Friday, August 6, 2010

Straight Of Hormuz

Last week the damage to a Japanese oil tanker was blamed on a freak wave.
Like there would be a wave big enough in the straight of Hormuz (not even open ocean) to scratch the paint on a super tanker. It was laughable.

Today we get the truth. This is a big deal. The Straight of Hormuz is vitally important. It's shipping lanes are only a couple of miles across and parts aren't very deep. If a tanker is sunk in the shallow waters it could block the straight. Since 40% of the worlds oil passes through that would be a real problem real fast. That is why the ship was attacked because the terrorist know this. They just didn't factor how much explosives it would take to blow a hole in a super tanker. Don't think they won't try again. They blew a hole in the USS Cole the same way 10 years ago. The USS Cole is much smaller. These terrorists always come back to the same methods. The Trade Center was attacked twice. Failing the first time just teaches them for the second.

They better find out where these terrorists came from and come up with a a way to protect the straight.

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