Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreamliner...You guessed it. More issues.....

"After uncovering flaws in horizontal stabilizers made by Alenia Aeronautica in June, Boeing assessed the company’s manufacturing process and decided to check on flight-test and production planes" They check on their manufacturing process in 2010? 3 years after the plane was introduced. They are about 5 years too late. Idiots. Obviously what they found has caused concern.

"Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing’s commercial plane business, told analysts yesterday that the company had found some additional Dreamliner issues and that in the future it may take back more of the work now done by vendors." Translation - I have been right this whole time. Outsourcing is a complete disaster. It has cost the company nothing but trouble and lots of money. Not using highly skilled American workers is a really stupid idea.

Boeing is “really happy” that it bought Dreamliner operations in South Carolina from Alenia and Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. last year, Albaugh said at a Jefferies & Co. presentation broadcast online from New York. They would have been even happier if they never outsourced in the first place.

"Boeing has orders for 847 Dreamliners and aims to boost monthly production to 10 in 2013 from 2 now." They build two a month now and they are all screwed up. Good luck getting the 847 built. If they can just get one approved by the FAA that would be cause for celebration.

Customers fleeing the Dreamliner. Boeing has negative orders for 2010. After witnessing their 3 stooges routine customers are saying no thanks.

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