Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tainted Vitamins....Thanks Deregulation.

Dangerous Steroids inside Vitamin B supplements. The FDA is telling everyone to be careful. 

Why doesn’t the FDA pull the product off the shelves? Well they can’t because in 1993 Bill Clinton deregulated the vitamin and supplement market.

Today the FDA has no authority whatsoever. The vitamins (and the other toxic brews) they sell at places like GNC are completely unregulated. Nobody knows what is in them, or if they do what they say.

The bottle might say it will make you healthier, or slimmer, or stronger, or shinier, but maybe they will only help you to grow a third ear. Nobody can say for sure.

Most of this stuff comes straight out of Red China and onto the store shelves. You may think it is beneficial to be consuming this stuff but you really might want to rethink that.

If you want Vitamins you could just eat an Apple….Unfortunately most of them are also now from China. So enjoy.

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