Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steroids In Baseball

All these latest headlines (about Ryan Braun being suspended for using steroids) prove these sports leagues still aren’t serious about cleaning up the cheating. 

For years baseball didn’t test at all, and denied there was even an issue. Then Congress stepped in and embarrassed MLB in 2005. MLB grudgingly admitted that OK fine we have a problem, but we will institute testing and clean it all up. Don’t even worry.

There has been an illusion that…yes at the end of the 90’s (and the beginning of the 2000’s) there was a steroid era in baseball. But now it is over and everything you see is real. Trust us…..

But now we find out the Steroid era never went away at all. It has been here the whole time and is still here today. The worst part is we don’t find this out because of the MLB testing program (which was supposed to solve the problem).

As Lance Armstrong showed testing means nothing. You can pass hundreds of tests and still be a filthy cheater. We only know the latest revelations because the lab in Florida was raided, and all these MLB players are plastered all over their paperwork.

If they really want to get serious about cleaning up the cheating they need to start voiding contracts, and kicking players out completely. If you are caught it is Good Bye.

Players don’t see a price that is too high. So it is up to the leagues to raise the price even higher.

Humiliation of Sosa, McGuire, and Bonds was not enough. Ryan Braun saw that, shrugged and kept cheating. Maybe if his $34 million dollar contract was stamped “VOID” maybe that would make more of an impression.

They were serious about cleaning up betting on baseball, and Pete Rose was thrown out forever. You don’t hear any more stories about betting on baseball. Problem solved. Pete Rose was a stain and threatened the integrity of the game. So why is this cheating any different? Is the integrity not threatened when all the star players are cheating. Especially in a sport where stats and history are supposed to mean something.

They need to throw the bums out…..forever. All of them.

Lance Armstrong cheated and was stripped of all of his titles and banned. Why does Ryan Braun still get to keep his MVP award? Why does he get to come back next year and play again? They should pat him on the back…..point at the door and say “Get Out”!

I am not talking just about baseball either.

The NFL is FINALLY starting to get serious about HGH testing. That has more to do with the fact that today’s 345lb NFL player is more of a threat to cause concussions, then the 285 lb players of the 1980’s. The NFL is getting sued senseless from the older players who can’t remember where their bathroom is. So it is in the long term best interest of the NFL to get these players sizes to a more reasonable level.

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