Monday, May 30, 2011

Air France Crash

There are a couple of disturbing things about this 2009 Air France crash.

The first is this -

There's one open area. And that's the location and the condition of the tail of that plane. That tail of that plane was found many, many, many miles away from the main debris field and it was found intact. The real question is -- did that tail come off before the plane hit the water? (Obviously it did) And when did it come off if it came off at all? That's what they're going to look at now."

Now when the plane first crashed in 2009 they found the tail floating, but nobody knew where the plane crashed. So nobody knew where the tail came off. Now they have the wreckage and they know the tail was far away. That means the tail came apart in flight. That is a big issue because it is the second time in 10 years an air bus composite tail broke off in flight.

It happened in Nov 2001 as well.

That was blamed on the pilot mishandling the controls. That is complete nonsense. The tail should NEVER come off a plane no matter what the pilot does. The tail needs to stay on. Period!

Twice it has come off. Both times on Airbus. Airbus uses composites on the tail and that is showing to be a weakness.

Boeing is building the Dreamliner mostly out of composites and it is a lemon from the start. That is going to be a disaster if these composites are the problem.

The second big issue is this pilot didn't know how to handle a stall.

That is the second time in 2 years a pilot encountered a stall and handled it incorrectly. It also happened in the Colgan Air Crash in Buffalo NY.

Repeat problems in plane crashes is never a good thing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ballmer Whining about China‏

Remember in 2003 when Bill Gates personally went to china and handed over the source code for Windows. Remember that?

Remember at the time (and many, many, many, many times since then) I said that was incredibly STUPID!!!!!

Remember? Remember when I said that?

But everyone said "This is a global economy ..... blah blah blah......" China has A BILLION people ..... they can't be ignored.

They said Microsoft is going to make Billions selling in China. .....

I said THE USA is the market and China (even though bigger) isn't the market. ...... Won't be the market.

Look at all the money Microsoft is making in China. ...Guess who is whining about it.

"our revenue in China will be about a twentieth of our revenue in the United States."
The statement suggests Microsoft's revenue in China is close to $2 billion. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010, Microsoft reported U.S. revenue of $36.2 billion out of a world-wide total of $62.5 billion.
Good thing Bill ran over their and pulled his pants down for the communists. They have been kicking his bare azz ever since. Idiot!

Ballmer still all about India‏

Those who don't learn from history.......

Steve Ballmer laid off thousands and thousands of Americans and replaced them all in India. That has led to a big steaming pile of horse sh*t that nobody gives a crap about.

From respected leading technology company to complete laughing stock of Silicon Valley. For 11 years the stock has gone nowhere.

As recently as yesterday high profile investors are calling for Ballmer head.

How does he respond....

More India....."Steve highlighted the importance of the Indian market " (He means Indias cheap labor)

"He also spoke of the Microsoft Mindz product which is a high-scale, high-storage application being used by leading Indian businesses like Wipro, Infosys" (Outsourcing companies that steal US jobs)

In conclusion, Steve said: "The key to life in tems of technol;ogy is to look forward , before anybody else beats you to it. (Which is amusing considering everyone beats Microsoft to everything (all the time). They are first to market with NOTHING! The company is perpetually playing catch up)

Cloud Computing will enable the use of IT more productively and it is imperative that India which is a major developer of computer programmes makes use of this technology." This is the winning strategy. More of the same.

Funny that Apple (who is actually the leader) doesn't follow this strategy. Steve Jobs thought about sending jobs to India and decided nahhh that is pretty dumb.

Contrary to Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who was early to spot and exploit engineering talent, Jobs’ Apple Computers is one of the biggest technology companies that doesn’t seek it. (And they lead as a result.)

Apple considered hiring several thousand engineers for a development centre in Bangalore but eventually abandoned the plan. It briefly ran a call centre in Bangalore before Jobs pulled the plug because of complaints from users. Apple really suffers as a result........

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Defending the Indefensible‏

Yet oil companies' profit margins - that is, the percentage by which their revenues exceed their costs - are quite low. (How do they survive)From 2006 to 2010, the nation's five largest oil companies posted an average profit margin of 6.65%. By contrast, Apple's profit margin exceeded 22%, and Coca-Cola's surpassed 33%.

It doesn't matter what the percentage is...... The percentage is irrelevant. Exxon made $10,700,000,000.00 in 4 months pure PROFIT. 10 Billion dollars is 10 billion dollars. No other company makes that much profit. It is a crime. You don't have to buy Coke and you don't have to buy Apple. You have to buy oil and you buy it in everything you purchase. The lettuce at the super market. The shirt at the mall. Everything is effected by the price of oil. So when they are robbing the you they are doing it over and over and over. There is no way to escape. This crime effects everyone and everything, and It is happening for no reason except greed. All the excuses given are nonsense. It is world wide robbery and it is disgusting. The only thing worse then the crime is this jerk off (From George Mason University) trying to defend it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unemployment - Bad News‏

It is bad news, on top of bad news, on top of bad news.

474,000 New filings - Unexpectedly of course.......

Obama better enjoy the bump he is getting from killing Bin Laden. With gas and $4.19 and no jobs (for the 11th straight year) those numbers will plummet again quickly.

He better summon his BFF Jeff Immelt into his office and find out why he is failing to create all those jobs. He was suppose to be a master job creator and yet there are none. I guess Obama should have been more specified "Create jobs in the USA".