Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama deregulating National Security


In another attempt to please his corporate bosses Obama is giving away all our National secrets.

Why force the Chinese government to hack our networks (to steal our secrets) when Obama is willing to hand them over on a silver platter.

Compliments of corporate America. Take whatever you want.

There is no such thing as a secret in Capitalism. Take the technology and build your own weapons. Use them against us one day. Why not.

If it makes corporate America more money in the short term then it is well worth it.

The US government hands over billions of tax payer dollars so corporate American can research and develop state of the art technologies. Once these technologies exist companies want to make as much money as possible. If the US government won't buy more it is a sure thing the Chinese government will. So hand it over.

Yes deregulation has worked so well everywhere else. Time to take the hand cuffs off corporate American and let them hand over the rest.

Obama......As dumb as Bush just speaks more clearly.

Egg Farm Inspection results


"Rodents, piles of manure, uncaged birds and flies too numerous to count were found by investigators at Iowa farms"

" Federal investigators found salmonella bacteria in chicken feed and in barn and walkway areas "

"federal inspectors found chicken manure in piles up to eight feet high. In other spots, mounds of manure prevented doors from closing, allowing rodents and other animals to possibly come inside, FDA inspectors said. "The uncaged birds were using the manure [pile] ... to access the egg-laying area."

"Quality Egg and Wright County Egg workers did not always wear protective clothing, that birds were in storage and milling facilities, and feed bins had rusted holes and gaps. Inspectors also found maggots, and in some areas, "live and dead flies were too numerous to count." (YUM!)

"Inspections at three Hillandale farms found -- among other things -- rodents and rodent holes, liquid manure leaking into a chicken house and uncaged chickens tracking manure from a manure pit into a caged henhouse" (Makes me hungry for some eggs)

"The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a food safety advocacy group, called the FDA findings "stomach churning."

"The decrepit conditions in these henhouses reflect the fact that companies know that FDA inspections are so rare -- even following the adoption of a new safety regulation -- that there is no urgency to fix their buildings and their operations to assure compliance with FDA statutes and regulations."

It should give everyone piece of mind knowing Corporate America is doing everything in their power to keep us all safe. Or at least to make sure they make more money this quarter then they did last quarter. If that means you get a little belly ache that is of no concern to the corporate egg farmers.

Enjoy your eggs.

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Engine Problem" Delays Dreamliner


Ok it is late in the day on Friday. Everyone is going home for the weekend. This is the perfect time to release the news that the Dreamliner is being delayed AGAIN!!!!!

Maybe nobody will notice.

Sure last week Boeing said the Rolls Royce Engine (which blew up on the test stand) would not affect the delivery schedule. Why would an exploding engine be of any concern to Boeing? They have so many other problems I am surprised they even acknowledged it.

However now they are saying it will be delayed until 2011. Shocking I know…..

So Boeing lied. That is what they do in corporate America. They lie. Then they lie some more. Then when we get caught in a lie they make up another lie. If that doesn’t work they lie some more. There is no problem a lie can’t fix in Corporate America.
So now the Dreamliner will be delivered in Feb 2011. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.Andrew

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL - 18 Game Regular Season


First the owners tell the players hey we need you to make less money. If you don't agree to make less money we are going to lock you out next year.

Then they tell the players hey we also need you to play 2 extra regular season games too. Sure you will have an increased risk of injury. Sure you will have in increased chance your career will be shortened. Sure you have an increased chance of long term health issues.

That is OK because the owners will be making more money. Isn't that what the NFL is all about.

The players work more and earn less. It is the American way.

The owners will make lots more money because instead of playing empty stadiums in pre season. They will be playing full stadiums in the regular season. Today Preseason games aren't all on TV. Two extra regular season games would be on TV. Even more $$$$$$ for the greedy owners.

They get to sit up in their luxury boxes (in their brand new stadiums, (paid for by their fans) and watch their players beat the h*ll out of each other so they can be more rich. What could be better.

Sounds like a great deal for the players. I hope they collectively give the owners the middle finger.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congress Investigating Tainted Eggs....


Why does Congress need to investigate...... After all we need smaller government. Weaker government. We need to keep government out of the lives of private companies.

Private companies best know how to run their own businesses. Government just slows down capitalism. Red Tape and Bureaucracy inhibit the distribution of tainted products. Who would want that.......

The answer is to deregulate everything........ Let people do whatever they want. If people get sick on tainted eggs...hey that is the price of capitalism. If people get sick on tainted Peanut butter, or tainted spinach...... those things happen. When your kids take Tylenol tainted with unknown black particles (so Johnson and Johnson can make more money) nobody ought to complain.

