people. Of course that is never going to actually happen. But he is going to say it anyway and everyone on the left will clap accordingly.
Then he is going to tell you all about his plan to lower taxes on the dwindling middle class. Of course that is never going to happen either. More clapping will ensue.
Then he is going to tell you how community college should be free. Don’t pay the bill…you just go and get a free education. Sure....Why not…..
In 2009 Obama had a Super majority in the Senate, and a majority in the house and yet he extended the Bush Tax Cuts anyway. That was the real Obama.
Now that he is a lame duck with Republicans controlling the house and the Senate he will tell you all about how he wants to tax the rich. He will tell you this knowing full well that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will never…. Ever….. ever….. never….. ever….. raise taxes on the rich people. But he will say it with conviction nonetheless.
Saying it will mean Obama gets to pretend he wants it (which he doesn’t) and then blame Republicans when it doesn’t happen. Yay! It is a good deal all around. Get it into the history books that he wanted this to happen, all while knowing full well it is a pipe dream.
Because Obama is such a complete fraud the Top 1% will soon control most of the worlds money.
You can go to your neighbors house and take all their money. Then you can go to their neighbors house and take all their money too. You can keep doing this to half the worlds population and when you are done you still won’t have as much money as the top 1%.
80 people now control $2,000,000,000,000.00……. and that all happened on Obamas watch. 6 years he has been president and the rich have gotten richer and richer and richer and richer. He has done NOTHING to fix the problem. BUT tomorrow he is going to pretend to start. Oh good!
Pay close attention and understand the guy you are watching is now completely powerless to effect change. Repeat after me….LAME DUCK!
It is time to move onto the Jeb and Hillary show. Nothing says change is coming like more Bushes and Clintons. Get ready.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Elons Hyperloop......Distraction.

Since his rocket crashed (and the video leaked out) making Elon a laughing stock he is now trying to distract from all the laughing by bringing up his hyper loop idea. When he first announced this idea he said he would not build it….. but others should. Then his rocket crashed and now he is back in the hyper loop game. Anything to distract from his fireball at sea.
So here is how it will work. Elon builds a tub from San Fransisco to LA. He puts a pod in the tube. He puts you in the pod in the tub. You travel at over 600 MPH in the pod in the tube to your destination. It is clean. It is efficient. Elon can’t wait to send you on your way.
Last week in Washington DC a subway car stopped in the tunnel. It was feet from a subway stop and it took firefighters over 40 minutes to get everyone rescued. Meanwhile the train filled with smoke and one person died. Lawsuits will soon be filed. Now imagine being stuck in Elons tube 150 miles from the station. Imagine how long it will take to get you rescued. You don’t have to think about it now. You will have plenty of time when you are in the pod in the tube. My guess is you are going to be real pissed off.

Tech Giants Keeping Wages Down....All Part Of Capitalism

Wages in the United States have not risen in decades while at the same time corporate profits have broken all time records. We are told Capitalism is about free and open markets. We are told those markets will set everything (wages and prices) accordingly. CEO’s love to talk about how unfettered capitalism is the perfect system and the government needs to stay out of it.
BUT what those CEO’s always fail to mention is how their collusion and the manipulation is what is really setting the markets. In reality free and open markets is just a magical place where unicorns roam free surrounded by bright colorful rainbows. It is not an actual place you find in the real world.
See when high tech workers at Apple wanted Steve Jobs to pay more money they took their resume over to Google. Google would be so impressed they offered suitcases full of additional money. This money would help steal away the valuable employees. This meant rising wages for all workers and was an actual representation of how it is supposed to work in a real free market. Good stuff!
But the CEO’s didn’t like the real free market. Despite all the lip service they were not pleased at all. So they got together and agreed not to hire each others workers. Suddenly the high tech workers couldn’t get new jobs and their wages stopped rising. This was great for CEO’s and terrible for workers. Oh and It is also illegal. That is why 64,000 workers sued Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe and are now being offered 415 million bucks. 415 million bucks to a company like Apple is equivalent to you finding a nickel on the floor of your car. I mean really….It is nothing. Personally I wouldn’t settle for that amount but unfortunately they have yet to ask my opinion. When they do……

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Religious Craziness Everywhere You Look......

