Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL - 18 Game Regular Season

First the owners tell the players hey we need you to make less money. If you don't agree to make less money we are going to lock you out next year.

Then they tell the players hey we also need you to play 2 extra regular season games too. Sure you will have an increased risk of injury. Sure you will have in increased chance your career will be shortened. Sure you have an increased chance of long term health issues.

That is OK because the owners will be making more money. Isn't that what the NFL is all about.

The players work more and earn less. It is the American way.

The owners will make lots more money because instead of playing empty stadiums in pre season. They will be playing full stadiums in the regular season. Today Preseason games aren't all on TV. Two extra regular season games would be on TV. Even more $$$$$$ for the greedy owners.

They get to sit up in their luxury boxes (in their brand new stadiums, (paid for by their fans) and watch their players beat the h*ll out of each other so they can be more rich. What could be better.

Sounds like a great deal for the players. I hope they collectively give the owners the middle finger.

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