Where are all the anti regulation voices when millions and millions of tainted eggs are flooding the market????? We never hear from them. When they get their way and it all blows up in their face all we hear is quiet.


Chinese counterfeiting


Corporate America lays off millions of US workers to move production overseas. They do this to make more money for themselves. Then the Chinese counterfeit all their products and keep all the money for themselves. Good! Serves them right.

All theses agencies fighting the issue -

National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center is the anticounterfeiting headquarters in the United States. Situated among short stacks of concrete office buildings in Arlington, Va., the center brings together representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug Administration, the F.B.I., the Patent and Trademark Office, the United States Postal Service, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and other government agencies. J. Scott Ballman, an immigration agent with short, sandy hair and a Tennessee accent, is the center’s deputy director.

The US is trying to stop the products from coming in the country. They should be forcing the Chinese government to stop making the products in the first place. The real issue is in China....not in the USA.

The Chinese government could stop all of this if they wanted too. After all it is happening out in the open. The point is their government doesn't want to stop it. Why would they. They are making money off it. It helps the Chinese economy. Corporate America is still coming over whether they counterfeit or not. So why stop it.

Meanwhile Dip sh*t Obama says -“Our single greatest asset is the innovation and the ingenuity and creativity of the American people,” President Obama said in a speech in March. “But it’s only a competitive advantage if our companies know that someone else can’t just steal that idea and duplicate it with cheaper inputs and labor.” It is OK for US workers to lose out to cheaper labor. That is just how Capitalism works. But it is not alright for US companies to lose profits to the same cheaper labor. Hypocrisy!

It isn't even cheaper labor. It is the same cheap labor legitimate Chinese companies offer.

The difference is the Counterfeits don't demand the profit margin the US companies demand. The savings are in the profits.

US companies have no problem legitimizing laying off US workers so they can save money. They say it is the US consumer who demands cheaper prices. But when the fakes are offered for even cheaper suddenly this philosophy doesn't work anymore.

Works for me. I am thrilled.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tainted Eggs


Surprise surprise..... Regulation now in effect could have prevented the current egg issues. Rules that went into effect in July would have prevented these problems that occurred in May and June.

Just another example (in a long line) why Regulation and oversight are a must. Another example of why corporate American can never be trusted to do the right thing. No matter how much it will benefit them they always take shortcuts. The consumer always pays the price.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Initial Claims at 500,000


The stimulus has been spent and all went to China. The Census work is all but done.

And here were are........back going the wrong way.

More "unexpected" news. Yes nobody saw this coming.... The sun "unexpectedly" rose in the East this morning. None of the experts could explain it.

This week's rise was unexpected. Economists had been projecting that a slight decline was in the cards. Based on what???

I should have been an economist. It is the only job in the world you can be wrong 100% of the time and nobody cares. Must be nice.

Dreamliner engine failed


Not only did Boeing outsource the 787 all over the world, but as a final slap in the face to American workers (who Boeing despises) they couldn't even choose American made engines. GE is building some engines but so is Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce's results are engine failure.

Good thing the rest of the plane is so totally screwed up nobody will even notice the engines fall apart.

The engine had an "uncontained failure" Those are the best. Little pieces of the engine go flying out at high speed. What could be better at 38,000 feet then the engine disintegrating into little pieces. Although are people even going to notice....They will probably be more concerned with the tail section that fell off a few minutes earlier.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rex Ryan vs Tony Dungy


It is comical that Tony would attack Rex Ryan for Cursing but defend Michael Vick after he tortured and murdered dogs.

"I just don't think the league needs that," the former Buccaneers and Colts coach said. "I don't think our young people need to hear that that's the way it's done to be successful"

Abusing and killing animals is fine. Just don't curse. Great message.....


There are lots of things about Rex Ryan I don't like but cursing is not the biggest issue of the day.

Giants PSL program failing too


The Jets couldn't sell their PSL's. The Giants said they sold theirs but now we find out that was a lie. They couldn't sell theirs either and now are forced to sell single game tickets with no PSL. This will surely piss off the many fans who did pay.

As with the Jets I hope the stadium is half empty on Giants game day too. Show these greedy owners the fans have a limit to how much they will be robbed. The owners rob the fans and then tell the players there is no money for them. Enough!

Dr. Frank Ryan


Texting + Driving = Death

Even if you are a smart rich Doctor.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Drug Resistant SuperBug from India


It is spreading because of medical tourism, by which patients travel abroad to seek cheaper treatment or access to medical services refused in their own countries.

As with all outsourcing you get what you pay for. You may save some money. Then again you may die from a superbug.

