Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dell In Big Trouble


Outsourcing destroys the reputation of another once proud company. Yay outsourcing......

"Dell actually sent the university desktop PCs riddled with faulty electrical components that were leaking chemicals and causing the malfunctions. Dell sold millions of these computers from 2003 to 2005"

" Dell didn’t seem to recognize this as a problem at the time.” When thousands gets laid off there aren't many left to recognize anything.

"employees tried to play down the problem to customers and allowed customers to rely on trouble-prone machines, putting their businesses at risk" Dell is a shining example of good ethics.

"The documents chronicling the failure of the PCs also help explain the decline of one of America’s most celebrated and admired companies"

“Dell model” became synonymous with efficiency, outsourcing and tight inventories, and was taught at the Harvard Business School and other top-notch management schools as a paragon of business smarts and outthinking the competition." Harvard may want to reconsider their curriculum.

"For the last seven years, the company has been plagued by serious problems, including misreading the desires of its customers, poor customer service, (INDIA)suspect product quality (China) and improper accounting."

"The problems affecting the Dell computers stemmed from an industry wide encounter with bad capacitors produced by Asian PC component suppliers."

"Dell shipped at least 11.8 million computers from May 2003 to July 2005 that were at risk of failing"

"A study by Dell found that OptiPlex computers affected by the bad capacitors were expected to cause problems up to 97 percent of the time"

"contractor found that 10 times more computers were at risk of failing than Dell had estimated. Making problems worse, Dell replaced faulty motherboards with other faulty motherboards (Idiots)

"Dell employees went out of their way to conceal these problems" “We need to avoid all language indicating the boards were bad or had ‘issues’ per our discussion this morning.” I wonder if they teach that part at Harvard....

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Supreme Court - Wrong on every issue


This is why the Supreme Court is so important. George W Bush's Alito and Roberts nominations will be felt for decades to come. Screwing up the the country one wrong ruling at a time.

Enjoy the gun violence.


Sarbanes Oxley Board struck down.

Every ruling is wrong. One after another.

Enjoy the next Enron Scandal.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tylenol - From bad To Worse


"In fact, Food and Drug Administration inspection reports going back to 2003 chronicle a build up of problems at the now-shuttered plant in Fort Washington, Pa., at the center of the widespread recall of Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and other over-the-counter drugs

Problems go back to 2003...... You will have to forgive Johnson and Johnson because in 2003 they were busy laying off 490 employees and closing plants in NJ. http://www.thepharmaletter.com/file/45665/jj-to-slash-jobs-and-close-plant.html
They didn't have time for quality control issues.

You are probably thinking by 2010 they should have their act together. Well not really because in 2009 they were busy laying off 8000 more people.
It is hard to replace the work of 8000 people. Empty cubicles may save money but nobody is checking on the tainted Acetaminophen from China to ensure it isn't going in the children's products.

That is a small price to pay to save money. Right?

More Outsourcing screwups for Dreamliner


Another month and another outsourcing screw-up by Boeing contractors. That means even more rework for the most delayed plane in aviation history.

While the qualified American engineers sit home and collect unemployment checks the incompetent Italian replacements screw things up over and over and over.

"Boeing has temporarily grounded its 787 Dreamliner flight-test fleet while it checks for an assembly flaw in the horizontal tails built by Italian manufacturing partner Alenia."

"Brackets that help hold the horizontal tail, also called a stabilizer, were improperly installed." What a surprise....Cheap incompetent workers didn't know what they were doing. Go figure.....

Boeing insisted the planes are not grounded, merely not flying until inspections are completed. Boeing logic at it's finest.

(Incompetent) Alenia mechanics in Foggia, Italy, improperly installed brackets used to attach the horizontal tail to the fuselage, according to people familiar with the problem.

The error, discovered during final assembly in Everett, (By Competent American engineers who cost more but actually know what they are doing)involved small pieces of composite material, called shims, that are used routinely to fill small gaps when assembling structural parts.

The (Incompetent) Alenia mechanics also applied too much torque (Idiots) when tightening fasteners through the brackets, Boeing confirmed.

"Exactly a year ago, Boeing issued a stop-work order to Alenia's other 787 plant in Grottaglie, Italy, after Everett engineers discovered wrinkles in the 787 fuselage skins."

"The wrinkles arose because the edges of the fuselage stiffening rods, called stringers, that Alenia had manufactured were way out of the specified thickness."

YAY OUTSOURCING......If your company is looking to lose Billions (with a B) Outsourcing is the answer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Russian T-50


As the US decided advanced fighter planes are not necessary (because they are not currently used in Afghanistan and Iraq) the Russians forge ahead. They have the foresight to look down the road and anticipate what might be coming. The US only thinks about the here and now. To heck with the future.

