Wednesday, November 24, 2010

War Games...That will show them‏

Oooooohhhhh war games. That will really show the North what is up. Nothing sends a weaker message then Navy ships doing circles around each other.

"The drills are a more measured response than the retaliatory attack Mr Lee initially threatened" (Weak)

Can you image 1941 after Pearl Harbor was bombed if the US response was to send out Navy ships to conduct war games. I mean really. We have become such p*ssy's.

"it was "difficult to imagine" a more dangerous situation and the risk of a war that could pit the US and Chinese forces against one another could not be discounted."

The US vs China....There is no chance. If the US is fighting China who is going to make Iphones? Who is going to make everything? Walmart will never tolerate empty stores a month before Christmas. There is no way Corporate America will allow war with China. Obama will allow the South to be overrun before he ever messes with Corporate America. The North can lob shells into the south until the Cows come home and Obama will sit in the oval office spinning in his chair sucking his thumb.

Capitalism trumps all. Sorry South Korea you are going to have to suck it up and take it. Corporate America is too entrenched in Communist Red China to care about your petty problems.

So war games it is. Take that North Korea.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Derek Jeter

"We've encouraged him to test the market and see if there's something he would prefer other than this. If he can, fine. That's the way it works."

Translation – Go F*ck yourself…..

Derek Jeter – The Captain of the Yankees. The face of the franchise. Icon of New York. One of the top 5 players ever to wear the pinstrips. He is the franchise leader in hits. He will surpass 3000 hits next year. He has helped win 5 World Championships.

His popularity never waivers.

So how do the Yankees treat him? Hey Derek.... drop dead.

When it was AROD the Yankees opened the vault and started handing him stacks of money. No problem.

You know AROD, the guy who said he didn’t cheat with Steroids but actually did.

For him no amount of money was too much. But for Derek Jeter, the guy who has meant everything to this franchise for 15 years. The guy who is never in trouble. The guy who is respected by all. For him he gets a kick in the azz. The same kick in the azz Joe Torre got after he won 4 championships.

Get out!

Oh and by the way (Yankee fans) not only are they insulting your captain but they are also raising your ticket prices. So the fans can f*ck off too.

Being played the fool by North Korea‏

June 2008 North Korea pretends to end it's Nuclear program to much worldwide fanfare. They put on the show so President Bush would lift sanctions. They also wanted to be removed from the list of countries who support terrorism.

They were removed.

Nov 2010 the US is caught without a clue (again) as to what is going on. Surprise... North Korea still has an active Nuclear program and it is much more sophisticated then anyone thought possible.

March 26 North Korea sinks a South Korea war ship killing 46 sailor. The world is outraged. The response is zero.

North Korea sees there are no consequences to any of their actions so today they shelled a South Korean Island. Why not....The world will again be outraged. The response again will be zero.

I guess sinking a ship and shelling a town are not considered terrorism. If they are maybe North Korea should be readded to the list. I think they have qualified.

Johnson and Johnson is now safe...Just kidding.‏

Nov 17 Johnson and Johnson products returning to store shelves. Oh good after many (many many) recalls they finally learned from all their mistakes and it is now safe to use their products again.

Nov 23 Johnson and Johnson recalling more childrens products.....Again!

Johnson and Johnson a name you can trust.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chrysler / Maserati SUV‏

How can Chrysler turn itself around...Let me think....Let me think....Hmmmmmm.....

How about make a Jeep Cherokee and pretend it is a Maserati? That is a fantastic idea. That is what the world is clamoring for. A Maserati SUV.

"Maserari models start at $118,000, well above the Grand Cherokee's starting price of $30,000."

I am sure unemployed Americans will jump to pay $118,000 for a souped up Grand Cherokee. That makes total sense. Since they haven't flocked to buy them at $30,000 maybe the problem is they need to be more expensive. The Hummer showed everyone the insatiable appetite for overpriced SUV's. Remember the Hummer. Oh wait they don't make them anymore.

Chrysler = Stupid

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cascading Failures‏....

pilots were inundated with 54 computer messages alerting them of system failures or impending failures.

With only about eight to 10 messages able to fit on a computer screen, pilots watched as screens filled only to be replaced by new screenfuls of warnings.