Enjoy the savings..

This short sighted approach now puts everyone at risk
. “The potential of NDM-1 to be a worldwide public health problem is great"

Oh good. We can add this to the list. Swine Flu, Bird Flu, West Nile Virus, MRSA and all the other (end of the world) viruses people have freaked out about over the years.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GM CEO Ed Whitacre

GM CEO Stepping down on Sept 1st.

He has only been CEO for 13 months. He came in....cut a bunch of brands (Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, SAAB) stuffed 9 million dollars in his brief case and is heading for the exits. Must be nice.....

Whitacre receives 9M in compensation.

The company still owes the government 52 Billion dollars. But the first positive headline http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-08-12/gm-profit-rises-to-1-54-billion-on-auto-sales-gains.html and he is out the door pretending he has accomplished something.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreamliner...You guessed it. More issues.....


"After uncovering flaws in horizontal stabilizers made by Alenia Aeronautica in June, Boeing assessed the company’s manufacturing process and decided to check on flight-test and production planes" They check on their manufacturing process in 2010? 3 years after the plane was introduced. They are about 5 years too late. Idiots. Obviously what they found has caused concern.

"Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing’s commercial plane business, told analysts yesterday that the company had found some additional Dreamliner issues and that in the future it may take back more of the work now done by vendors." Translation - I have been right this whole time. Outsourcing is a complete disaster. It has cost the company nothing but trouble and lots of money. Not using highly skilled American workers is a really stupid idea.

Boeing is “really happy” that it bought Dreamliner operations in South Carolina from Alenia and Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. last year, Albaugh said at a Jefferies & Co. presentation broadcast online from New York. They would have been even happier if they never outsourced in the first place.

"Boeing has orders for 847 Dreamliners and aims to boost monthly production to 10 in 2013 from 2 now." They build two a month now and they are all screwed up. Good luck getting the 847 built. If they can just get one approved by the FAA that would be cause for celebration.


Customers fleeing the Dreamliner. Boeing has negative orders for 2010. After witnessing their 3 stooges routine customers are saying no thanks.

Trade Deficit grew 18% in June


"There were 14.6 million people out of work in July" (That is a low number but we will use their numbers)


The average US worker makes $41,000.00 a year. http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/AWI.html

So take the $50 Billion dollar trade deficit (in June) and multiply it by 12 months. That gives a yearly trade deficit of 600 billion.

Divide the 600 billion by $41,000 and you get 14.6 million jobs.

If they ONLY wiped out the trade deficit (Not all trade just the deficit) we would have full employment in the USA.

Now why can't the experts do this simple math and come to the same conclusion.

Trade Deficit grew 18% in June


49.9 Billion dollars left the United States in June never to return.

This is why all the stimulus doesn't work. The government pumps the money in and it all goes to China. They pump more in and it too goes to China. Then all the experts scratch their heads and wonder why the situation isn't improving. Gee I wonder......

"The deficit was wider than any of the 67 Wall Street forecasts collected before the report." 67 experts and not one of them could figure this out. Why are they experts exactly?

Out of the 49.9 Billion dollar deficit 32.9 goes to Communist Red China.

Protectionism would fix all this. Too bad the "experts" aren't smart enough to figure it out. Maybe it will magically fix it's self. Lets all just sit around and continue to wait for it. Maybe Pigs might fly someday too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revis and The Jets

The Jets are desperately trying to sell their outrageous PSL 's to their fans.

They are standing in front of their fans (with a hand out ) demanding more money. More money for PSL's. More money for tickets. More money for parking. More money for concessions. More money for everything and anything they can charge more money for.

Then the Jets turn to their players (who the fans are paying to see) and say sorry there is no more money for you.

Derrelle Revis is the best corner back in all of football. The Jets have said so themselves. Nobody disagrees.



Not since Deon Sanders has there been a more shut down corner.

This year Derrelle is scheduled to make $1,000,000. The highest paid corner in the league plays for The Raiders. He is making $16,000,000 this year.

Derrelle is holding out for more money. Good for him.

The owner of the Jets stated Derelle probably won't play this season. The owner will not part with one more nickel of his hard earned (stolen) money. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/thehuddle/post/2010/08/jets-owner-woody-johnsons-gut-feeling-darrelle-revis-wont-play-for-jets-in-2010/1

They don't see a problem with the best corner in the league not even being in the top 5 players on his own defense in terms of salary.

BUT based on last years sucess (attained because of how well Revis played) the coach and the General Manager both got new contracts.

