Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dietary Supplements not safe

Bill Clinton deregulated the supplement industry in 1994. As with all deregulation the result was the consumer gets screwed. Now nobody knows what is safe. Nobody knows what is effective. Nobody know anything about the supplements being sold. Just take them and hope for the best.

You can add this to the long list of failed deregulation. Airlines, Banking, Power, Supplements. All failures.

If Bill Clinton didn't deregulate the supplement market chances are there wouldn't have been the Steroids in baseball. All those players who claimed they took supplements but didn't know what they were taking is actually true. They didn't know because there were no rules. No oversight. The result is the the soiled reputation of baseball. The game that prides itself on tradition is now stained. It is all Bill Clintons fault. Thanks Bill.....

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