Friday, October 29, 2010

Obamas Trip To India....

Obama is going all out in his massive trip to India next week. He is sparing nothing to make sure as many jobs keep exiting the country as possible.

800 hotel rooms. (He could take all of Congress and he wouldn't need 800 hotel rooms. But why take congress when he can take corporate America)

a convoy of 45 cars, and two jumbo jets to fly in the full party.

Obama's entourage will include 40 aircraft and six armored cars,

He needs all this because he is bringing corporate America with him.

"over 200 companies expected to attend a conference in Mumbai that will be headlined by the president"

"the U.S. corporate presence will mark "the largest business delegation to leave U.S. shores in history".

"a lengthy list of tangible 'deliverables' cementing ties between the two nations, including a mixture of strategic steps removing obstacles to future business"

Translation - make it even easier to send US jobs to India. This is why nothing improves. He should be putting up obstacles. Instead he is taking them down which is why nothing ever gets better. He is an idiot.

"Harley-Davidson: Plans a new plant in India to assemble American made motorcycle kits. The iconic U.S. motorcycle maker announced in January it would launch 12 models in India this year. " Harley Davidson as American as apple pie. Stabbing US workers in the back. God Bless America.

Obama - Change you can believe in. As long as you believe in being unemployed.

British Security complaints.

Yesterday the British were complaining about US Security demands.

"Britain should not “kowtow to the Americans every time they wanted something done” with aviation security procedures."

Today Britian found a explosives on one of their planes.

Now shut up Britian and do what we tell you to do. We are still pissed you released the Lockerbie bomber. We don't want to hear your whining.

Charlie Sheen

$12,000 for sex. 12 grand....What the f*ck? I thought Elliot Spitzer was getting ripped off for paying 5 grand. What do you get for 12 grand? I mean really. How good could it be? He is Charlie Sheen does he even need to pay for it? He can't get a 22 year old on his own? I find that hard to believe.
So he is with this prostitute at a hotel across the hall from his ex wife (and kids) snorting Cocaine and yelling the N word. Sounds like a great guy. He is closing in on Mel Gibson territory.

All this is happening and he doesn't get arrested. Cocaine, hookers, Violence, and he is not handcuffed. Sounds about right.
Also what does a $170,000 watch look like? Does it tell time better then my $100.00 watch?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everyone Is Blaming China Now.......

Now it is fashionable to blame China.......

Now that 10% of the economy is unemployed everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I was doing it when only 3% of the economy was unemployed. It was obvious to me where it was going to lead. Everyone else had their rose colored glasses on and didn't want to hear it. Now the pain is so loud people have no choice but to hear it. Still the problem isn't going away.......

Everyone is missing the point that Corporate America is the real guilty party. They are the ones who set up this colossal failure. Of course once everything fell apart now they have nothing to say.

"In addition, corporate America, which used to be China's great booster in the once annual congressional debates on China's most-favored nation trading status, has effectively gone silent on the benefits of a strong relationship with Beijing. The reason is that many corporate leaders no longer believe that China, which is aggressively pursuing policies to acquire Western technology and compete with Western firms, is the land of opportunity that it once was. "

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dreamliner Delays.......

Just because I stopped talking about the constant delays don't think they stopped happening. As sure as the sun rose in the east you can bet Dreamliner delays continue on and on and on and on........and on.......

"Boeing, the world's second-largest commercial plane maker after Airbus , said the halt in shipments would not affect its first Dreamliner delivery date. (Comical...The plane is three years late but the current delay will not affect delivery. HAHAHAHAHA I think that ship sailed)

"It is absolutely normal that adjustments to the schedule of such a program are made," (Ummmm no it isn't. There has never been a plane in the history of commercial aviation that has been 3 years behind schedule. It has never happened. Ever! Nice try through. Maybe if they say it over and over it will become true.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stern wants players to make less‏

"Stern said the league wants player costs to drop $750 million""Even though we reported we have record season ticket sales over the summer and otherwise very robust revenue generation,"

"According to Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, the NBA will begin the 2010-11 season later this month with more than $100 million in new full-season-ticket revenue, a record amount for the league, as well as new full-season ticket sales surpassing the tally for all of 2009."

It is hard to plead poverty with all the stacks of money all over the place. Hey David Stern I got an idea...Go f*ck yourself.


This article paints a man that notices everything around him. Notices things that other people don't notice. Yet he was blind to the fact that if he made a one hour special out of his 10 second announcement everyone would hate him. He doesn't seem too aware to me.