People have been having a good time mocking the fanaticism that goes along with Islam. Their disrespect of woman is legendary and well deserving of mockery.
But please don’t waste all your energy just mocking that great religion. There are other great religions also well deserving of mockery. Please spread the mockery around evenly across all the crazy religions.
Here we have the crazy Ultra Orthodox Jews who really can’t stand women either. They don’t like them. They don’t want to be around them, and they definitely don’t want to look at pictures with them included.
There is nothing more disgraceful than a woman in a position of power. It is hateful. So what you do is just photoshop them right out. Problem solved. It is like they weren’t even there.
If you can’t see her…..then maybe the leader of Germany really isn’t even a woman. If you can’t see her then maybe the Mayor Paris isn’t really a woman either.
I mean why mess up a powerful picture of strong respected male leaders by Including women. So be gone with you women.
Anyway……When you are done making fun of the Jews please move forward and continue mocking the Right Wing Catholics. They also hate women. This Cardinal says all of the current problems with the Catholic Church can be directly connected to the Women’s Rights movement. Well duh…..Everyone knows that……
The reason Catholic priests molest children is because women wanted rights. Of course….Well that makes sense.
I guess the reason people are fleeing religion in record numbers is also because of women. So now you know….Tell your friends.
And remember to not only point fingers and ridicule Islam. Make sure you have enough ridicule to go around. There are lots of religions which are deserving. So be fair.

Zimmerman Handing In His Guns....

George Zimmerman has to turn in his firearms because he assaulted his girlfriend. That gun order is violating his 2nd amendment rights. How is he supposed to “stand his ground” if he doesn’t have his firearms? What is going to happen the next time he is forced to confront an innocent man with Skittles? This is an outrage. Just because he hurled a wine bottle at his girlfriend doesn’t mean he can’t be trusted with a gun. It is not like he has a history of shooting people. Oh wait…..
Did you see where a mom carrying a gun in her purse went to Walmart with her two year old. The two year old found the hidden gun and shot the mom dead. She carried the gun to keep herself safe and yet that very gun ended her life. But still it was probably the correct decision to carry it. I mean can you image what would happen if she went to Walmart without her gun? Oh right….She would still be alive. Yay guns.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Space X Fails to Land.....

Elon Musk failed to land his rocket on the floating landing pad.  My advise to Elon is to buy a sewing machine and make a parachute and stop trying to be so fancy.

I like how the launch was successful and there is video of that.  But the failed landing somehow there is no video.  Don’t be a sore loser Elon…..  Show us the failed landing.  Everyone wants to see it.

On Twitter, Musk said that the company was not able to get good “landing/impact video” because of dark and foggy conditions. But he said that the company will “piece it together from telemetry and ... actual pieces.”

There is a video....Elon is just being a baby....

Airbus Vertical Stabilizer again with no plane attached.

Crash investigators located the tail of the Airbus plane and were overly confident they would find the black boxes with it.  They were so confident they had stopped listening for the pingers. 

Obviously the investigators aren’t familiar with the history of Airbus.  If they were they would have continued listening knowing of the other Airbus design flaw.  That flaw is the long storied history of Airbus not being able to keep the vertical stabilizer attached to their airplanes.

See Airbus makes their vertical stabilizer out of composite.  That composite is supposed to be as strong as aluminum, but evidence shows it is not even close.  As a result the vertical stabilizer continually falls off Airbus planes.

November 2001. (3 months after 9/11) Airbus took off from JFK following in the wake of a 747.  The larger plane created turbulence.  The turbulence ripped off the vertical stabilizer, which floated down into Jamaica Bay.  The Plane crashed into Queens and everyone died.  The official investigation blamed the pilot for working the pedals too hard.  Pilots around the world rolled their eyes knowing full well the vertical stabilizer needs to remain attached to the plane no matter what the pilot does.  Nonetheless (as always) it was the pilots fault.

In 2005 Airbus took off from Canada and half way through that flight again the vertical stabilizer fell off the airplane.  Somehow the pilot managed to land and nobody died.  Since the pilot was still alive they decided to blame that mishap on faulty inspection.

When air France crashed in 2009 the first wreckage  found was the vertical stabilizer.  It took them two years to locate the remaining wreckage because they were searching where they found the Stabilizer.  Unfortunately that was miles and miles away from the rest of the plane.  This fact led many to conclude the stabilizer must have detached high up.  When the official report came out there was no mention of the Stabilizer being an issue.  Everything again was blamed on the pilot.

