Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chicken Recall.....Chew Carefully.....

Last year the USDA approved sending your Chicken to Filthy Communist Red China to be processed there and then sent back to the United States to be fed to your family.
The government told you this was not an issue because the food will still be inspected. Sure it will.
See It is cheaper to process chicken in China because they have no standards. They don't care what goes in your chicken. That makes it a lot cheaper than processing in the United States where they have to be clean and safe. The only thing clean and safe does is take away profits.
Then the US Congress voted to get rid of country of origin labeling on meat and poultry. It is none of your business where the food comes from. You just buy it and eat it and shut your face.
Now 4.5 million tons of processed Chicken is being recalled because it might contain "extraneous materials,". Delicious things like plastic, wood, rubber and metal. All part of a balanced diet.
The government inspectors did not notice any of these things in the chicken. The customers eating it sure did though. Really left an impression.
Was this chicken processed in filthy Communist Red China? Nobody is saying. It is none of your business. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't.
Regardless I would be hesitant to buy any processed Chicken these days.
The Food industry has made it clear they have little value for your safety.
You should make it clear you have little value for their products. Leave the products sitting in the super market case and keep shopping.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Iran Upset About US Supreme Court Holding The Responsible For Terrorism.....

When Iran took over the US Embassy in 1979 the United States froze Iranian assets around the world.
In 1983 when Hezbollah (the terrorist group funded by Iran) killed over 200 US Marines in Beirut, the parents of the dead Marines sued Iran to get the frozen Iranian assets.
The parents won in court but it got appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court. Last week the US Supreme Court ruled that the Parents could collect the 2 Billion Dollars in frozen Iranian assets.
The Iranians are furious.
The Iranians are appalled that supporting terrorist (who kill Americans) will cost them money.
This is actually a very big deal. If you want to go after terrorism you have to start with the money.
Recently the United States has been having a lot of success against ISIS because the United States started blowing up all the buildings housing their money.
When ISIS began they had a lot of money because they robbed all the Iraqi banks on the land they took over. Once the United States started destroying all the money it has created a lot of issues for ISIS. They can't pay their fighters if they have no money.
Foreign fighters have stopped flooding into Iraq because there is no longer a financial benefit. ISIS has been struggling to function.
Saudi Arabia should be paying close attention to the Iranian case. If Obama releases the 28 pages of classified information (linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11) and the Supreme Court just ruled victims families can go after a state sponsors money.....Well that will quickly become a problem for the Saudi kingdom.
The Saudis just disrespected President Obama when he visited there last week. The king didn't bother meeting Obama at the airport. The King did meet all the other world leaders. The Saudis also didn't broadcast the presidents arrival on State TV. Something they did for all the other leaders.
If Obama was offended by that (and if Obama wanted to do the right thing) he should release the truth about 9/11 and let the Saudis deal with the legal and financial consequences.

F-35 A Scandal And A Tragedy

it "has been both a scandal and a tragedy with respect to cost, schedule and performance."
The program's price tag is nearly $400 billion for 2,457 planes -- almost twice the initial estimate.
McCain, an Arizona Republican, called the cost overruns "disgraceful" and noted that the F-35 program had originally promised 1,013 fighters by fiscal year 2016 (NOW) but had only delivered 179.
the plane's delays meant that "the last F-35 will be delivered in 2040,"
and given that potential adversaries like China and Russia were investing in modern aircraft technology, he said he "cannot fathom how this strategy makes any sense."
he was "confident the current risks and issues we face can be resolved and we'll be able to overcome future problems and deliver the F-35's full combat capability."
Bogdan added that while 45 aircraft were delivered in 2015, over 100 airplanes would be delivered in 2018 and 145 by 2020. (PROMISES PROMISES......)
"The F-35 is an extreme example of optimistic, if not ridiculous assumptions, about how a program would play out,"

Apple Starting To Descend......

What goes up must.......
Apple has actually done a lot better than I thought they would do without Steve Jobs.
But at some point the air was going to start coming out of the balloon.
It is hard to compete with the Imac, followed by the Ipod, followed by Itunes, followed by The Iphone, followed by App Store, followed by the Ipad.......
Unfortunately the IWatch is not lighting the world on fire.
Unless they find some way to bring Steve Jobs back (so he can tell everyone what the next big thing is) I think Apple will be trending down. Not that that is some crazy thing since they have been in the stratosphere for 15 years. Like Steve always said you have to keep innovating and that has clearly slowed at Apple. They won't be going out of business anytime soon but I think the heyday is over.