Got to love it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Straight Of Hormuz


Last week the damage to a Japanese oil tanker was blamed on a freak wave.
Like there would be a wave big enough in the straight of Hormuz (not even open ocean) to scratch the paint on a super tanker. It was laughable.


Today we get the truth. This is a big deal. The Straight of Hormuz is vitally important. It's shipping lanes are only a couple of miles across and parts aren't very deep. If a tanker is sunk in the shallow waters it could block the straight. Since 40% of the worlds oil passes through that would be a real problem real fast. That is why the ship was attacked because the terrorist know this. They just didn't factor how much explosives it would take to blow a hole in a super tanker. Don't think they won't try again. They blew a hole in the USS Cole the same way 10 years ago. The USS Cole is much smaller. These terrorists always come back to the same methods. The Trade Center was attacked twice. Failing the first time just teaches them for the second.

They better find out where these terrorists came from and come up with a a way to protect the straight.

Hiroshima 65 Years later


"Some Japanese still want an apology for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki"

There will be no apology and there should be no apology. The Empire of Japan was the aggressor in World War II. They attached the United States. A war ensued and they lost. They haven't apologized for Pearl harbor. They haven't apologized for the Bataan Death March. Hundreds of Thousands of Americans died fighting a war that they instigated. To act like they were helpless victims is a bit revisionist.

Those two bombs ended World War II in short order. The end of the war in fact saved millions of lives. If the US had to invade the mainland (It took 4 years just to get to the mainland) many more lives would have been lost on both sides. The war would have raged for many more years.

The unconditional surrender of Japan (forced by those two bombs) has brought 65 consecutive years of Peace to Japan. The impact of those weapons (on the world) prevented the cold war from turning into a real war. No other Nuclear devise has been used since.

I would argue those two bombs were the most important bombs ever dropped. Furthermore if Japan had figured out the bomb in 1945 don't think for a minute they wouldn't have used it.

Manufacturing coming back to America.


So GE is going to bring a factory back from China and hire 400 people. Ford is going to hire 2000 people. Take the 20,000,000 unemployed and subtract the 2400 jobs created and the end result is who cares.......

If you read far enough down in the article you will see the real reason GE is moving the factory here is because..... "The company took advantage of a 2005 labor contract under which employees at the new plant in Louisville will be paid an average of $13 an hour, down from $22 prior to the agreement." (Race to the bottom) and "GE also got state and local tax credits of $25 million over 10 years, and federal incentives that encourage the manufacture of energy-saving products."

So really this is the tax payers paying for these 400 employees. This is the GE CEO trying to help Obama in an election year. It amounts to nothing.

When they are serious about bringing jobs back they will institute tariffs. Then the flood gates will really open. Until then this is all just smoke and mirrors.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

26 Billion more...Why not!


26 Billion more for the bankrupt states.

The states are bankrupt because all the jobs are overseas.

Anyone want to fix that problem? Nope!

Just keep throwing money at it. Keep hoping nobody notices. Keep spraying the rotting carcus (that is our economy) with perfume. Maybe that will cover the stink.... at least for awhile.

780 Billion - bank bailouts
865 Billion - Stimulus.
33 Billion - small business bill
30 Billion - second small business bill
26 Billion - for the states.

Not to mention Bush's Trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich. Not to mention Bushes multiple stimulus which included rebate checks of $300.

Just keep throwing money. But nothing changes.

Dietary Supplements not safe


Bill Clinton deregulated the supplement industry in 1994. As with all deregulation the result was the consumer gets screwed. Now nobody knows what is safe. Nobody knows what is effective. Nobody know anything about the supplements being sold. Just take them and hope for the best.

You can add this to the long list of failed deregulation. Airlines, Banking, Power, Supplements. All failures.

If Bill Clinton didn't deregulate the supplement market chances are there wouldn't have been the Steroids in baseball. All those players who claimed they took supplements but didn't know what they were taking is actually true. They didn't know because there were no rules. No oversight. The result is the the soiled reputation of baseball. The game that prides itself on tradition is now stained. It is all Bill Clintons fault. Thanks Bill.....

Obama to train 3,000 Offshore workers


$22 million, federally-backed program aims to help outsourcers in South Asia become more fluent in areas like Java programming—and the English language.

US taxpayers paying to train their replacements overseas. Does it get more outrageous..... Another example of Corporate America taking full advantage of our government and the people.

Obama in January tapped Shah to head USAID. At the time of his appointment, Shah—whose experience in the development community included senior positions at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

What a surprise one of Bill Gates henchmen leading the charge to make more Americans unemployed. Nobody knows how to get rid of American workers like Mr.Gates. Champion of sending jobs overseas.