Monday, June 10, 2013

China Taking Over Smithfield......

Communist Red China is trying to buy Smithfield Foods which is the largest US pork producer. It would be the largest company takeover of an American company by China. 

The executives of Smithfield can’t wait to sell out to the Chinese because they get to put millions and millions and millions of dollars in their personal bank accounts.

The US Congress is expressing concerns about this terrible idea, and rightly so. Chinese pork producers have a horrendous safety record. In the last few days Chinese pork producers dumped 6000 dead (diseased) pig carcasses in their local river. The people who thought that was an acceptable solution could soon be providing your family with their next pork dinner. Mmmmm delicious.

For all our sake lets hope Congress does the right thing and rejects this sale. Otherwise your ham sandwich might soon taste different.

6000 dead pigs dumped in the river:

Congress pretending to be concerned:

Executives pocketing millions:

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