Monday, April 25, 2016

You Cannot Sue Communist Red China For Their Tainted Dry Wall......

Communist Red China refusing to pay US lawsuits regarding Chinese tainted drywall.  

This is why Communist Red China can send tainted products into the United States because they have impunity.  The Communists do not care about the American judicial system.  They can poison Americans whenever they want......And they do.  

If it is not tainted Fentanyl then it is tainted flooring.  If it is not tainted flooring it is tainted drywall.  The Chinese love poisoning Americans.  It is their favorite past time.

Taishan's drywall emitted sulfur gas that damaged the homes making occupants ill, corroding copper, silver and other metals, damaging appliances and electronics, and stinking up the houses so they were "hard if not impossible to live in."

All the drywall, wiring, copper pipes, insulation, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units in each house, most electronics and appliances, and all hardwood or vinyl flooring had to be replaced.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Charles Koch Loving Hillary.....

Charles Koch the Billionaire financier of the Republican Party thinks Hillary might be the best option.   

The reason he thinks this is because Hillary is a Republican.  Just like Bill was a Republicans.  

Republicans want to cut Welfare.  Bill Clinton cut Welfare.  Republicans want to deregulate everything.  Nobody deregulated more industries than Bill Clinton.  Republicans love getting into bed with Corporations.  Bill and Hillary both love getting in bed with corporations.  Republicans love outsourcing all the jobs.  Bill and Hillary both love outsourcing all the jobs.  

Bill and Hillary = Republicans.  Hence why Charles Koch is showing his support.  

Charles wants to give his money and get exactly what he wants.  Trump is self financed (kind of) so that doesn't really work with him.  Ted Cruz is a complete nut job which can make him hard to control.  That leaves Hillary.  Hillary will gladly take all your money and then do anything you want.  You name it and she will do it.  If there are enough zeros on the check Hillary is at your service.  The Koch Brothers love that.

Deadly Fentanyl From Communist Red China......

American Deaths brought to you by Communist Red China.

The dozen packages were shipped from China to mail centers and residences in Southern California. One box was labeled as a “Hole Puncher.”

In fact, it was a quarter-ton pill press, which federal investigators allege was destined for a suburban Los Angeles drug lab. The other packages, shipped throughout January and February, contained materials for manufacturing fentanyl, an opioid so potent that in some forms it can be deadly if touched.

“We have seen an influx of fentanyl directly from China,” said Carole Rendon, the acting US attorney for the northern district of Ohio in Cleveland. “It’s being shipped by carrier. It’s hugely concerning because fentanyl is so incredibly deadly.”

The China connection is allowing local drug dealers in North America to mass produce fentanyl in pill form, in some cases producing tablets that look identical to an oft-abused version of the prescription painkiller OxyContin.

It also has been added to Xanax pills. And last week, fentanyl pills made to resemble the painkiller hydrocodone were blamed for a wave of overdoses in the Sacramento area, including nine deaths.

The fentanyl pills are often disguised as other painkillers because those drugs fetch a higher price on the street, even though they are less potent, according to police.

In British Columbia, police took down a lab at a custom car business that was allegedly shipping 100,000 fentanyl pills a month to nearby Calgary, Alberta where 90 people overdosed on the drug last year.

People who unknowingly take fentanyl — either in pill form or when cut into heroin — can easily overdose because it is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and many times that of heroin,

A recent report by the CDC identified 998 fatal fentanyl overdoses in Ohio in 2014 and the first five months of 2015. Last month, federal prosecutors in Cleveland

Analysts bailing On The Dreamliner......They finally figured it out.....

Boeing built the Dreamliner to make lots and lots of money.  

To make lots and lots of money they were NOT going to hire expensive American workers.  Instead they were going to hire incompetent foreign workers.  Incompetence is always cheaper than competence.

The cheaper incompetent workers built a plane full of flaws.  Those flaws needed to be fixed by competent American workers.  Boeing saved $1.00 on the front end and lost $10.00 on the back end.  Congrats....

With production costs for building (and then rebuilding the Dreamliner) piling all the way up to $29,000,000,000.00......... the genius analysts on Wall Street are now (FINALLY) seeing that Boeing will never be able to make up for all the losses.  

