Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The people of Egypt are protesting again.

When Mubarak was their leader the people were unhappy and protested.

The military pushed Mubarak out and took control.

The people didn’t like the military either and protested again.

Then the people Democratically elected the Muslim Brotherhood candidate (Morsi).

After a year they are fed up with him too. Back to protesting.

Now the military is threatening to take over again.

The real problem Egypt has is the unrest has killed their tourism industry. Tourism is a huge part of the Egyptian economy and the US State Department is telling Americans not to go there.

That is because tourists who visit Egypt keep ending up dead.

An American was stabbed and killed.

6 Mexican tourists were killed in a bus “accident”

19 tourists were killed in a balloon “accident”

Put that together with woman getting sexually assaulted and it is a huge problem.

Not only is it common practice to gang rape woman (in large crowds) but then the woman are blamed.

And they wonder why Western tourists would rather vacation in the Caribbean.

The result has obliterated their economy and fueled more unrest. If they can’t clean up the mess it won’t matter who the leader is. The downward spiral will continue.

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