Obama's Approval spiraling down


He spent hundreds of billions of dollars and created no jobs. He is powerless to stop the oil spill on day 65 even though he said he was in charge. His presidency is 94% talk and 6% getting anything accomplished. The 6% he has gotten accomplished (Healthcare) is useless. He is a gigantic failure just like his predecessor. The names change. The parties change. But the policies all stay the same. Meanwhile the American people get angrier and angrier.

"More than eight in 10 Americans described themselves as dissatisfied with the economy."

"by margins of two to one or better, Americans share Mr. Obama's desire for more regulation of the oil industry, Wall Street, big corporations and the health insurance industry." That is great but where are the regulations? Obama has a majority in congress and still can't get anything accomplished to reign in corporate America.

We need a legitimate third party alternative to these failed two parties. It is the only way real change is coming.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ironing Boards


Proof tariffs work.

"The company survives in part because it convinced U.S. trade officials that Chinese firms were unfairly dumping ironing boards into the United States at less than fair-market value; in response, the United States levied anti-dumping taxes of 70 to more than 150 percent on its Chinese rivals. (YAY)

"there is little doubt in Seymour, that the tariffs saved 200 jobs and leveled a playing field that had been tilted in favor of foreign factories"

"Under the pressures of globalization, the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States has been shrinking for decades, from 19.5 million in 1979 to 11.6 million this year, a decline of 40 percent."

Tariffs and protectionism are the answer. Everywhere they are used people still have jobs. Everywhere they are not used people don't have jobs. It isn't hard to understand. We need lots more tariffs on lots more products. Before you know it the help wanted signs will start popping up everywhere.

Protectionism....Its as American as apple pie.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fix It!


Why are we not taking people up on their offers to help? Instead of dicking around and dicking around and dicking around for weeks, the government could have been taking advantage of the skills, equipment and resources of these various countries.

Instead, we set up yet another committee/subcomittee/working group to study this or that or something else.

Fix the problem!

The question every day should be "Is this going to help fix the problem?" If the answer is "no" then whatever it is should be tabled. We don't have time for committee hearings and speeches and photo ops and nonsense. Fix. The. Problem.

Eugene is a lot more eloquent than me, but I agree with everything he says:


This should be treated like a war, where failure is not an option. If you're not here to help, get out of the way. Put someone in charge and FIX IT. Call in the troops, call in the army corps of engineers, call in NASA and everyone else that is smart that is at our disposal and FIX IT. Take up all these countries' offers to help, get this crap cleaned up and then send BP the bill when it's all done.

Monday, June 14, 2010

NY Jets begin to Cave.


Fans won't pay the ridiculous PSL's and the Jets begin to cave. Good deal.

DAY 55


When the government demands it now suddenly BP can come up with a better plan. If the government didn't demand it BP would still be lolly gagging around.

"BP wasn't expected to reach that capacity until mid-July under the earlier plan. The new estimate, detailed in a letter to the Coast Guard dated Sunday, also claims the energy giant will be able to capture as much as 80,000 (don't bet on it) barrels a day by mid-July.

"every effort must be expended to speed up" So before the government demanded it I guess every effort wasn't being made.

"Several hundred people are working in a confined space with live hydrocarbons on up to 4 vessels. This is significantly beyond both BP and industry practice." Suddenly BP is concerned about safety. How nice. Where was that concern on April 20th.

"We will continue to aggressively drive schedule to minimize pollution" HAHAHAHAHA.... minimize pollution...... I think it is a little too late for that. Minimize pollution should have been done on day 4. Once we get to day 55 I think that ship has sailed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

How Much Oil?


They said it was,

5,000 barrels.

12,000 barrels.

19,000 barrels.

40,000 barrels.

They just have no clue.

They can tell you how much water is coming over Niagra Falls.

"volume of water: 150,000 U.S. Gallons per second" http://www.niagarafallslive.com/Facts_about_Niagara_Falls.htm

But a pipe in the Gulf Of Mexico they have no idea.

The incompetence of this tragedy is mind numbing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Protectionist Drum Beat grows louder


"After we make one modest step forward, we take three steps from the hole, and our constituents get angrier and angrier," said Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) "That is what is fueling, of course, this protectionist drive in this country," Wyden leveled at Geithner.

For nearly two hours, Geithner was on the defensive from one senator after another angry over China's currency, procurement and intellectual property policies.