Someone at Merrill Lynch must have gotten a calculator for their birthday and  did some simple math and concluded what I concluded 10 years ago.......That sh*t aint gonna work.  

So now Boeing stock is plunging and everyone is bailing  on the "Outsource your way to profitability" model of corporate success.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Verizon Is On Strike.....Nobody Cares......Except Bernie.

The Verizon strike is going into week 2.  

Verizon workers are not happy that Verizon wants to send more of their jobs overseas.  

Verizon saves money on cheaper foreign workers so the American workers can go to hell.  It is a great deal.....Unless you are an American Worker.  

For some reason the workers are not thrilled with this whole idea and are on strike.

Workers going on strike is why Republicans hate unions.  Unions try to protect jobs and Republicans hate workers trying to protect their jobs.  It is offensive.  How dare anyone try to protect their job.....their livelihood.  It is an insult to the executives trying to keep all the money for themselves.  

The more American workers sent to the unemployment line the more money the Verizon executives get to put in their pockets.  

Bernie Sanders has commented on the Verizon strike in support of the workers.  

Hillary Clinton has been quiet on the workers......and why wouldn't she be quiet.  She has taken plenty of money from Verizon.  Hillary loves money and hates workers.  If workers gave her more money than maybe she would be more sympathetic. 

President Obama hasn't said a word about the plight of the Verizon workers either.  He is in the last year of his presidency and doesn't give a crap about the workers anymore.  When he leaves office he is going to need to raise money for his Presidential library.  That money will come from Corporations and not workers.  So the workers hold no value for Obama.

Lets tally it all up.  Corporations hate US Workers.  Republicans hate US Workers.  Hillary hates US Workers.  Obama hates US workers.  Bernie likes US workers but can't get past the Two party rigged election machine....... which also hates US workers.

So good luck to the workers.  It is you against the world.  If the last 40 years are any indication it will not end well for you.  But give em hell anyways.

Hillary Clinton For Sale.......

Hillary Clinton at your service.......For the right price.
The best government money can buy.
Bill Clinton was for sale during his presidency and Hillary Clinton is also for sale now.
If you have a quarter of a million dollars Hillary would LOVE to talk to you.
The AP's review of federal records, regulatory filings and correspondence showed that almost all the 82 corporations, trade associations and other groups that paid for or sponsored Clinton's speeches have actively sought to sway the government — lobbying, bidding for contracts, commenting on federal policy and in some cases contacting State Department officials or Clinton herself during her tenure as secretary of state.
Clinton's 94 paid appearances over two years on the speech circuit leave her open to scrutiny over decisions she would make in the White House or influence that may affect the interests of her speech sponsors.
"If somebody gets paid $225,000 for a speech, it must be an unbelievably extraordinary speech," Sanders said at an outdoor rally at Washington Square Park last week in advance of the New York primary. "I kind of think if that $225,000 speech was so extraordinary, she should release the transcripts and share it with all of us."
Clinton has said she can be trusted to spurn her donors on critical issues, noting that President Barack Obama was tough on Wall Street (No he wasn't) despite his prolific fundraising there.
her earnings of more than $21.6 million from such a wide range of interest groups could affect public confidence in her proclaimed independence. (DOESN'T EVERYONE MAKE 21 MILLION FOR TALKING)
"The problem is whether all these interests who paid her to appear before them will expect to have special access (DUH) when they have an issue before the government,"
The AP review identified at least 60 firms and organizations that sponsored Clinton's speeches and lobbied the U.S. government at some point since the start of the Obama administration. Over the same period, at least 30 also profited from government contracts.
Twenty-two groups lobbied the State Department during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state. They include familiar Wall Street financial houses such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., corporate giants like General Electric Co. and Verizon Communications Inc.,
Clinton's biggest rewards came from Washington's trade associations, the lobbying groups that push aggressively for industry interests. Trade groups paid Clinton more than $7.1 million, the review showed.
The National Association of Realtors spent $38.5 million on government contacts in 2013, the same year it paid Clinton $225,000 to appear at the group's gathering in San Francisco. A group spokesman said Clinton was among former U.S. officials invited to share their experiences but said she was not paid as part of its lobbying activities. (Suuuuurrre)
The financial services and investment industry accounted for about $4.1 million of Clinton's earnings. Its ranks included not only Wall Street powerhouses like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Corp., but also private equity and hedge funds like Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LP and Apollo Global Management LLC and foreign-owned banks such as Deutsche Bank AG and the Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce.
Goldman Sachs, which gave Clinton $675,000 for three speeches in 2013, and Morgan Stanley, which paid her $225,000 for one speech the same year, both spent millions lobbying the U.S. during Clinton's term at the State Department.
Nearly three dozen of Clinton's benefactors spent more than $1 million annually on contacts with officials and Congress during the same year they paid her to appear at their corporate or association events, according to federal lobbying records. Many earned millions more in government contracts — indications of the regulatory and policy stances the groups might advocate during a Clinton presidency.
General Electric, which paid her $225,000 for a speech in Boca Raton, Florida, in January 2014, has the most extensive government portfolio. GE has spent between $15.1 million and $39.2 million annually on lobbying. The company has won nearly $50 million in government work since 2008, including $1.7 million from the State Department for lab equipment and data processing during Clinton's tenure. The firm also lobbied the State Department all four years under Clinton on issues including trade and Iran sanctions.
As secretary of state, Clinton visited a GE aviation facility in Singapore (NOT IN AMERICA) and touted the State Department's role aiding GE industrial and military deals abroad. Clinton met with GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt once about the agency's efforts to salvage a planned business exposition in Shanghai and also talked with him by phone

