Friday, March 28, 2014

Mountains of Student Loan Debt and still nobody is qualified for a Job......

37,000,000 Americans with $1,000,000,000,000.00 in Student loan debt and yet corporate American still insists they can’t find any qualified Americans anywhere. 

Corporate America insists they MUST HAVE more foreign workers because Americans are so completely uneducated. Foriegners are smart. Americans are stupid. Not corporate Americas fault. Don't blame them because you are unemployed. Maybe if you studied harder. Maybe take out a loan and invest in your future.

Americans are just supposed to nod their heads when they hear that stream of complete nonsense coming from corporate headquarters. When you are done nodding please go and pay your loan. Corporate banks need your money.

President doesn't trust US Government either.....

It is pretty bad when a former president of the United States, doesn’t trust the current government of the United States. 

There are only 5 presidents currently alive. They know a lot of things about a lot of things. And when one of them states “Heck no I don’t trust what the government is doing” that should give everyone pause.

US Military Sexual assaults....Easy to see why it happens.

The US military has an epidemic of sexual assaults. They insist they can handle the problem internally. 

But here is an example why 25,000 woman have been victims……Because the US military doesn’t care. Not even a little bit.

This General faced 20 years in prison. The Prosecutor requested 18 months. He received 0 days in jail.

He was accused of “twice forcing a female captain to perform oral sex and threatening to kill her if she told anyone”. For that he gets to retire with his military pension and pay a fine.

The message that sends to the rest of the military is clear. Sexual assault is not a big deal.

"The system worked. I've always been proud of my Army," Sinclair said outside court after reacting to his sentence with a smile and an embrace of his lawyers. "All I want to do now is go north and hug my kids and my wife."

A true family man…… That is a beautiful thing. I am sure his wife can’t wait to receive that hug.

In the military they can control a lot of things. When a soldier sleeps. When he eats. When he runs. The way he talks. What he wears. It is all about complete discipline. If you don’t show discipline you are in big trouble.

But one thing they have no control over is protecting female soldiers. That can’t seem to be done.

Sure the military can teach soldiers how to keep secrets while being tortured by the enemy. That is teachable.

But teaching them to respect woman is a whole other level of training. They continue to fail miserably at it.

World Wide Web created on NEXT Computer

The Next Computer is considered a Steve Jobs failure. Yet here we learn that the Next Computer was used to help invent the World Wide Web. 

That is pretty impressive when your biggest failure was still used to help create one of the most important inventions of the last 100 years.

Steve should really get more credit than he does.

Stores closing.....Signs of a healthy economy.

Staples is closing 225 stores. That is on top of the 42 stores they closed last year.

Radio Shack has that beat. They are closing 1100 stores.

A vibrant economy on display for all to see.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

IBM Layoffs......

To prove Obama’s economic recovery is real, IBM is laying off 25% of their hardware division. 

IBM is too embarrassed to state how many workers that is.... but you can bet it is thousands.

After selling off their Server Division (last month) to Communist Red China they are further shredding their remaining workers with more layoffs.

IBM is under self induced pressure to deliver a healthier stock price.

There are only two ways to do that.

You can sell something (no chance that happens)
you can cut something.

Cutting gives the illusion (in the short term) that you are doing great.

IBM (once again) is choosing option #2. Once again the workers are paying the price.

My guess is Obama won’t be having any photo ops at the head quarters of IBM anytime soon.

Coal Ash Update.....

The North Carolina coal ash numbers have been revised upwards. 

This is what happens in every environmental disaster. When the disaster first happens there is a lot of media attention, and so it is important to low ball the numbers. Then later the media gets bored and moves on to more important stories about Justin Bieber.

When less people are paying attention then the numbers always start heading up.

With this particular disaster the coal ash is now polluting the river bottom for 70 miles. So get in your car in Hartford and drive to Stamford. All along the way imagine everything is all polluted.

At first they said 27,000,000 gallons had leaked. Now it it up to 35,000,000 gallons. They were only off by 8,000,000 gallons. Pretty good.

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around how much pollution 35,000,000 gallons is don’t panic. We can do a little experiment to help your understanding.

Go to your refrigerator and pull out a gallon of milk. Go place it on the kitchen counter. Now go back and pull out a second gallon and place it next to the first. Keep doing this 34,999,998 more times (you might have to clean off your counter).

If you can’t fit this experiment in your kitchen feel free to move outside. When you have all 35 million gallons lined up in a row go ahead and remove all the tops. Then carefully carry them each to your local river and dump them in.

When you are done you should have a better understanding of how amazing clean coal really is.