Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dreamliner Update...

The first (and only) Dreamliner delivered enters service today (More then 4 years after it was first introduced).

Lots of concern still exists about the Dreamliner.

Customers are still fleeing.

China cancels Dreamliners.,0,6421395.story

India cancels Dreamliners.

Boeing needs to DELIVER 1,100 Dreamliners to make a profit.

“Boeing plans a fivefold jump in monthly 787 production to 10 by the end of 2013” (No chance this happens. It took them 4 years to deliver one.)

Meeting that goal would mean that Boeing would need just over a decade to deliver 1,100 planes (No chance this happens. If they want to know how long to make a profit they need to keep adding years. Lots of them.)

Amortized costs on the 787 won't include research and development expenses or the undisclosed amount Boeing spent to buy out a couple of struggling suppliers. The block size is based on the number of initial sales (Which are being cancelled everyday), airlines' options. So the 10 years to make a profit excludes the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of lost dollars caused by their outsourcing stupidty. So they are doing funny math to reach the conclusion they want to reach. Typical!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fish Part 2

Identifying fish consumed in New England used to be easy because it usually didn’t travel far - local fishermen sold their catches to local stores and restaurants. But advances in fish-freezing technology and transportation allow grocers and chefs to sell seafood from all over the world.

There is that Global outsourcing we all know and love. The globalization that Republicans and Democrats love to shove down our throats. In this case Local fisherman get screwed. The consumer gets screwed. A common theme in our national race to the bottom.

spotty oversight contrasts sharply with monitoring of the meat and poultry industries, which is solely the responsibility of the US Department of Agriculture. The USDA has 8,000 inspectors at 6,200 US processing plants

Wait till Ron Paul and Herman Cain gets rid of the Dept of Agriculture and the USDA. Cut, cut cut cut cut. After all the Government is the problem not the solutions. The way you fix everything is by getting rid of government. Let the private sector regulate themselves. Government is in the way. Get rid of them.


Do I even need to say it…….Do I……OK I will…….. REGULATION!

Here is one more example. Just throw it on the ever growing pile. Pick any issue (Gas prices, Banking collapse, Mortgage crisis, Airlines suck, Consumer protections) and it is all the same.

“The results underscore the dramatic lack of oversight in the seafood business compared with other food industries such as meat and poultry”

“Last year, the United States imported about 5.5 billion pounds of fish worth almost $15 billion, much of it from China.”

“the absence of regular testing by federal and state agencies has allowed fish substitution to thrive.”

Good thing every single Republican candidate is running on More Deregulation. According to them the more you deregulate the better everything gets. Enjoy your fish dinner.

Friday, October 21, 2011

F-35 off to Japan‏

F-35 final assembly is going to Japan. The US government is set to spend $382,000,000,000.00 of your hard earned tax dollars and a big chuck of that is going to go to Japan. If Japan gets the work, and the technology, and the know how they MAY give Lockheed an $8,000,000,000.00 contract. Lockheed wins. Japan wins. US worker lose. US taxpayers who are funding this F-35 debacle lose.

Sounds about right!

The program is plagued with delays and cost overruns, and one variant of the plane suffered cracks in the bulkhead after it flew just 1,500 hours out of a planned 16,000. Money well spent.

Retirement Heist‏

Our Buddy Jeff Immelt front and center as the poster boy…..

"What Immelt didn't mention was that, far from being a burden, GE's pension and retiree plans had contributed billions of dollars to the company's bottom line over the past decade and a half, and were responsible for a chunk of the earnings that the executives had taken credit for. Nor were these retirement programs — even with GE's 230,000 retirees — bleeding the company of cash. In fact, GE hadn't contributed a cent to the workers' pension plans since 1987 but still had enough money to cover all the current and future retirees."
Then Schultz delivers the clincher: GE was indeed burdened by a pension plan — the plan for top executives. The obligations of that plan, for a minuscule number of individuals compared with the 230,000 lower-level retirees, totaled $4.4 billion and had drained about $573 million from the corporate treasury over the past three years.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ron Paul

Ron Paul would gut the government and give rich people (and corporations) tax cuts. What a unique Republican idea. We have NEVER heard that plan before. Way to come up with some new ideas Ron. Way to think outside the Republican box. I bet those ideas just might fix everything. Where can I get a Ron Paul bumper sticker for my car.

Economic plan that would lower corporate and individual taxes and cut federal spending by $1 trillion during his first year in office

He would close the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Interior and Housing and Urban (poor people) Development. (Sounds awesome….None of those agencies are important)

The federal work force would be cut by 10 percent (That will help the 9% unemployment). Mr. Paul also called for stopping foreign aid and "ending foreign wars.'' (Everyone is on their own. Haiti is wiped out in a hurricane…… Sorry! Good luck with that.)

His "Plan to Restore America'' would end the estate tax (helping rich people) and taxes on personal savings (helping rich people), "allowing (rich) families to build a nest egg.'' He would extend tax cuts on personal income (for rich people), capital gains (Rich people) and dividends (Helping rich people)

There will be two Americans. Rich people stand over to the right. Everyone else stand over to the left. Everyone on the left you are on your own. Everyone to the right pop open the Champaign. Lets Party!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deregulation costing you $600.00 a year....