Friday, April 22, 2016

F-35 Computer Sucks Just Like The Rest Of The Plane.....

They said the F-35 doesn't need to be fast because its computer system will make it head and shoulders above every other fighter plane in the world.
They said the F-35 doesn't need to be super maneuverable because its computer system was the secret ingredient that would give it the edge.
The only thing they left out is the computer system is complete dog sh*t just like the rest of the plane. The entire program is just a big heaping pile of smelly dog sh*t for the low affordable price of $400,000,000,000.00.
A Government Accountability Office report released Thursday raises concerns about the jet's $16.7 billion Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS).
The software is essentially the brain that enables the fifth-generation warplane to operate, tracking everything from the amount of time the aircraft spends in the air to when the engine needs a tune-up.
The roughly $400 billion F-35 effort has had more than its share of software hiccups already, highlighted by recent findings that the aircraft’s billions of lines of computer code might be vulnerable to hacking. (NO SH*T......YOU DON'T SAY)
If the bugs persist, it could have a cascading effect on the rest of the Defense Department’s timeline for the warplane, which is already years behind schedule.
Serious problems with the logistics system could delay important program milestones, including the U.S. Air Force declaring its version of the jet ready for deployment later this year.
GAO identified two major problems with Lockheed Martin’s ALIS, the first being that the system itself may not be deployable. (As long all future combat takes place in the United States the F-35 will be great)
The ALIS tool gets plugged into a jet, sending data to two 1,600-pound sever racks. Each F-35 squadron requires its own set of ALIS computers, making it difficult to operate since it “requires server connectivity and the necessary infrastructure to provide power to the system,”
A slimmer version of ALIS that can fit into moveable cases -- capable of being carried by two men and weigh approximately 200 pounds each -- was put into operation last summer. However the Pentagon “has not yet completed comprehensive deployability tests,”
The second key issue is that there’s no alternative to ALIS if there’s a problem. (All the eggs in one basket.....A hallmark of the F-35 project) That lack of redundancy is compounded by the fact that all ALIS data is fed into a “central point of entry” and then to an operating unit in Fort Worth, Texas.
“If either of these fail, it could take the entire F-35 fleet offline,” GAO warns. (Take 5....We will continue this dog fight as soon as the system comes back online.)
The report also raised concerns about the system’s inability to communicate with the systems aboard older aircraft, (Use sign language) and noted that ALIS users are worried about transferring data between classified and unclassified computer servers. (Classified.....Unclassified....Whats the difference. The Communist Chinese see it all.)
The watchdog office suggested the Pentagon develop a “holistic” plan to address myriad issues with ALIS to make sure biggest problems with it are taken care of before the F-35 enters full production in the early 2020s.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Since The F-35 Sucks....How Much To Build More F-22's

In 2009 President Obama killed the production of the F-22.  The Air Force had 187 planes built.  They would never get the 749 planes they were supposed to receive.  Production was halted.  The supply chain was dismantled.  The end.

