Thursday, September 26, 2013

Norwegian Airlines Pissed At Boeing....

Norwegian Airlines is calling in Boeing Management to DEMAND answers as to why their Dreamliners are total sh*t. HAHAHAHAHAHA

They should call me in to attend this meeting. I could explain it to them in about 10 minutes. Really they should have checked with me before they signed the deal in the first place. I would have grabbed that pen out of their hands so fast. Too bad now they are stuck.

"We are going to tell them this situation is far from good enough," (You tell em) company spokeswoman Anne-Sissel Skaanvik told Reuters. "We have not had the reliability that we had expected from brand new planes, (Why would they think they were going to be reliable? Have they read the news for the past 6 years?) so something must happen, fast ... Clearly Boeing has not had good enough operative quality control." (Clearly…..And Clearly I have been pointing this out. Can’t have “operative control” when your planes are manufactured in many (many) countries far away from Everett Washington. When you hire people who have absolutely no idea what they are doing……but they are cheaper…..This shouldn’t be a surprising result.)

Walmart Struggling To Sell To Unemployed Americans.

Walmart can’t sell all their store shelves full of made in China merchandise to unemployed Americans. 

I don’t really understand how that could be. 

We were just told the rich people have more money then ever before.  We have always been told that money trickles down from the rich people to the poor people. 

Poor people love running to Walmart to spend all their new found wealth.  Sooooo why would Walmart be struggling?  It is a real mind bender trying to figure this one out.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Iphones In China....

When corporations sent all the jobs to China, they said they had to do it because they need to stay competitive. Wall Street cheered. Yay these savings are a great thing.

We were told the Chinese market is the next great frontier. They have over a BILLION people just waiting to buy all the American products (made in China). Sending jobs over there would help build their buying power.

I have said many times that was the dumbest thing I ever heard. People making slave wages aren’t going to be buying expensive Iphones (or anything else). People scoffed at my viewpoint. They said I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Today Apple knows exactly what I was talking about as they struggle to sell expensive Iphones to poor Chinese. All the other Smart Phone competition is driving down prices (bad for Apple) and now Wall Street is not happy with Apples outlook.

Apple made a cheap Iphone (specifically to sell to poor Chinese) but it turns out it is STILL too expensive. That is because China manipulates their currency to always be worth less then the dollar. This insures short sided companies (like Apple) will always send their manufacturing jobs over there to save money.

But when Apple tries to maximize their price (while selling products in China) the entire scheme falls apart. American workers might make more money (which companies despise) but they also then have money to go buy expensive Iphones. That is how an economy is supposed to function. That is why Apple sells more Iphones in American then in China (Even though China has over 3X the amount of people)

If the Americans are unemployed, and the Chinese are making slave wages, then you end up stuck. That is where Apple finds themselves. The US market is getting saturated, and The Chinese market is large and poor.

So Congrats Apple, you painted yourself into a corner. Good luck explaining that to your A.D.D investers on Wall street.

Maybe next time they should plan it a little better.

No Tapering....

The stock market thought the government was going to take away the free money…..HAHAHAHAHA Why would they think that? 

The stock market is only at ALL TIME HIGHS. Clearly Wall Street needs more help. The government can’t take away the Welfare so soon. It has only been 4 years of coddling. Taking it away wouldn’t be fair.

How would warren Buffet continue to make 1 Billion Dollars a month? What would happen if Warren actually had to hope companies did well by building and selling things. That would be a disaster.

After all companies can’t count on the 46.5 Million people currently living in poverty to buy anything. They have no money.

There are only two options.

Companies can hire more people (in this country) and pay them a better wage (old school).


They can ignore the real economy and keep accepting free tax payer money while pretending everything is awesome.

What to do….What to do…… Yeah lets keep taking the free government money. That sounds like the best option to me too.

Life is good…..for Wall Street.

46.5 In Poverty

Yesterday I posted about the 400 people sitting on top in possession of 2 TRILLION dollars of our economy’s money.

Today I get to post about the 46.5 MILLION people sitting on the bottom in poverty.

400 on top and 46,500,000 on the bottom….. That seems like a good balance to me.

Hey if the 46.5 million worked a little harder, and tried a little more, maybe they too could be sitting up top.

In this world there are winners and losers.

If people want to be lazy and just sit around waiting for a government to hand them money they are in for a big surprise. Unfortunately for them the government is very busy giving handouts to the people sitting on top. They don’t really have time for anyone else.

Better luck next time suckers!

NRA is Quiet....

I am surprised the NRA is not holding a press conference regarding the Navy mass shooting yesterday. 

After the Newtown Massacre they held a news conference and told everyone they had the answer…… more guns. 

They blamed society for sending kids to unprotected schools which invited crazy people with guns to attack. They demanded that every school have an armed guard to prevent future attacks. After all only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. If bad guys with a guns knew there were armed guards waiting at school they would no longer come under attack.