"Speculation will add $600 to the average household expenditures on gasoline in 2011," a report released Thursday by the Consumer Federation of America said, "resulting in the highest level of spending ever of almost $2,900."

The oil market was deregulated in December of 2000, creating opportunities for excessive speculation and a massive increase in the market's size, the report states. Prior to this change in policy, speculation didn't have a heavy impact on oil prices, nor was it so widespread.

"This report provides a timely reminder that it was weak regulation that landed us in our current economic mess," CFA Director of Investor Protection Barb Roper said, "and it will take a strong policy response to restore the economy to health."

The CFA said deregulation added about $30 per barrel to the cost of oil in 2011, draining more than $200 billion -- 1% of gross domestic product and 2% of consumer spending -- from the economy. A 2% reduction in consumer spending on goods and services translates into the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to the CFA. Deregulation is the root of all evil.

Every time you hear the word spoken (by democrats and Republicans) know what it really means. You are about to get screwed. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hank Williams Constitutional Lesson....

Hank is mistaken. The first amendment protects you against the government stopping your free speech. It does not protect you against a private employer canning your azz. You can say whatever you like. And they can stop employing you. They can stop employing you if you say nothing. There is no restrictions on your employer getting rid of you. They do it all the time.

The correct issue‏

“Protesters are expected to call for an end of corporate control of government”.

Finally the people are focusing on the correct issue. Corporate control of governement… YES!!! Exactly right. Corporate America needs to be controlled by the government. Not the other way around. The other way around is why everything says made in china. Why all helpdesks are in India. Is why Wall Street crumbled and needed to be bailed out. Is why there is a foreclosure epidemic. Is why gas costs $4.00. Is why the gulf of Mexico is full of oil. Is why we have a 14 trillion dollar national debt and nothing to show for it. Is why people are angry and finally taking to the streets to do something about it. I completely support the cause.

It is time for the people to take back the government and insist on some representation. I hope it continues.

Cain...Man Of The People

"If you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself!"
(Oh and please vote for me for president)

This is why no matter how atrocious Obama is he will still get reelected. Because what is the alternative? Is this guy saying what you want to hear?

If you are sitting home unemployed is this guy giving you confidence that he gets the problem? That he is going to fix anything?

This guy says it is your fault….. It is your fault they sent all our jobs are over seas. It is your fault wall street made the worlds dumbest loans which blew up in their face. It is your fault got bailed out.

If you are angry you should be angry with yourself……..

American politics 101….

Republicans – They could care less about you and are not even going to pretend otherwise. They have their middle finger up and it is pointing right at your face. F*ck you!

Democrats – They could care less about you (as well) but at least they pretend (as they lie right to your face). Their middle finger is also pointing right at your face but they attempt to hide it behind a napkin.

I also love how when -
It is right wing tea party protests (to Republicans) they represent grass roots Americana at its finest. The tea party is what America is all about


When it is Occupy Wall Street protests (to Republicans) it is left wing nut jobs who are anti capitalist Communist scum bags.

Secret Panels to Kill Americans‏

I thought these were only things that happened when Bush was President. Killing American citizens in secret is never a good thing. Not that I have a problem killing terrorists. I don’t. It is the secret part that is troubling. I expect this from Bush. Obama was suppose to be different. Yet here is one more example that he is exactly the same. Add it to the list.

Congress discussing Tariffs‏

The entire House of Represented (One 3rd of the Senate) and the President are all up for Reelection in one year. Unemployment is over 9% with no hope of improving.

Congress approval rating is sitting at a whopping 12%.

Everyone is pissed off so what is their solution…..TARIFFS!!!! What a novel idea…. Where have we heard that idea before? The “experts” all say it won’t work until they are about to get drop kicked out of office. Then everyone starts agreeing with me. How nice!!!!!!

On Monday, the Senate voted to open debate on a bill that calls for U.S. tariffs on imports from countries with deliberately undervalued currencies, prompting an angry rebuke from China. (Why would China care since they insist they don’t cheat.)

Senators voted 79-19 on Monday to open a week of Senate debate on the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, which would allow the U.S. government to slap countervailing duties on products from countries found to be subsidizing their exports by undervaluing their currencies.

If they passed this bill 25 years ago we wouldn’t be in the ditch we are currently in.

China's central bank and the ministries of commerce and foreign affairs accused Washington of "politicizing" currency issues and putting the global economy at risk of a trade war.

GOOD!!!!!! Trade War is perfect. Let’s do it. No more imports from China. Period! Turn all the ships away at the dock. If Americans want a product currently made in China it MUST now be made in the USA.

Everyone enjoy the prosperity. The Deficit will soon be gone. Social Security will be saved. Medicare will be saved. There will be jobs of all kind for anyone who wants them. America is back! Your welcome!

Unfortunately this is all political shenanigans and will never ever see the light of day. Shame!