All future money would be put towards the F-35.  The entire defense of the United States would depend on the F-35.  The Air Force would depend on it.  The NAVY would depend on it.  The Marines would depend on it.  Every penny was going to go to the F-35.  All the eggs were put in one basket.  Done!

Well It is now 2016 and the F-35 is STILL  no where near ready for combat.  That won't be changing anytime soon.  When it is deemed ready it still won't be used because it will get shot down.

With wars and threats all over the world the military is getting desperate.  The F-15 is not getting any younger.  The F-16 is not getting any younger.  The F-18 is not getting any younger.  The Communist Chinese and Putin are not waiting around for us to get our act together.  The world moves on no matter how much money we waste accomplishing nothing.

So now 7 years after ending production they want to consider bringing back the F-22.  If they just listened to me in 2009 they wouldn't be in this pickle today.  Lots of money spent.  Lots of enemies every where they look and no competent aircraft to handle the job.  

In 2009 they should have killed the F-35 and used that money to speed up production of the F-22.  They did it all completely wrong and it is finally dawning on them.  Idiots.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Can The USA Do About Putin.....Hmmmmm.

What can the US do? What can the US do? Is that question serious?
This is a United States Navy Warship, in international waters, with a Russian fighter jet 75 feet above the ship. If we are not going to do anything about that than what event are we going to react to?
What you do is you shoot the plane out of the sky. Remember what Turkey did when Russia flew over their border without permission? They shot the plane out of the sky. That solved the problem. You don't hear about Russian jets flying over Turkey anymore.
This is a staring contest and the USA keeps blinking. Stop blinking and start shooting.
Putin is a bully. You punch a bully in the nose. That is the only thing they understand.

NBA Sells Out.....

And there it goes.......The first domino has been toppled.  Stand back so you don't get hurt as the rest of them fall.

Cha Ching....Cha Ching.....Adam Silver wants more money.  He wants gambling, he wants sponsorships.  It is not about the game..... just about the $$$$$$$$$$.  David Stern had a little self respect.  Adam Silver will put an Ad on his mothers forehead if it will make him a buck.

Can't wait till they start putting ads on the ball

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kidnapping And Forced Marriage In Communist Red China.....

More delightful stories from our friends in Communist Red China.  Heart Warming......

"At that time, I wanted to leave," says Lan. "There were other girls there in the car but there was people to guard us."

The villages along the Vietnamese-Chinese border are a hunting ground for human traffickers. Girls as young as 13 say they are tricked or drugged, then spirited across the porous border by boat, motorbike or car. Young Vietnamese women are valuable commodities in China, where the one-child policy and long-standing preference for sons has heavily skewed the gender ratio.

To put it simply, Chinese men are hungry for brides.

"It costs a very huge amount of money for normal Chinese man to get married to a Chinese woman," explained Ha Thi Van Khanh, national project coordinator for the U.N.'s anti-trafficking organization in Vietnam. Traditionally, Chinese men wishing to marry local women are expected to pay for an elaborate banquet and to have purchased a new home to live in after the wedding. "This is why they try to import women from neighboring countries, including Vietnam."

She says that Vietnamese brides can sell for upwards of $3,000 to the end buyer and that they are often considered desirable because of cultural similarities to the Chinese.

Nguyen was just 16 when a friend's boyfriend drugged her and smuggled her into China. She tried to resist a forced marriage. For three months, she refused, even though her traffickers beat her, withheld food and threatened to kill her, she says. Finally, she relented. She says her husband was kind to her, but she never stopped missing her family in Vietnam.
"My desire to go home was indescribable," Nguyen said. "I agreed to marry the man but I could not stay with a stranger without any feelings for him."

When her mother-in-law realized Lan was never going to warm to the marriage, the family returned her to the traffickers. They got their money back, Nguyen says, after which she was forced into a second marriage.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saudi Arabia Threatening Economic Terrorism to Hide their Role In Actual Terrorism....

The 9/11 victims want to sue Saudi Arabia for their role in 9/11.  

Congress is considering making that a legal option.  

The Saudis are freaking out because they know what their role was in 9/11 and they don't want to get dragged into a court.  

President Obama is on the side of the Saudis and terrorists.  Obama doesn't want the victims to have the ability to sue and he is actively trying to convince congress they should also side with the terrorist.