Here once again they have found the Vertical stabilizer with no plane attached to it.  It that a surprise?  Not to me it isn’t.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

11 Texas Earthquakes in 7 Hours.....

11 Earthquakes in 27 hours.  The people of Texas must be so proud.

See Texas has over 6000 fracking wells, which is by far the most in any state.  So nobody should surprised when the earthquakes happen and continue to happen every couple of hours.

You like to Drill baby drill.  Well….Enjoy your evening.

7:37 a.m. Tuesday                    2.3 magnitude
3:10 p.m. Tuesday                    3.5 magnitude
6:52 p.m. Tuesday                    3.6 magnitude
8:11 p.m. Tuesday                     2.9 magnitude
8:12 p.m. Tuesday                    2.7 magnitude
9:54 p.m. Tuesday                    1.7 magnitude
10:05 p.m. Tuesday                  2.4 magnitude
11:02 p.m. Tuesday                   1.6 magnitude
12:59 a.m. Wednesday             3.1 magnitude
8:34 a.m. Wednesday               2.6 magnitude
9:57 a.m. Wednesday               2.7 magnitude

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

After 8 years Chinese Tainted Jerky Treats Going Away.....In March

Petco said Monday it has removed all remaining Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its website and stores nationwide because of concerns they have sickened thousands of pets and killed 1,000 dogs in the U.S. since 2007.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says initial tests have not connected the Chinese jerky and rawhide treats to the illnesses,
(Initial tests???? The problem started in 2007…. it is now 2015. They have only performed initial tests? What have they been doing for 8 years?)

Petco is the first national pet retailer to pull the treats from its 1,300 stores. Phoenix-based PetSmart Inc. said Monday that it plans to have them off shelves at its roughly 1,300 stores by March.
(They will be off the shelves by March? It is now January. How about take them off the shelves in January. Here is how to do it. Walk over to the shelf. Pick up all the bags of Chinese Jerky treats. Walk out the back door and hurl all the bags into the dumpster. Go back inside. Problem solved. No need to wait till March. You have already waited since 2007. Move it already.)
The FDA targeted the treats after receiving more than 4,800 complaints of pet illnesses, including the deaths, after pets ate chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats from China. Tests have not confirmed any connection, but the agency is still investigating.
(I mean really….How hard is this investigation. A dog ate Chinese jerky treats. That dog died. Another dog ate Chinese jerky treats and it also died. Continue the pattern 998 more times. It is really not hard to understand what the problem is. China is filthy. They have no standards. They don’t care whether people (or dogs) live or die. This investigation should take about 7 minutes.)
Petco Vice President John Sturm said all treats are now made in the U.S. or places such as the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and South America. The company risked tens of millions of dollars by changing treat vendors, he said.
(And there it is…..The company risked tens of millions of dollars by changing vendors……In other words they could have protected your dog a long time ago but it would have cost them money. So f*ck your dog and f*ck you. The tainted treats are on the shelf and will remain there until March. Make sure you stock up before it is too late. Love your friends at Petco.)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

United States punishing North Korea Hacking....

The United States places more sanctions on North Korea for hacking Sony. Nothing sends a message of strength like sanctioning a country that you have had no diplomatic (or economic) ties with in over 50 years.
That is right… North Korea will not be allowed to use the US financial system in case they were considering it. So the line at your local bank should be a lot shorted now that Obama is preventing all those North Koreans from lining up in front of you.
When Communist Red China hacked into the White House the United States responded by doing nothing.
When Communist Red China hacked the Pentagon the United States responded by doing nothing.
When Communist Red China hacked the US Postal Service and the United States responded by doing nothing.
When Communist Red China hacked into every large US corporation in American the United States government responded by doing nothing.
When Communist Red China hacked the NY Times the United States responded by doing nothing.
BUT When Communist North Korea hacks Sony (A Japanese Company) Well… Well… Well. Suddenly National Security is at risk.
Imagine the damage done now that everyone knows Tom Hanks checks into hotels using the pretend name Harry Lauder.
Oh my heavens this cannot stand. Call a National Security meeting immediately.
See the United States threatening Communist red China could have dire consequences on Wal-Mart. So it Won’t ever happen.
Threatening Communist North Korea doesn’t have any consequences at all. It is just good theater. So get out those sabers and start rattling. Enjoy the show.

