Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congress Investigating Tainted Eggs....


Why does Congress need to investigate...... After all we need smaller government. Weaker government. We need to keep government out of the lives of private companies.

Private companies best know how to run their own businesses. Government just slows down capitalism. Red Tape and Bureaucracy inhibit the distribution of tainted products. Who would want that.......

The answer is to deregulate everything........ Let people do whatever they want. If people get sick on tainted eggs...hey that is the price of capitalism. If people get sick on tainted Peanut butter, or tainted spinach...... those things happen. When your kids take Tylenol tainted with unknown black particles (so Johnson and Johnson can make more money) nobody ought to complain.

Where are all the anti regulation voices when millions and millions of tainted eggs are flooding the market????? We never hear from them. When they get their way and it all blows up in their face all we hear is quiet.


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