"There is probably a one in 100 million chance to have all that go wrong."
half of the 80 Rolls-Royce engines that power A380s, the world's largest jetliners, may need to be replaced (Why do they need to replace all the engines if it is a 1 in hundred million chance)

the picture emerging of the pilots' struggle to save the plane and its passengers has also raised questions about facets of the plane's design (Outsoursed to India)

Airplanes are supposed to be designed with redundancy so that if one part or system fails, there is still another to perform the same function. That didn't always happen in this case (They haven’t taught redundency in the slums of Calcutta)

The shrapnel sliced electric cables and hydraulic lines in the wing. The wing's forward spar -- one of the beams that attaches the wing to the plane -- was damaged as well. And the wing's two fuel tanks were punctured. As fuel leaked out, a growing imbalance was created between the left and right sides of the plane,

The electrical power problems prevented pilots from pumping fuel from tanks in the tail to tanks farther forward, he said. Gradually the plane became tail heavy and the aircraft's center of gravity began to moveIf a plane gets too far out of balance, it will stall and crash.

Hey, Maybe tanks might help‏
After 9 years someone finally thinks to send some tanks.

Who the f*ck is in charge of this war.

Jees.... tanks. What a novel idea.

Maybe those would have helped in 2001. or 02, or 03 or 04......

No wonder we can never win these wars.

China Hijacks The Internet
state-owned Chinese telecommunications firm "hijacked" Internet traffic in April, affecting traffic from U.S. government domains and raising serious implications for Internet safety.

traffic going to and from U.S. .gov and .mil sites, including sites for the Senate, the four main armed services branches, the office of the Secretary of Defense, NASA, the Department of Commerce, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and others.

Commercial websites for large technology companies -- including Dell, Yahoo, Microsoft and IBM -- also were re-routed during the diversion period.

Commission concluded that China is probably spying on the U.S. government to gain advantage for any potential cyber conflicts. (Probably? You think....)

Our friends the Communist Chinese. With friends like them who needs enemies?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Microsoft - Sell, Sell, Sell and hope the investors don't notice.‏

Steve Ballmer selling his Microsoft stock as fast as he can. He knows getting off the Titanic is a smart move. He knows the stock hasn't moved in 10 years. He knows all his new products are sh*t. He is getting out while he can. Take the money and run.

Meanwhile shareholders are growing restless. They question whether the company should be broken up.

What they should be asking is why all the outsourcing to India didn't make them more money? Where is the big payday from billions invested in India? It was suppose to lead to greener pastures. Instead it has led to failures, stagnation, and pissed off investors. Yay outsourcing.
Gates and Ballmer selling.

Sell...Sell...Sell. They know a lemon when they see one.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walmart Struggling...

Walmart goes out of their way to create US unemployment. They demand their suppliers manufacture in Red China. Most of the goods they sell are from Communist China. Then they scratch their heads and wonder why sales are down. They wonder why less unemployed shoppers are showing up.

“We still see what we call the paycheck cycle, where you see the spikes in comps the day or two after a payroll check,” or from food-stamp programs, he said. “It’s every bit as pronounced as we’ve seen it.” (Thanks to Walmart)

Maybe if Walmart insisted on products being made in the USA they wouldn't have to wonder why unemployed Americans are avoiding their stores.

Windows Phone 7 - Microsoft's DISASTER...‏


Phone 7 review...This sucks and that suck and this sucks and that sucks too.

I would detail it all out but I am too busy laughing at their stupidity.

Microsoft - Outsourcing their way to irrelevance. Good job Steve Ballmer....You dipsh*t.

Monday, November 15, 2010

QE2 Explained

Lead in Reusable bags‏

"Federal agencies need to put a ban in place for reusable bags that have lead in them," Schumer said

"Any situation where lead bags are coming into contact with the food being purchased by Americans needs to be immediately investigated and resolved."

Retailers already are taking action. Publix Super Markets and Winn-Dixie are asking suppliers to make reusable bags with less lead"

How about NO lead?

"concerns also have been raised about E. coli contamination in bags. "Lead may be the least of concerns," Horst says. "If you put a hunk of meat in one of these bags and it drips, God knows what's going on in your reusable bag."

Comac C919

Outsource to China. Teach them all your trade secrets. Then watch them steal all your ideas and club you over the head while keeping 100% of the money for themselves.

"But China isn't content just to buy sophisticated gear for the C919; the government has required foreign suppliers to set up joint ventures with Chinese companies."

"After sharing technology and expertise to help China develop a network of gleaming bullet trains, Japanese and European rail firms now find themselves competing with their former Chinese joint-venture partners for new contracts, both inside and outside China."