Madonna The Genius....

Madonna is a genius. Last month she released 6 songs and nobody heard anything about it. Not one word. She didn’t worry. She knew she would get your attention.
Distribute pictures of Nelson Mandelas and Martin Luther Kings head rapped in black cord…..Yup that will do it.
People act like this is some kind of PR mistake. This is no mistake. Madonna does not make PR mistakes. She has been doing this sh*t for decades. Remember dancing in front of burning crosses in 1989. This is what she does. This is her move and it is pure genius. Now she will be all over the news and people will be talking. There will be anger. There will be disgust. There will be people listening to her music. Success.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Airbus Crash.....

Normally I would wait for the accident investigation to conclude before I chime in on the Airbus crash. Since I am impatient and already know what the issue is I will just tell you. Others need stuff like “evidence” to come to conclusions but I don’t find that stuff necessary at all.
Airbus has a couple of glaring design flaws. The flaw most likely responsible for this crash is their over reliance on automation. Airbus relies heavily on automation to fly their planes. They believe pilots make mistake where computers don’t. So they design their fly by wire systems so everything runs through a computer. If the pilot makes a mistake the computer will correct that mistake and not allow any actions that could cause the plane to crash. In theory this sounds real good. But as you can see by all the dead bodies they are pulling out of the ocean it doesn’t always work.
Airbus has had several crashes where the over reliance on the computer has been the issue. Or the computer getting in the way of what the pilot was trying to do was the issue.
What happens is the pilot believes the plane can’t crash because the computer will not allow it to happen. They become over reliant on it. But sometimes the computer gets confused too and doesn’t know what to do. When that happens it just clicks off the auto pilot and leaves it up to the pilots to figure out. The pilot believes the plane is being controlled by the computer, but the computer has given up. So nobody is flying the plane. Other times the pilot has given commands but the computer decides not to carry them out. Other times the computer causes the plane to perform odd behaviors that nobody understands.
Boeing still gives pilots the final authority to fly their planes. Computers are there to help but the pilot is in control. Boeing still uses the old fashioned yoke. Their cockpit is designed so the pilots feel (and understand) things going on with the plane. Airbus got rid of the yoke and instead uses a small joy stick on the side. The pilot has a lot less feel in an Airbus with the way their controls are laid out. The result of this methodology can been reviewed at the bottom of the ocean.
None of this is new of course as it has been discussed for decades in aviation circles.
This latest Airbus crash looks to be a repeat of the 2009 Air France Crash. That crash was also at night, also over the ocean, also at cruising altitude, and also heading into a thunderstorm.
With that crash the speed sensors froze and the computer couldn’t figure out how fast the plane was traveling. As a result the computer kicked off the autopilot. The real pilots couldn’t figure out what was going on either. Out the window was black. The instruments were giving faulty information. They thought they were going too fast but in reality were going too slow. The response by the pilots was confused. The plane literally stalled and fell out of the sky. The pilot in the right seat was pulling back on his joystick. The pilot in the left was pushing the joy stick forward to bring the nose down. The pilot on the left was correct. The computer receiving conflicting inputs tried to make both happy and went half way between the commands. This couldn’t possibly be the correct answer but hey computers know best…… so there you go.
With Boeing everyone can see what is being done because the yoke is still out front (not hidden on the side) so this kind of misunderstanding would be less likely.
This latest crash also looks like the plane went up rapidly and stalled. Exactly like Air France. My guess is if this plane was a Boeing 737 it would have made it to its destination just fine.
With this crash people are trying to compare it to MH370 (the missing Boeing 777). When in reality it has nothing to do with that issue at all. But if the confusion distracts from Airbuses poor design well hey all the better.
No matter what the final cause turns out to be you can be sure of one thing. The dead pilots will be blamed. They always blame the dead pilots. For the industry that is always the best way to go. See if they blame the plane then they are forced to fix all the remaining planes. That would cost Hundreds of Billions. If you just blame the dead pilots then the problem is over. Everyone can move on. The best part is the dead pilots never argue the point. Sure 5 years later the next plane falls out of the sky….. but hey you can worry about that later. Well it is now later for Airbus. I am sure they will figure out a solid reason why it is still the pilots fault.