Thursday, September 19, 2013

46.5 In Poverty

Yesterday I posted about the 400 people sitting on top in possession of 2 TRILLION dollars of our economy’s money.

Today I get to post about the 46.5 MILLION people sitting on the bottom in poverty.

400 on top and 46,500,000 on the bottom….. That seems like a good balance to me.

Hey if the 46.5 million worked a little harder, and tried a little more, maybe they too could be sitting up top.

In this world there are winners and losers.

If people want to be lazy and just sit around waiting for a government to hand them money they are in for a big surprise. Unfortunately for them the government is very busy giving handouts to the people sitting on top. They don’t really have time for anyone else.

Better luck next time suckers!

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