For me he showed his true colors a year earlier when he lost in the Eastern Conference Finals (to the Magic) and stormed off the court in a huff without shaking hands.

He showed his true colors when he danced mockingly in front of the Chicago Bulls bench.

When he mailed in his effort against the Celtics in last years playoffs.

Lebron is a spoiled brat. He has always been placed on a pedestal (King James). He could get away with the attitude when he was the hometown boy making good. Once he gave that up there really isn't much to cheer about.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

China now bullying the USA

China is flexing it's muscle trying to intimidate the USA. Last week they successfully intimidated Japan doing the same thing. It will work too because we are led by a bunch of cowards.

What we should do is refuse all imports from China. Turn away every Chinese shipping container trying to dock in the USA.

They can keep it all and we will make our own.

"The inquiry includes whether China’s steady reductions in rare earth export quotas since 2005, along with steep export taxes (Tariffs) on rare earths, are illegal attempts to force multinational companies to produce more of their high-technology goods in China."

O'Donnell Making Republicans Proud.

"Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" O'Donnell asked him.

When Coons responded that the First Amendment bars Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion,
O'Donnell asked: "You're telling me that's in the First Amendment?"

Republicans, so stupid they are scary........

Tylenol Recalls over and over and over........

"Tylenol caplets are again being recalled by Johnson & Johnson after some consumers were sickened by ingesting the pills or smelling a musty or moldy odor on the bottles."

"This makes 13 recalls in barely a year by the health care giant"

You can't make this stuff up.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forclosures hit new record.....

Foreclosures hit a new record.

Obama against Foreclosure freeze. Slowing down foreclosures might hurt the housing market.....(huh?) I didn't know a strong housing market was contingent on throwing people out of their homes.,0,2161608.story

Trade deficit widens 34% since 09.

I am still not seeing Obama's "summer of recovery".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Nike deal with NFL. $$$$$

"Terms were not disclosed for any of the deals"

What a shocker. They don't want to disclose the terms because they don't want the players to know how much money they are raking in. They need to plead poverty to the players while they insist the players need to make less money.

Meanwhile they sign deal after deal after deal......

"New Era will handle on-field headwear. Under Armour will remain the sponsor of the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Gill will manufacture fan gear, as will VF. Outerstuff will continue as the league's youth apparel provider, and '47 Brand will do headwear for fans."

Money... money.... money... money..... money.....Everywhere you look there are piles of money. Oh I mean we are real poor. Please take less money players...hehehehehe.

Foreclosure Gate.....

Deregulation + Downsizing + Outsourcing to India = A Giant Cluster F*ck.

These big banks got rid of tons of American employees.

They sent tons of jobs to India.

They got rid of all common sense rules.

The result is nobody knows nothing about nothing. In the banking world that is fine. In the Judicial world that is a big problem. The ensuing carnage should be entertaining.

The good news is when you lose your job (and can't pay your mortgage) they may not be able to foreclosure on you. Yippee!


Why are there no jobs?

Why are there no jobs?

Everyone wants to know why there are no jobs.......

Go ask Caterpillar

Feb 2009 Caterpillar promised President Obama if they passed the stimulus they would hire people. Well the Stimulus passed. Caterpillar took their money and headed off to China anyway. Thanks for the money....Now go f*ck yourself.

And still everyone wonders why there are no jobs. Just read the newspaper and the answer couldn't be more clear.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Phil Gramms Giant Balls........

Phil Gramm lecturing us on the current recession and how it relates to the Great Depression.

Phil Gramm the man personally responsible for the current financial meltdown. The man who sponsored the bill to deregulate the banks in 1999. The man who unleashed credit default swaps. The man responsible for removing the safeguards that were put in place after the great depression. Safe guards that prevented a repeat for 60 years until his legislation was signed into law.

Foreclosure Phil as he has been called.

Now the same guy who created the disaster before running away to go run a foreign bank (UBS). He now has the audacity to talk about how the Democrats are screwing up the recovery.

You would think he would be off hiding behind a rock somewhere but as we see Republicans have balls that would make an elephant blush.

In 2008 when Bush was president and McCain wanted to be president Phil Gramm denied there was any economic problem at all. It was a "mental recession". We were all a "Nation of Whiners".

Now that the Democrats are in charge Phil sees the economy is actually really bad and blames the democrats. If he wants to pass blame he should look in the mirror.