"Billions and billions of dollars, millions and millions of jobs flow to China simply because their currency is manipulated," said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.). He warned the Senate would soon press ahead with legislation that would penalize China and other countries that maintain artificially low currencies. (protectionism)

"China's mercantilist policies continue to undermine the health of U.S. industries, so this is fair warning...despite the administration asking us not to do it, we are going to move forward with our bipartisan legislation."

As the election grows near you watch how many elected officials start parroting what I have been saying for years. Everyone will love protectionism right up until the election day. None of them actually means it but it is still amusing to see. At the end of the day everyone knows what must be done to fix the problems. It is just a matter of holding their feet to the fire.

Forclosures up 44%


Bank repossessions climbed 44 percent from May 2009 to 93,777,

One out of every 400 U.S. households received a filing.

“We’re nowhere near out of the woods,” Rick Sharga, RealtyTrac’s senior vice president for marketing, said in a telephone interview. “We’re likely to set a quarterly record for home seizures if June is anything like May.”

He predicted last month that another 5 million delinquent mortgages will end in foreclosure in addition to properties that had already been repossessed.

Almost 3.1 million properties have been seized by banks since April 2005

“The second quarter won’t be the peak,” Sharga said. “I’m not even sure 2010 will be.”

Funny how the government puts out a plan to save the big banks and they all do great. They put out a plan to save homeowners and nothing changes at all.

Fantom Anti British Sentiment


'Anti-British rhetoric'?The politics of the spill crossed the Atlantic, with London Mayor Boris Johnson expressing concern Thursday about the "anti-British rhetoric that seems to be permeating from America."

Johnson said BP was paying a "very, very heavy price" for an accident.

"I would like to see a bit of cool heads rather than endlessly buck-passing and name-calling," Johnson told BBC Radio. "When you consider the huge exposure of British pension funds to BP, it starts to become a matter of national concern if a great British company is being continually beaten up on the airwaves."

The influential Financial Times newspaper ran a banner front-page headline "UK alarm over attack on BP."

There is no anti British sentiment. There is only an anti oil spilling all over the gulf of Mexico sentiment. Being a British company has nothing to do with anything. Exxon was an American company and they got dumped on when they were evil doers too.

If BP wasn't incompetent to stop the endless tragedy everyone wouldn't be hating on BP. Talking about British Pension funds is out of line. Nobody cares. What about the thousands of people unemployed in the gulf because of BP? Where is the British concern for them?

" It starts to become a matter of national concern for Britain".....It is a matter of National Concern for the USA that their company is ruining everything for thousands of miles.

"UK alarm over attack on BP". BP is NOT the victim. The headline should read America alarmed by the attack by BP. The British perspective is very self serving. The real victims are in the gulf. They will remain the victims for decades to come. Long after the English move on to more important issues this will still be a tragedy for this country.

The British haven't been this misguided since they released the Pan Am bomber because he was dying in three months. It has been 10 months and he is still alive.

Drill baby drill.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Democrats Target Overseas Jobs.


"It's not rocket science," said Eddie Vale, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO. "People are unemployed, or their brother is, or their next-door neighbor is. If Democrats want to win races in 2010, they need to show people they're creating jobs for them. And repealing tax breaks that send jobs overseas is a direct corollary."

"given the public's hostile mood toward big business, opponents of the measure may have limited bargaining power. "

"polls show the issue has taken on a moral dimension as the pain of the recession lingers."

"It's incredibly dangerous to be on the wrong side of this issue," said Democratic pollster Geoff Garin. Among the voters he has surveyed, Garin said, "there's a belief that the most important thing we can do to prevent unemployment is to keep jobs from going overseas."

This is great but it shouldn't be about winning campaigns. It needs to be an everyday real issue. This same idea needs to be multiplied by a million. This is just playing around the edges to earn reelection points. The strategy is correct. The scope needs to be a lot more. This is about peoples lives. It is not a game.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Bernanke says unemployment will stay high for awhile. He is quick on the up take.

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the U.S. recovery probably won’t quickly bring down the unemployment rate, (you think...)which is likely to stay “high for a while.” (Forever)

“The unemployment rate is still going to be high for a while, (Forever) and that means that a lot of people are going to be under financial stress,” (Bankrupt)

"Last week, Bernanke said he’s concerned about the toll that joblessness is taking on Americans." Yeah I am sure it is keeping him up at night. As long as Goldman Sachs has more money then they can count Bernanke is a happy man.

This recession started in 2007. Really it started in 2000. Now it is 2010 and he is saying it is going to be "awhile" longer. Why doesn't he just tell the truth. The jobs aren't coming back. Obama said as much last year. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=asSVzhcNQyyI

He was right. The jobs haven't come back, nor will they under the current leadership. A leadership which is completely onboard with the decline of America.