Of course (even though everyone says the NRA is all powerful) after they made their suggestions everyone just ignored them. There is no effort today to put armed guards at every school. Republicans have not put forward any legislation to make that idea a reality. Democrats don’t care about the NRA suggestions either.

That is probably because everyone knows the NRA and their ideas are foolish.

Yesterday an armed man went and attacked the US Navy. He didn’t care that the US Navy is protected by guards with guns. The guards with guns did not deter the attack at all. They did not prevent the attack either. They only stopped the attack after 12 people were killed and more wounded. The wounded included a guard with a gun. It also included a Police officer with a gun.

So much for the NRA’s hypothesis that guns prevent gun violence.

I guess the NRA needs to go back and come up with a new idea. Armed guards are not the answer.

I can’t wait for their next press conference. Their ideas are so inspiring.

Rich Get Richer and Richer and Richer

The system is working perfectly. The rich get richer and richer and richer. The Federal Reserve props up the stock market, and the stock market props up the rich.

400 people control 2 TRILLION dollars. A record! That is more money then a lot of countries spend and all in the hands of an elite few.

Bill Gates told everyone 10 years ago he was donating ALL his money to charity. Yet 10 years later he is still the richest man…. and getting richer every year.

Bill should really hire me as a consultant because I could give away all his money in about 10 minutes. I am not sure what is taking him so long. What a great racket though. Get credit for giving it all away and then never actually do it.

Warren Buffet made 12 Billion Dollars last year. 1 Billion a month. Isn’t everyone making a billion a month?

Yup worst economy since the Great Depression (Wink wink)

Yup Obama is redistributing all the wealth (wink wink)

Yup the reason we have no jobs is because the rich people (The job creators) don’t have enough money. (wink, wink)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Income Gap Biggest In 100 Years,0,5392493.story

“The wealth gap between the top 1% and the bottom 99% in the U.S. is as wide as it's been in nearly 100 years, a new study finds.”

“between 1993 and 2012, the real incomes of the 1% grew 86.1%,”

“those of the 99% grew 6.6%”

“The top 1% is defined as familes with incomes above $394,000 in 2012”

This great divide has happened with Democrats in the White House as well as Republicans. It has happened with Democrats leading the congress and Republicans too.

If you are lucky enough to be in the top 1%...Congrats! You are doing very well. Washington has represented your interests completely. If you are in the bottom 99% you may want to be upset. Turns out nobody is representing you at all. They are not even pretending.

Cell Phones made in the United States.....No Seriously!

Making products in the United States.  What a novel idea.  I will check out this Moto X simple because of where it is being made.  Lots of people say you can’t make things in the United States.  I am glad to see (at least on this small scale) those people being ignore.

Hopefully others will follow.

“Motorola says it's gone to some expense (partner Flextronics spent $25 million retrofitting this facility) and effort to buck that trend and bring 2,000 jobs back from Asia to employ people here in Texas.
"We were the ones that thought differently. We chose to be optimistic," Woodside told the audience, seizing an opportunity to take a swipe at Apple just as Motorola's chief competitor was unveiling its new iPhone 5S two time zones to the west.”
“Google Chairman Eric Schmidt echoed the sentiment and praised American workers he says are "ready for advanced manufacturing and complex tasks."
“Schmidt said assembling the Moto X in the United States will be the "first in a series of steps" by not only Google but also other companies, that will "change the perception of American manufacturing."

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

“Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Today is supposed to be a day of tribute, but really it is a day of remembrance. 

So as you head off to the mall wearing your clothes made in Indonesia. As you walk around the stores and stare at the shelves filled with products made in Communist Red China.

Please remember to take a few minutes to lower your head and reflect on how our country used to be. Think about the millions and millions of of jobs we no longer have.

Remember to shed a tear for

American manufacturing…..You will be missed manufacturing.
American textiles…..You were the best.
Give a shout out to the steel industry……When new California bridges lasted longer then opening day.
American software engineers…….Remember when Microsoft hired Americans and people lined up to buy Windows 95. Now they hire foreigners and nobody wants Windows 8.
There were the American call center workers….When you called for assistance and could understand.
There were American farmers…..Go out to an American farm today and try to find an Americans. Good luck.

Yes Labor Day…..Let us never forget.

The New Bay Bridge Opening....Everyone run and hide.

The new faulty Bay Bridge is about to open in California but the Governor wants nothing to do with having his picture taken in front of it. Someone else will be cutting the ribbon. 

Before it was uncovered that faulty steel (from China) and shoddy engineering made the bridge a pending a death trap, the governor was all about the bridge. Once the disaster was uncovered suddenly he has more important things to do that day.

Smart politician…..Run and hide.

My advice would be don’t use this bridge.,0,3444726.story