Thursday, September 19, 2013

NRA is Quiet....

I am surprised the NRA is not holding a press conference regarding the Navy mass shooting yesterday. 

After the Newtown Massacre they held a news conference and told everyone they had the answer…… more guns. 

They blamed society for sending kids to unprotected schools which invited crazy people with guns to attack. They demanded that every school have an armed guard to prevent future attacks. After all only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. If bad guys with a guns knew there were armed guards waiting at school they would no longer come under attack.

Of course (even though everyone says the NRA is all powerful) after they made their suggestions everyone just ignored them. There is no effort today to put armed guards at every school. Republicans have not put forward any legislation to make that idea a reality. Democrats don’t care about the NRA suggestions either.

That is probably because everyone knows the NRA and their ideas are foolish.

Yesterday an armed man went and attacked the US Navy. He didn’t care that the US Navy is protected by guards with guns. The guards with guns did not deter the attack at all. They did not prevent the attack either. They only stopped the attack after 12 people were killed and more wounded. The wounded included a guard with a gun. It also included a Police officer with a gun.

So much for the NRA’s hypothesis that guns prevent gun violence.

I guess the NRA needs to go back and come up with a new idea. Armed guards are not the answer.

I can’t wait for their next press conference. Their ideas are so inspiring.

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