So this is it. Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Glodman Sachs Acting Like Children


"Goldman Sachs sent more than a billion pages of documents, FCIC Vice Chairman Bill Thomas said on a conference call with reporters today. Not all of the information is what the panel requested."

“We did not ask them to pull up a dump truck to our offices and dump a bunch of rubbish,”

"put FCIC investigators in the position of “searching through the haystack for the needle,” he said.
“We expect them to provide us with the needle,” he said.

The government should just bust up Goldman Sachs into little pieces and be done with it. You want to be a wise azz. Fine!

Next Month?


They are going to get a better fitting cap next month? How about this week? We are on June 7th. Next month is 3 1/2 weeks away. This has been going on for 48 days. Could they work any slower on this?

I still say if they just threw the BP CEO (and all the board of directors) into jail and told them they are not allowed out until this leak is plugged. This issue would have been resolved weeks ago.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Microsoft and China - They deserve each other.


Microsoft still pulling their pants down for the Communist Chinese. Still.... After endless hacking. After endless bad press because security flaws..... Microsoft is still doing it.

Let the hacking of Windows 7 begin.

Then after they go and share all their secrets with the Communists then Steve Ballmer complains the same Chinese are pirating the sh*t out of their software.


It is the Chinese fault..... We went over and handed them our product and now they pirate it. The nerve of them.

According to Ballmer because China pirates their software that is why there are no US jobs....... That is why there is no US exports......

Steve Ballmer is an azz........ I can't think of a much bigger azz. I am glad the Chinese pirate their software. I hope they keep right on doing it.

Microsoft deserves what it gets.

Still No Jobs....


431,000 new jobs. 411,000 of those are census jobs. So 20,000 new jobs for 20 million unemployed people.

Incumbents better start updating their resumes.

That 800 Billion Dollar Stimulus is really showing results. That November Jobs Summit (at the White House) with the geniuses of Corporate American is really starting to pay dividends.

I am surprised all the new BP hires hasn't made a dent.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Over the weekend I was sitting in the doctors office waiting for Debbie to have blood drawn when I saw Aprils Motor Trend magazine sitting on the table. Being the car lover that I am I picked it up and read all about the new Buicks and how they compare to Acura. Then I read about Tesla. Then I flipped to this advertisement http://www.weathertech.com/UserFiles/File/AW_MacNeil_2-9-09_SCR.pdf and I couldn't believe what I was reading. A company that actually was writing what I have been saying for years. A company that actually gets it. Not only do they get it but they took out a multi page advertisement to tell the world they get it. It actually gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe all wasn't lost. I have never heard of this company before but if I ever need new floor mattes I will buy them from McNeil. My new favorite company.

Sweat Shop


Steve Jobs insists the Foxconn factory is not a sweatshop.

"compared with other factories, the Foxconn facility's conditions were "pretty nice." So nice the employees can't wait to throw themselves off the roof.

So is Steve right that it is not a sweatshop. Well lets check.


a shop employing workers at low wages (yes), for long hours (yes), and under poor conditions (yes).

From everything I have read I disagree with Mr. Jobs. By definition it is a sweatshop. Steve should be pressed for a better explanation as to why people making his products would rather kill themselves then make one more Iphone.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Google Dumps Microsoft


Bill Gates opens up Windows operating System to the Communist Chinese.

The Communist Chinese hack the sh*t out of Google.

Google dumps Microsoft.

Congratulations Bill Gates..... was it worth it? Your short sightedness is astounding.

Foxconn now in the Mainstream Media.


Well the story has made it from the back page blogs all the way to CNN.

"We've checked the work records and couldn't find any direct link between the working conditions and the suicides." Check again. Maybe open your eyes this time.

"Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Sony have all ordered their own investigations." How is that going to work in a Communist Country. I bet they will get unfettered access to all the employees who love their job and are happy. Just like Obama got unfettered access to all the clean beaches down in Louisiana. I am sure Apple will leave completely satisfied that their employees are happy as clams. Back to American they will come to count all the money.

"When CNN contacted Apple, a company spokesperson directed us to their Web site and a statement on supplier responsibility which reads in part: "We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect ." HP, Dell and Sony have issued similar statements." Well I am sure they do.

"the company has brought in more counselors, started a 24-hour phone counseling service and opened a stress room where workers can take out frustration on mannequins with bats." I am shocked hitting a mannequin with a bat isn't enough for these workers. They still want to jump out of the 18th floor window anyway. Some workers you just can't please.

HP Helping To Kill The Economy


HP paying 1 BILLION DOLLARS to get rid of 9000 US Workers.

"HP is eliminating the positions of 9,000 employees and replacing about 6,000 in varying countries (INDIA).