Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coupounding Pharmacies....Good luck!

When people go to the doctor, and the doctor sticks a needle in their arm, most people assume the medicine is safe and effective.  They assume the government is insuring they aren’t actually getting injected with toxins. 
Toxins that can make them sick or dead. 
Unfortunately people who think these things are wrong.  Thanks to 1998 deregulation in many instances the government is insuring nothing at all.  The government just hopes companies will do the right thing.  They hope this even though everyone knows this never happens.  If companies have the opportunity to do the wrong thing they always do.  
As a result  lots of people are getting sick and dying because of unregulated compounding pharmacies selling tainted drugs.  Last winter 63 people were killed and 749 sickened because of NECC misdeeds.  Now another “voluntary recall” for more tainted products coming out of a Texas compounding pharmacy. 
The government no longer has any authority to do anything about it…..Just the way companies like it.  The only one who loses in all this is you and your family, as always. 
Deregulation……Always a dirty word. 

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