Short term gain for long term extinction.

"the Chinese government has no intention of ceding all of that future business to foreign aircraft makers." (Protectionism)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grounded For Weeks

Initially the A380's were to be grounded for 72 hours. Now it is grounded for weeks. What they are finding must be real bad. Those Indian engineers must have really screwed up these engines.

They are talking about an ''oil fire'' . An oil fire won't cause the engine to explode. What will cause the engine to explode is an oil leak leading to no oil in the engine. That will make the engine blow apart real quick. Common sense dictates there should be an oil light alerting the pilot to low oil pressure. My Honda Civic has an oil light. It would be assumed that the Indian engineers knew enough to put an indicator on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of airplane. Maybe I assume too much because the engine blew up and nobody knew nothing before engine parts rained down over the country side.

The solution now is ''repetitive inspections'' . Keep staring at it to see if it is about to explode. Kinda hard to do at 35 thousand feet. That is probably why leaving these planes on the ground is the wisest course of action.

Obama wants you to pay for the Deficit.

The rich can keep their tax cuts. No problem.....

But the deficit needs to be paid. You know.... the deficit that exists because Obama spent 800 Billion on stimulus so his CEO buddy's could hire more people in India and China.

The Deficit that exists because Bush and Obama bailed out Mega Super Duper Rich Goldman Sachs, and AIG, and GM, and Bank of America and on and on.

To pay for all this Obama wants to put his hand right into your checking account. You know every April when you get a big tax refund because you can deduct your mortgage interest. No more. Obama wants to keep that money for himself. Gas tax would go up. Retirement age would go up. Social Security Benefits would be cut. Medicare would be cut. No more deductions for having kids.

But if it is any consolation corporate tax rates would be cut from 35% to 26%. GE, and Microsoft (and all the rest) would get giants breaks for continuing to send jobs overseas.

You and I would be stuck paying for it all.

When Obama says "Yes we can" what he means is "Yes we can make you pay for it all".

Obama says the Rich can keep their tax cuts

Exactly as I said would happen way back on Sept 24th.

For 9 years the Democrats b*tched about tax cuts for the rich. When they had all the power (including a SUPER majority in the Senate) they did nothing to get rid of them. Now they can't get rid of them (exactly how they want it) so they will throw their hands in the air and say "oh well" (chuckle, chuckle).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Dreamliners Grounded

Smoke in the cabin. Emergency Landing. The entire fleet grounded. What else would you expect from the Outsourced Dreamliner. Don't all new planes fill the cabin with smoke. I am surprised Boeing even concedes it is an issue.
"Until we understand the event, we're not going to schedule any new flights," said Lori Gunter, a Boeing spokeswoman. What is there to understand? Boeing laid off all their competent American workers and hired a bunch of incompetent foreign workers. It has been down hill ever since. Just as I predicted.

"It's too early to tell what may have gone wrong." No it's not. Not too early at all. I have been saying it for 5 years. Give me a call I would be happy to explain it to you again. It is real simple to understand.

Generally I would say more delays would be a problem for Boeing. But when you are already 3 years behind schedule I guess who really cares.

So far they have had to reinforce the wings. Reinforce the tail section. The brakes overheated. The engine exploded on the test bed. Now there is an onboard fire somewhere.

Any passenger who goes to the airport and sees a Dreamliner sitting at the gate should head to the service counter and demand a different flight. Pound your fists on the counter until you get what you want. Whatever you do don't get on this flying death trap.

Windows Phone 7...Stinks

Sales are weak.

Issues are piling up.

Windows Phone 7 can't connect to secure wifi (That is a big one)

All those super smart Indian developers still can't get it right. Even when they can copy the super successful Iphone. Even when they can copy the super successful Android phones. They still end up producing a stinker. Again!

Steve Ballmer must be weeping at his desk. "Why oh why can't we make anything good..... Why is Steve Jobs so much smarter then me"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Qantas explosion far worse then first reported....

"explosion that sent pieces of hot metal through the left wing started a fuel leak and damaged vital flight systems needed to slow the big jet"

"only one of the jet's four engines could be relied on for reverse thrust."

"only half the jet's spoilers -- the hinged flaps on the wing that pop up to create drag on landing -- could be deployed."

"the jet, still carrying more than 80 tonnes of flammable kerosene, used up most of the 4km runway to come to a stop, blowing four tyres"

"After landing, another engine would not respond to controls and remained idling as fuel leaked on to the tarmac."