The Saudies are trying to pressure the US Congress by threatening more economic terrorism.  

If the US Congress allows victims to sue Saudi Arabia than Saudi Arabia will cash in all of their US Treasury bonds.  That means the United States Government will have to pony up $750,000,000,000.00 to Saudi Arabia.  
This is the kind of thing countries do when they are scared......... and guilty.

So lets review.....

9/11 was the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor.  

Pearl Harbor killed 2,403 Americans and launched America into a World War.  After 4 years the world war was over.  The US was serious about doing the job.

9/11 killed 2,977 people and launched American into a war on terrorism.  After 15 years of war on terror (which cost trillions of dollars and thousands more lives) the accomplishments are few.  The US is not serious about winning the war on terror.  After 15 years the Taliban is still alive and well.  Al Qaeda is still alive and well.  Nothing has been resolved.

George W Bush said he would go after the terrorists (and any countries that support them) wherever they are.  

George W Bush knew the Saudis were involved.  So he classified that information and instead of going after Saudi Arabia....... he went after Iraq....... knowing full well they had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11. 

That war (after 12 years of accomplishing nothing) has created a new world wide terror organization...ISIS.  

When the war on terror began there was one horrible world wide terror group.  After 15 years of trying to solve that problem we now have two world wide terror organizations.

President Obama has continued the George W Bush policies of protecting terrorist Saudi Arabia by trying to redirect attention elsewhere.  

George W Bush and Barack Obama agree the American people do not deserve the truth.  Both have done everything they can do to keep the truth from the people.  Not exactly how an open government is supposed to work.

The chance Barack Obama releases the classified papers implicating the Saudis in 9/11.......0%

The chance the US Congress allows victims of 9/11 to sue the Terrorist helping government of of Saudi Arabia........0%

Terrorist countries with Oil always take priority over powerless US Victims.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders Says Corporations Are Not Paying Taxes.....Bernie is Correct.

Corporations want you to believe the corporate tax rate is too high and needs to be lowered.  

Republicans want you to believe the corporate tax rate is too high and needs to be lowered.  

Both Corporations and Republicans and liars.  

You can't pay less tax then $0.00.  

Telling everyone you pay 35% when in reality you only pay 0% can't be hidden for that long.  How much tax a publicly traded company pays is public information.  

Their only hope is that you are too stupid to notice and truth and aren't really paying attention.  

Nothing aggravates corporations and Republicans more than educated people.  It really infuriates them

A surprising number of companies in the Standard & Poor's 500, 57, have found ways to pay effective tax rates of zero

The news comes months after after the Government Accountability Office released a report showing that companies in 2010 reported an average effective tax rate of 12.6%, well below the 35% federal corporate tax rate.

Corporate giants such as telecom firm Verizon, drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb and power management firm Eaton, all reported effective tax rates of 0% during the past 12 months.

The findings underscore that while many companies bellyache about the top federal income tax rate of 35%, in reality, many pay much less than that

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Free Taxpayer Money For The Energy Industry.....Coming Right Up.....

The Energy Bill......

Where US Taxpayer money is handed over to Energy Companies.....No questions asked.  

Oil company's get money, and gas companies get money, and Electric Companies get money....... it is an all around great deal.

Republicans support it.  Democrats support it.  President Obama supports it.

In Washington nobody agrees on anything EXCEPT giving free tax payer money to rich companies (and industries) that do not need it.  

Corporate Welfare brings everyone together singing Kumbaya.

In the Energy Bill Democrats stuck 600 million bucks to help the poor people of Flint Michigan.  Republicans said NO WAY!  Democrats said FINE....WHATEVER  

The Republican governor poisoned the poor people of Flint.  Republicans in Congress refuse to help fix it.  US Taxpayer money will NOT be used to help fricken poor people.  To Hell with the poor people.  

US Tax payer money will only be used to help rich people and rich corporations.  Republicans and Democrats insist on it.  Poor people can just drop dead.

I go on Facebook and day after day I see my Republican friends rail against Welfare.  It is their all encompassing issue.  

There is nothing more despicable then poor people getting government welfare.  It enrages Republicans.  But when corporations get the same Government Welfare I don't see a single post of outrage.  Not one.  Not ever.  And I look for them too....I think "oh man this is going to outrage my Republican friends...." but it never does. Corporations can get all the free money they want....Not even an issue.