Engineers found oil ‘where oil should not be’,"We’ve found slight anomalies." They are only slight when you are on the ground. They are not slight at 35 thousand feet.

"Design issues rather than poor maintenance were the most likely cause" That should read India's design issues are likely the cause.

"Rolls-Royce said it had ‘made progress in understanding the cause of the engine failure’." The cause was outsourcing to India. The result was 433 people could have died. That is OK though. As long as money was saved somewhere along the line it is acceptable.

GE Helping The Economy....In China

GE investing 2 BILLION in Communist China.

"These commitments represent GE's confidence in China's long-term economic prospects," Mark Norbom, president and CEO of GE Greater China, said

No such confidence exists in the United States thanks to GE.

GE received $24.9 Million is Taxpayer supplied stimulus money. The result was 18,000 less US jobs.

"All of these federal stimulus grants went to GE’s Global Research Center"

Monday, November 8, 2010

GM To The Chinese...

US taxpayers bail them out so they can be bought up by the Chinese.



The problem with this country is nobody remembers anything. If they did they would remember that in 1998 President Clinton placed sanctions on India for testing Nuclear Weapons. India was considered a problem... A Pariah who must be contained.

Fast forward to 2010 and Obama can't stop smooching India's azz. Smooch, smooch, smooch......Mmmmmm India's butt smells fantastic.

First he agrees to give India sensitive export technology which can have military purposes. The exact same equiptment Clinton was trying to prevent them from getting.

Then he wants to put them as a permanent member of the security council. Like it is not hard enough getting anything done with the five current members. Lets add another voice. A voice that was considered a problem just 12 years ago.

So lets recap. Give them all our jobs. Give them all our technology. Give them power at the security counsel.

And Obama wonders why the electorate hates him . Really can't figure it out. Harvard Grad.... dumb as a box of rocks.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Win Win....

Indian officials will tell Obama and his delegation that the diaspora of Indian professionals with advanced skills in IT, business, and other high-demand areas to the U.S. has helped the American economy.


Look at all the good it has done - Unemployment is 9.6%. Foreclosures are out of control. Banks are failing. States are going broke. Bankruptcies are rising

It is hard to keep track of all the good news. Thanks India.

Rolls Royce

Yesterday I said Qantas engine failure was due to outsourcing maintenance. Today it looks like it was a design failure. So it was actually outsourcing design and engineering (which Rolls Royce has done plenty of).

We can all see the results.

This is the second uncontained failure of a Rolls Royce engine. You may remember the Rolls Royce Dreamliner engine blew up in a test.

Engines should never blow up. Rolls Royce's outsourced engineers are making a habit of it happening. That is not good.


Qantas A380 Engine blows up in flight. All Qantas A380's grounded.

Qantas outsources their maintaince. What a surprise.

"engineers yesterday warned that "danger signs" were now emerging from Qantas's decision to outsource maintenance"

"since Qantas sent engineering and safety checks to countries such as Singapore, the national carrier's once near-perfect safety record had suffered."

"the damaged Qantas A380 recently underwent its first heavy maintenance stop in Germany with Lufthansa Technik"

"heavy maintenance check - a root- and-branch investigation in which the aircraft is pulled to pieces and reassembled over a period of weeks - would be the first focus of investigators."
"He said the incident highlighted concerns about the airline's maintenance."

As long as it is cheap that is all these companies care about. If peoples lives are in danger that is perfectly fine. As long it saves some money up front. Rolling the dice with peoples lives is not a problem for corporations in 2010. Roll em.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day After The Shellacking

Obama licking his wounds wondering why he got a "Shellacking" from the voters.

"The president opened his post-election news conference by saying voters who felt frustrated by the sluggish pace of economic recovery had dictated the Republican takeover in the House"

So voters are frustrated that there are no jobs. It is nice that the President understands that. It is an insult that his next move is to load corporate America into jumbo jets and head off to India to give away even more jobs.

Some people just don't learn......

Monday, November 1, 2010


Lipitor has the exact same problem Tylenol has. They try and dance around what the real issue is. They try to make it seem like the issue is the bottles. The issue is not the bottles. The issue is the active ingredients in the medicine that makes the bottles smell. The active ingredients have been tainted by fungicide. The active ingredients are probably from China but no news organization has the intelligence to report the real story.

This is what happens when companies don't have any control over their supply chains. They just have to sit back and watch their reputation get hammered as they are unable to fix their problems. Problems which originate a world away.